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Title: Wm. McFarland, Virginia, to John McFarland, Philadelphia.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileMcFarland, William/6
SenderMcFarland, Willian
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationsoldier
Sender Religionunknown
OriginVirginia, USA
DestinationPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
RecipientMcFarland, John
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD.732: Presented By Mrs T.J. McLaren, Ballykeel, Sixmilecross, County Tyrone.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9605044
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TranscriptLetter from William McFarland, Virginia,
to John McFarland, Philadelphia, U.S.A.

March 7th 1864

Camp near Portsmouth Virginia

Dear Wm. [William?] I got your letter and was happy to know
you wear [were?] all well as I am at present thanks be to
God Give my Love to my father and Mother and all my Brothers
and Sister and all friends - above all my dear Grandmother
Dear Wm. [William?] Give my love to my dear Brother Francis-
James - and Ellen tell him to write me a letter I am sorey
[sorry?] to hear that he thinks so much of the Confederates
and the South you say you have some notions of going to
Australia also of going to New York.

May God direct you my Brother to do what is best this is a
good country if a man cannot do well in america he
will not in any Country New York City and Philadelphia are
both good cities I have been in [-----?]

Dear Wm. [William?] You want me to tell you all my
adventures up to this time - well I sent you a paper called
the United States-Army -and- Navy-Journal and Suppliment
[Supplement?] with General McClellands report of the army of
the Potomac and the battles fought on the [Chickahoming?] in
front of Richmond the Rebel Capitol [Capital?] I was thear
[there?] during the Seige [Siege?] under McClelland that
forms a part of my adventures on the Chickahoming River. I
shall mention a few of the battle fields. First the Battle
of M[--Torn]haniasvill - second Fair Oaks - third Savages
Station-forth white oak swamp - fifth Gaines Mill - and
sixth Malvern Hill battle fought on the first - 1st of July
[--Torn] Dear Brother I faiced [faced?] death on the edge of
all those battle fields and God saved me from wouends
[wounds?] and death it is only a few days since I met the
enemy again on the first 1st day of this month a part of any
Company on pickid [picket?] at Deep Creek about ten miles
from Norfolk we had about one hundred 100 men (sic) while the
Rebels had about Seven Hundred 700 Cavalry (sic) after a few
houres [hours?] fighting we drove them off the field
we had one man killed and one wounded the [they?] loosed
[lost?] a Number estimated at some 10 or 15 men killed and
wounded we expect a fight every day now

we have about five thousand 5 1000 [5,000?] Cavalry and ten
10 infantry ten thousant [thousand?] [garpiatry?] and about
one hundred pieces of cannon 100 pieces of cannon hear
[here?] on their way to Sufolk [Suffolk?] where we expect to
meet the Rebels in force

Dear Wm. [William?] I was [----Torn] dispatch [despatch?]
bearer During the Seige [Siege?] of Richmond I was first at
the Head-quarters [Headquarters?] of General Smith second
with general Harker [?] then at the Headquarters of General
Grover Commanding Brigade

I had the Honor [------Torn] [of?] Riding with
General Smith on the [----Torn] [front?] of battle I was
detailed for detached Service

Dear Wm [William?] I got the papers that you sent me two in
return The Philadelphia Enquirer and the New York Herald if
you get those papers please let me know write as soon as you
can - my time is up in August I have only a few months
[w---?] to serv [serve?] if I live. I am your loving brother
John McFarland -

To Mr. Wm. [William?] McFarland
Dear Wm [William?] You ask me if I am in the army of the
Potomac under Meed [Mead?] or in that of Corcoran
- and what I think of the Rebels of Virginia
well some of them are very good men but in general the
[they?] are Cowards I have met them over one hundred times
and almost every time [Torn] Repulsed them and held the
field our Cavalry is better equiped [equipped?] and mounted
we are all well mounted [with?] [---torn] and swords and
pistols our pistols [---torn] Revolvers [---?] [--?] Carries
six balls

Dear Wm. [William?] I am under General Buttler [Butler?]