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Title: J. Montgomery, Portadown to J.[Seawright?], Philadelphia
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileMontgomery, John/54
SenderMontgomery, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationbaker
Sender ReligionProtestant (prob. Methodist)
OriginPortadown, Co. Armagh, N.Ireland
DestinationPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
RecipientSearight, Joseph
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 2794/1/2/38: Presented by H.H. Montgomery, 4 Kensington Gdns, Belfast 5.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9510074
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Doc. TypeLET
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Word Count1134
TranscriptPortadown Thursday 12th April 1849

Dear Joseph,

I received your note also the one I now send
yourself [I?] suppose the day after it was written so I
had not anything particular to write about it. I have
kept it untill [until?] now and from now when I commence I know
not how to fill up. I got cold on Sunday last and have
not been out since Imaysay [I May Say?] I am now writing this in
the parlour a little after four in the evening. Your
sister [Anne Jane?], [Alicia?] and Lizzy are talking about
a gown that I just bought a (misfeldelane) on the other
side of the table Rachel is writing exercises. There
have been several sudden deaths in this place lately.
Charles [Marley?] brother to [John?] the grain
merchant for some time [previous?] he had given way to
excessive drinking. He would go from one public house to
another and drink large quantities and almost
immediately vomit it and then return to [seek?] it again.
Two days before his death I believe he got none. On the
Sunday morning he died (last Sunday week). He came to his
mothers room and asked her to forgive him for all he had
done for that he was going to die as usual the priests
were sent for and some act of contrition was said & he
repeated it over and got the "last rites" and that secured
him from being lost as they suppose. We are assured
out of the word of Truth that God is merciful and we
cannot say what may pass in one between the soul and God.
I attended the funeral and saw & heard the priest go through
all their soul deceiving nonsense and [jugglery?]. The
lifted offerings to pray for his soul as the Priest said he was
on his way to peace on last Friday Mrs [McIlveen?] wife of
the Baker died of Cholera after a few hours illness she was
well in the evening and dead in the morning. David [Love's?]
wife in the country and another woman died after from the
same after very short illness- There was a man named
[Dickson?] of Seagoe died last Monday night in the gateway at
Wm [William?] Williamsons from intemperance he was an orangeman and
not many weeks ago he said when he was going home from an orange
lodge he swore at the bench some one or more persons threw him over
the Bridge and into the Bann & he swam out. he could give no

Last Monday was here Easter Monday Fair day & vast numbers
were drunk as usual. this vice is one means by which Satan
destroys our country. Thomas McAnally [setshon?] died having
shortened his days by this practice. and we should always
remember that moderate drinking is the same material out of
which all drunkards are mad.

Anne Jane & and Robert are well and the three barns [bairns?]
too. The last [one?] is to be called Elizabeth or Elizabeth
Sarah. [ann?] [Jane?] received your note please let them be

Some changes have occured [occurred?] in the family J. D. Robinson has
left & is now in James Twinems Liverpool. Thomas Fletcher
is [away?] [&?] the bread-cart is given up some months and
what is cause for thankfulness we have baked more since than
before and had less trouble. We are all, through the goodness
of God preserved so far. may we trust in Him fully.

Father is well and does be on the farm a good deal. So the
trades people in your "Great Country" keep shop and farm too!

The annual Missionary Sermons were preached last Sunday by
the Rev. S Stinston and the Meeting is to be held on
Thursday 19th this day week. Shillingtons Paul [to be?] all
in the same way as when you left only older. Mary Stanley is
still in Derry[hale?]. she has been but once or twice in the
preaching house for months. she goes to Church and has given
up collecting. Lizzy and Miss Atkinson are doing her part.
no gossip about her getting married now. people tire

Mr Nash and she had a quarrel about Butler's case. & her
brothers family is not friendly either to her or her to them.

The weather was, at school a subject of all our letters, the
moon came on Saturday and it is said that 19 times out of 20
when that is the case there is less or more rain for twenty
days after. I think it has been so this time. The Linen Trade
is good & Mr Carlton's son William is now a "manufacturer".
farming is now a bad business. Potatoes paid well this year
where there was a crop. œ20 to œ40 clear off an acre in
some cases. wheat, oats are very low: american flour 24/-
to 25/-

There are large quantities of potatoes planted this year
more than for any year since '45. If God gives the increase
we will not want so much I.[Indian] Corn from you. It is a
great blessing it is so plenty now- vast quantities of it is
used now. it will increase until harvest oatmeal has been
largely consumed & is now getting dearer so that the people
will fall more on I. [Indian Corn?] and meal. There are vast
quantities of foreign wheat and flour in these Kindoms but we
will find use for it all. We hear regularly from William and
write to him every fortnight. If the expense is little you might

send this to him, or the substance of it, as we are not
writing this week and did last. tell me all about my uncle [?]
are you still in the same place? single or married? I
enjoy single blessedness yet but hope- Mr Elliot the Rev.
has not been here for some six months. he went to Scotland
and is not returned. There is more [---?] going to collect
I think. I don't know what.

It is useless for me to tell you that 1000's (do you know
that?) are leaving this their native land for this "far west"-
It seems to be America for the Irish not "Ireland for the
Irish"- I suppose now and then you see an Irish Emmigrant-
[emigrant?] Poor Paddy.

Have you been sick? Iheard you were getting medicine "the
unfailing Morrison" from Lurgan. someone was telling me that
this week.

I have been thinking of one striking characteristic of true
christians, the fear of death is taken away. nothing less
than the love of God can take this away out of the heart of
the individual who knows and believes the truth of God's
blessed word. David often prayed "Teach me thy statutes."
Think of & pray for me.

Sincerely yours
John Montgomery