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Title: William McSparron, Pennsylvania to Archibald [?], Ireland.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileMcSparron, William/21
SenderMcSparron, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationiron ore digger
Sender Religionunknown
OriginConshohocken, Penn., USA
Recipient Gendermale
SourceWilliam McSparron, Pennsylvania to Archibald [?], Ireland.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9007197
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count1166
TranscriptConchohoken August the 6th th 1861

Dear Archd [Archibald?] I received your letter a few days
ago bearing Date the 3 of July and was glad to
hear that you were all well you blame me
for wrighting [writing?] you such a sharp letter But
I can I think give you better reason for that then [than?]
you can for not wrighting [writing?] offener [oftener?] since the time I
was sick in ohio there is some times [sometimes?] that if my
head is Deranged some times [sometimes?] for three or four hours
At the time At this time I wroat [wrote?] to Martha I know
very little of what I said in the letter But had it
not been for that you would anever [have never?] got any more
letters from me the time I wroat [wrote?] to aunt jane
I tooke [took?] a spell of the same and it lasted about
to [two?] Days and the Day after I wroat [wrote?] to her I was going
up stairs [upstairs?] to bead [bed?] when I was takin [taken?] with
appoplexy [apoplexy?] I fell Back in the stoave [stove?] and broak [broke?]
fore [four?] of ifmy [my?] ribs and my faw bone I was carried
out for Dead I new [knew?] nothing of it to the next morning
then when I come to my Self [myself?] I thought that you
Should nkow [know?] all of my sircumstance [circumstance?] as well as
if you were there I thought all of my friends had
for got [forgot?] me, At this time I intended going home and
had my passage agreed to go home I could not get
my meney [money?] gathered up so I then put it off for an
other [another?] year when that time was up it was as bad as before
and now it is impossable [impossible?] to get money here for
the times is miserable in this contery [country?] at present this
rebelion [rebellion?] has stoped [stopped?] all publick [public?] works and men
is going about in thousants [thousands?] that cant get any thing [anything?] to
Do, I thought if by taking a voyge [voyage?] on the sea that it might
help me But I supose [suppose?] I will never go now unless the
times gets better
Dear Archd [Archibald?] [?] give my respects to mary and the family
and Martha and her husbant [husband?] I think I know the
Sock [Stock?] of people that he is come of tell martha
that I will wright [write?] to her soon, give my respects
to aunt jane & Betty and I hope when you wright [write?]
again you will let me know all about them I would
like to hear from her for her and my uncle was
the best friends I had and wright [write?] soon
I am diging [digging?] iron oar [ore?] I had four men working for
me in to [into?] this month and times has got so hard
that I put them of [off?] But one and my self [myself?],
james moore has bought a farm of sixty six acres
of land at new vernon mercer county pensylven-- [Pennsylvania?]
he lives very comfortable I can give you But
very little news about any of our aquentances [acquaintances?]
here there is some of our friends that I would

to know of and others I Dont want to know any
thing [anything?] about I have tried to find out where the
Boyds girls lived But I cant find there [their?] adress [address?]
if you see james or nancy Boyd if you would send
me mary or Isabellas adress [address?] I would like it and give my
and give my respects to them
Dear archd [Archibald?] you ask me if I could say in the presence
of God that I loved my Savour [Saviour?] & I trust I can say so
and that he loves me, tha [that?] I am not in favour of
a boasting christian I rather believe in the christian
who can go forward with a single eye to the mark of the
[?] high calling in christ trusting nothing in himself But
All in Christ lord thy will be Done Spair [Spare?] not
the road to thou hast brought me to bebjection [subjection?]
here is my hart [heart?] take it wash it and make it
the [?] temple of the holy ghost, the Christian who
can come in this way believing that Christ is present
with him, is the the one who I believe is a christian
there is many who call themselves Christians Who is But
almost Christians and these is the worst to be [?]
in the threshold of heaven and then
to be comanded [commanded?] to [-eart?] into everlasting woe this
will be an aful [awful?] thin [thing?] I trust this is not the
Case with you that you are not almost But
altogather [altogether?] a christian & you mentioned as mich [much?]
as that you had quit Drinking and I am
very glad of that I have not Drink a Glass of
liquer [liquor?] this seven years unless it was ordered me
by a Doctor to use as medisine [medicine?] [?] never will take
any more I have been a Member of the Episcopal
church for about six or seven years I have maid [made?]
a practise [practice?] of reading the entire Scriptire [Scripture?] [thr--?]
[through?] every year I have read the old testiment [testament?] [thr--?]
[through?] six times and the new twelve times [thr--?] [through?], the psalms
I Cant tell how offen [often?] I have read these I have got
Browns coment [comment?] on the Bible and [B----?]
the new I have also got Mathew Hennerys [Henry's?]
coment [comment?] in the In the scripire [scripture?] I have a variety
of the Best of religious books I have as many
more Books as my father had But there is no
novels among my books the [they?] are of another
quality I would like you would send me a news
Paper [newspaper?] I will send you one with this Martha
mentions three girls that sends their respects
to me that I cant think who the [they?] are She says
Sister Mary Jane sends her respects to me and
her Mother and Margret ann Bachel [Rachael?] and
Elisabeth joins in sending their love to me
I feel thankful to them who ever [whoever?] the [they?] are

But I cant think who the [they?] can be I would
like to know who the [they?] are I will ad [add?] no more at
present But I remain your affectionate
William McSparron

Direct to Conchohoken Montgomnery [Montgomery?]
[D-?] County Pensylvennia [Pennsylvania?]
write soon

you cant complain of this letter been [being?] so short
and I hope you will take [patern?] and give me some
more news then [than?] you Dide [did?] before if I sent you
a Sharp letter before I hope you will be Sharpened
up a little that you wont need one amy more [anymore?] if you
Dont write offener [oftener?] Ill send one to Mary to give you
a licking with a good stick