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Title: C. A. McFarland, Philadelphia to "My Dear Mother".
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileMcFarland, Catherine A/6
SenderMcFarland, Catherine Ann
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationhouse help
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceD.1665/3/6: Presented by Mrs Helen O'Neill, 20 Grange Road, Ballymena, County Antrim, Ireland.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.201116
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Transcript Philidelphia [Philadelphia?] March the 5

My Dear Mother I rite [write?] you these fue [few?] lines
hoping to find you and the Cap [Captain?] and children in
good health as this leaves me in at present thank god for
all his Merceys [mercies?] to me i think you must have
forgoton [forgotten?] that there is sutch [such?] a one
livin [living?] as me this is the secont [second?] letter
that i have ritten [written?] to you and nevre [never?]
got a [an?] answer to it and sent you to [two?] newspapers
i have not got a line from you since the 10 of August or
if you have not i nevre [never?] got theme [them?] i doo
[do?] feel so bad when the Mails comes in and now [no?]
letter i sit down and cry my fill i hope you ar [are?] not
like some more of my freinds [friends?] that rote [wrote?]
to me but when i told them in my letter that I was
liven [living?] at service the [they?] never answered
my letter since well i canot [cannot?] help it i hope it
will not be allways [always?] [be?] so but i hope the lord
will looke [look?] to me and not forget me.
Dear Mother i am now going to tell you something whitch
[which?] i hope you will aprove [approve?] of i have got a
noffer [an offer?] of mariage [marriage?] from a vere [very?]
respecteble [respectable?] man here and dooing [doing?] a
vere [very?] good business but i have not got the meanes
[means?] to get what i want so i thought you could send me a
something if you could send me a bed and blankets and a couple
of quilts now mother you now [know?] what I would want better
than myselfe [myself?] and i canot [cannot?] aply [apply?] to
ane one [anyone?] nerere [nearer?] than my one [own?] Mother
i now [know?] if it is in your pour [power?] you will send
theme [them?] to me if you new [knew?] what I have to putt
[put?] upe [up?] with in ane ones [anyones?] kitchen you would
try and send me what you could he dos [does?] not want anething
[anything?] but myselfe [myself?] but still i think it hard
not to have my one [own?] bed you know you promised me
something and perhaps i may send you as mutch [much?] yet now
Mother if you can doo [do?] this for me, i now [know?] you will
if you do send theme [them?] send theme [them?] good for the
[they?] ar [are?] vere [very?] respectable people he is the name
Hutchison is a carpenter does bisunes [business?] for himself he
is 20 years in this country he is from neare [near?] Monemore
[Moneymore?] [Co. Londonderry?] his mother is dead nine months
now i hope you will not think that it is ane [any?] disrespect to
John for me to marey [marry?] so soon i will not throw of my black so
if you think it is to [too?] soon i will put it back but mother
I will stile [still?] think of him if he was liven [living?] i
would have someone to see to me but i have nonee [none?] now he was
so thought full [thoughtful?] about me he offen [often?] said he
was all that i had and that he would be father and brother to me
but the Lord thought fit to take him to him selfe [himself?] i
hope he met him in mercey [mercy?] i hope you will rite [write?] as
soon as this goes to hand and let me now [know?] if you can doo [do?]
this for me Dear Mother i hope you have herd [heard?] some thing
of David befor [before?] this as i canot [cannot?] and you have a
better opertunity [opportunity?] than me i hope Wille [William?] and
Daniel is well and still at school and that Dan has given up the
thought of the sea Willey will never be a sailor i hope i hope (sic) the
Cap [Captain?] dose [does?] not gow [go?] far voyages now in the [ware?] is up the [ballick?] i think you and him might have ritten [written?] to
me i am sure i did nothing that might [have?] kept you from sending
me a letter i will allyays [always?] think of him and respect his
name as long as i live give my love to Mrs Hagerty and Mrs Clark and
Sarah tell Mrs C [Clark?] that Nancy Smiley is well and sends her love
to them all you will give my love to Mr and Mrs Eakins and all
there [their?] family and to all my freinds [friends?] in derrey
[Derry?] i here [hear?] you were up in Augher [Co Tyrone?] from Mrs
Johnston let me know how the [they?] all are up there and if the [they?]
were glad to see you Mrs Hurst and Mrs Williamson send there love to
you and Martha Williamson sends her love to you and the children
there is now [no?] one noes [knows?] that i am ritin [writing?] this
letter but Miss Sims and Mrs Hurst i hope you will answer it and let me
know all i have now [no?] more to say but sends [send?] my love to
you and the Cap [Captain?] and the boys i remain Dear Mother ever your
afectionet [affectionate?] daughter Catherine Ann McFarland

C A McFarland
if this remains on answer [unanswered?] it will be a long
time to i rite [write?] a gane [again?] when you rite [write?] care of Mrs Hurst No 381 South tenth str [street?] below Catherin Str [street?] Philadelphia

(Transcribed by Peter Best.)