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Title: Edward McNally, USA to William McNally, Portaferry.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileMcNally, Edward/10
SenderMcNally, Edward
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationworks in a machine shop (foundry)
Sender Religionunknown
OriginMiddleton, Penn., USA
DestinationPortaferry, Co. Down, N.Ireland
RecipientMcNally, William
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 1448: Copied by Permission of Mrs Rose Tomelty, Portaferry, Co. Down.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9002017
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TranscriptCaptain William McNally
Portaferry Co Down
Middletown June the 8th 1851

My Dear Brother I now inform you that I am quite well thank god for
all his kind mercies to mee [me?] hoping this will find you and your
familly [family?] in good health is my earnest wish through the
Blessing of god my Dear Brother you must have imagined that i was
dead or considered mee [me?] the most ungrateful of Brothers
but it is wonderfull [wonderful?] all the Poor stranger has to in counter
[encounter?] when the [they?] first Land in this Country wee [we?]
Left Liverpool on the 19th of June and arrived in Philadelphia in the
8 of augest [August?] after a Pleasent [pleasant?] but Rather a
tedieous [tedious?] Passige [passage?] there was nothing verry [very?]
remarkable Remarkable (sic) occurred on the Passage only the Death of the
Captians [Captains?] Lady and one Child when i Landed in that
Citty [City?] i Remained there for the space of 10 days
Constantly looking for work but no chance so i started for the
Citty [City?] of Pitsburg [Pittsburg?] distance three hundred mills [miles?]
from Philadelphia but i had not money enough to carry
over all the way so i began to work on the Centrall [Central?]
Rail road where i remained for some time unto i got a Little
money and then i started for Pitsburg [Pittsburg?] but on my
arivill [arrival?] there the Cholera was bad at that time so i
took the Steam Boat for Cincinnati whitch [which?] is five hundred
mills [miles?] from Pitsburg [Pittsburg?] down the ohio River whitch
[which?] Citty [City?] is the handsomest that i have saw since i
landed in those steates [states?] but there i serched [searched?]
in vain for trade and could not get a single days work and i
found my self without a single Cent in a short time but
thank god i allways [always?] injoyed [enjoyed?] the best of
health so i started for the Rail Road but i had no taste for that
work i could a void [avoid?] it and i fell in with a farmer
and i began to work with him and i no [know?] that you will
Laugh to Learn that became a mower and made surprising Progress at my
new trade but at all events i Pleased my boss Remarkably and
Remained with him unto his work was all done so again i went in
to the City expecting to geat [get?] a shop of some kind but that i
could not find but fell into work with a merchant Discharging
flatt [flat?] boats Laden with fire Brick fire Clay and hee [he?]
took a Likeing [liking?] to mee [me?] and hee [he?] sent mee [me?]
up the river to virgina [Virginia?] where his esstate [estate?] was to
work for the winter but the old Boss hee [he?] had there would not set
mee [me?] to work so then i started for Pitsburg [Pittsburg?] and
could not fall in there and from that to the Centriall [Central?] Rail
Road and on Last Christmass [Christmas?] day i travelled 31 mills
[miles?] and it snowing and blowing through the Drarey [Dreary?] wilds
of this distant Land and i Remained on the Centrall [Central?]
into the spring appeared [opened?] and then i started for to come

east and i Came into this Little town about a month ago and here
i chanced on a shop for the first since Landed this is a
nice Little Place But it is rather sickly The ague is verry [very?]
Prevelent [prevalent?] heere [here?] as this town is sittuated
[situated?] on the Banks of the Susequhana [Susquehanna?] River but
thank god since i Landed i never haad [had?] better health
Please to Rite [write?] to mee [me?] as soon as you get this for i
never felt so uneasy conserning [concerning?] home as i doo
[do?] at Preasent [present?] Please to Let mee [me?] no [know?] Where
Nicholas is or has hee [he?] Comee [come?] back since i Left home
Please to give my kind Love to my father and mairy [Mary?] and all the Rest of
your familly [family?] allso [also?] to my sister Catherine and ann
and [?]y [?]ly allso [also?] Captain Breen Please to Direct your
letter to middle town Dauphin County State of [Ble?] united S america
[United States of America?]
I remain your Affectionate
Brother Edward McNally

N B the shop that i am working in at Preasent [present?] is
machine shop and a foundry attached to it the wages is one pound 1
shilling per week and Boarding is 9 shillings per week and if the Job
Stands a few months it will serve mee [me?] and you soon shall here
[hear?] from mee [me?] again