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Title: A McElheran, [Ireland?] to A McElheran, Upper Canada
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileMcElheran, Archibald/213
SenderMcElheran, Archibald
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
DestinationTownship of Murray, Upper Canada
RecipientMcElheran, Alexander
Recipient Gendermale
SourceDan McGreer, 1722 58A Street, Delta, BC, Canada, V4L 1X4, Ph: +1 604 948-1996
ArchiveDan McGreer
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Mr. Alexander Hamilton McElheran
River Trent
Township of Murray (Note: in Northumberland County)
Upper Canada
North America

Forwarded by New York

24th February 1834

My Dear Alexander,

Your letter of the 9th of December 1833
I duly received being the last came to hand it was [torn]
Gratifying to us then to know you and your family [torn]
and in good health, [&?] it grieved us very much the [torn]
account you gave of your brother Danl [Daniel?] Poor [unfortunate?]
fellow he brought all on himself, he was strongly [cautioned?]
not to have anything to do with any yanky [yankee?] female.
[In?] my last letter to him I urged that point very much [torn]
see what it is to be disobedient to a Parent now [what will?]
become of him he will never do any good particularly [in that?]
country as the law is so very favourable to wives let their
Behavior and conduct be ever so profligate, is he addicted to
Drunkness [drunkenness?] your cuzen [cousin?] Archd [Archibald?]
say (sic) he was told one of his arms was rendered useless in
consequence of the fall he got [?] would it be advisable to
incourage [encourage?] him to come home so as he can Pay for
his Passage write me on receipt of this as I am anxious to
hear from you particularly as the state of my health is such
that I cannot by all appearances survive long. I am now left
alone. Ann and Archd [Archibald?] McAulay [McAuley?] were
married on the [23rd?] December last. She removed to Ballybrack
yesterday enenening [evening?], tell Jane that her sister Mary
was married last week to Alexr [Alexander?] McCay [Drimnasmear?]
Michls [Michaels?] Family. Frank Kennedy and all is well, [&?]
Rachael had a frivelous [frivolous?] letter from John Black I
supose [suppose?] from [Bunisearis?] she remains still with your
Grandmother who is as well as she was Ten years ago -

I have let off the farm all to one cow's keeping.
David and his wife is in Cushendall. [torn] [---ng?]
a little at the Beaking and Grosseries [Groceries?] David will
not [torn] fortune [&?] Ranall [Randall?] McDonnell is now
reacovering [recovering?] from [torn] dangerous indispotion
[indisposition?] the rest of the Family is well. [torn] atending
attending the examination at Trinity Collage [College?] Dublin
[torn] purpose studying Physick [Physics?] [&?] your brother
Archd [Archibald?] is [in Cushendall?] all doing nothing. His
son Wm [William?] has got a situation in [?] at a salary of £20
for the first year and to raise [torn] [--ively?] every year
during his continuance. Watson is doing a grate [great?] dale
[deal?] Business and [accumille?] [accummulating?] [torn] [---perty?]
fast, but there is a misfortune Respecting Janes Healthj she is
the most part confined to bed, the children are well and becoming
good scholars.

You need not expect your unkle [uncle?] and Family in Canada
they have otherwise settled at home they took Mr. Wm [William?]
Logan s Tanyard in Broughshane last Decr [December?]. The family
are all reamoved [removed?] to it with the exception of your unle
[uncle?] and aunt who as yet remain in Cloney. Mr. Craig, the
Landlord Died. All his property was sold by auction which went off
very high. Mike McCormick who lives with Doctor McDonnell bought
Clony at the inormous [enormous?] sum of £1050. he purposes
[proposes?] liveing [living?] in it, your unkle [uncle?] and family
going to Canada I think could not be of any Acquisition to you or
yet Gilbert, however, I should not make this observation as a
[circulate?] of friends ought to be gratifying.
I hope you have not sustained serious [torn] Regard to the lumber
you ware [were?] concerned in [torn] told you are becoming very
Corpulent perhaps Indulging yourself too much. How has Dan and [torn]
[settled?] in. how is Mr Greer the Clergyman? I have [torn] Father s
Family for some time back but I presume they [torn] well for him to be
out of this Country for the People [torn] all Ireland is in great
confusion, [&?] The established [torn] church is geting [getting?]
great Beatering [battering?] from Presbyterian [torn] Roman Catholics,
the principal cause is the [torn] of [torn] which they want to Abolish.

Is [torn] likely to become a good place for public [torn] business.
If so and that you purpose [propose?] to continue why not strive to
Build a House and not be subject to a large annual Rent. how is Gilbert
and his Family we are told one of the Girls is married but not known to
who [whom?] do you and them continue on good terms, I hope you continue
[torn] be deserving of Mr Greers friendship I trust you will not neglect
writeing [writing?] and I pray God to bless and prosper you and your
Family which is the Constant Prayer of your
most Affectionate Parent.

Archd [Archibald?] McElheran

PS Hessy say (sic) she
Recd [received?] no letter from Danl [Daniel?]
altho [although?] he told you he had
writen [written?] to her, you will please
let me know every particular respecting
him and the cause of quarrel between him and his

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