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Title: John Montgomery, Portadown, to J. M. Searight, Philadelphia
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileMontgomery, John/67
SenderMontgomery, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationbaker
Sender ReligionProtestant (prob. Methodist)
OriginPortadown, Co. Armagh, N.Ireland
DestinationPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
RecipientSearight, Joseph
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 2794/1/2/44: Presented by H. H. Montgomery, 4 Kensington Gardens, Belfast 5.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9510053
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Doc. TypeLET
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Word Count918
TranscriptPortadown 8th Novr [November?] 1849

Dear Joseph
I am very guilty in not writing long ago I have no excuse to
make, no plea to urge in favour of forgiveness only your own
mercy. & I intend not to transgress in future. Do you forgive
me? There is no use in me attempting to describe Portadown to
you or any of these places around you know them better than I do
and could far beat me at description. Well I will tell you all
the news I remember. One event which happened last week has been
the constant subject of conversation ever since. What was that
think you? no less than the marriage of Mrs Stanley to David
Waugh son to John Waugh the preacher on Tuesday the 30 Oct
[October?] this happy event took place. It was a splendid
wedding everything was in the greatest style - there were six
chaises at it. In Kilmore the ceremony was performed. The
expenses were estimated by some who attended at more than œ50
that was tart after launch [lunch?] they started for Paris or
London & no word of their return since. How it will turn out
no-one knows: All sober thinking people condemn her
extravagance. It far exceeds anything you were witness to. She
never came to the Methodist chapel. The servant drives her to
church & home. There has been great talking on the subject in
this town & neighbourhood none of us were there nor any of her
friends save her brother John & Kevin and his sister. I suppose
you heard of Moses Paul's death in Petersborg and also of Wm
[William?] Chapman's on his way to California about one hundred
miles from St. Joseph. It should have occured [occurred?]on the 20th May.
As to business I may tell you that the rent of your house had to
be lowered to œ15 P [per?] annum there was a great many housas
empty in Tandragee & if it had not been lowered Davies would
have left & it might have remained long without a tenant.
property of every kind has fallen very much since you left. The
house Wm. [William?] Whitten lived in has been unoccupied almost
a year I believe. I will send you the amount of "Advocate"
continue to send it to my father but not to Mrs Kelly she thinks
she has not received them regular. She may not have received
them every one but nearly so I think. Please send when writing
(& I would humbly ask let it be soon) the full account of both
also put with the map & book I wrote to before about perhaps you
will see some way of forwarding them put them in the account.
Rob and Ann Law and family are well and I think he is doing a
good business. The linen trade has been better this last year
than for a long time plenty of money made at yarn and linen. Mr
Paul and Cosn. [cousin?] John are all well and doing an
increased business. Thos. [Thomas?] A. Shillington & family are
well & making money fast I should say one day saturday week he
bought on commission 130 tons of wheat, 3 P [per?] cent &
charges on that would pay - [Averil?] [Averall?] & John well & families-
Miss Jackson at home and miss-still- Mrs Kiernan had a daughter
the other day that was Miss Cowan when you used to put her home
- do you remember? I suppose you remember showing miss Stanley
through your own house? what changes since then! Mrs Totton much
the same. I am never in . Dr & miss Bamber were here for about
six weeks this summer and got safe home again. You know Matty
Matthews is married. Mary is in Dublin this good while. &madge
was away at Ballyshannon but is home. Not much change or
improvement in our Sunday School. Mr Cutter Librarian & our
secretary in name but not fit or rather too idle- . Shillington
& Co & Paul superintendants. The preacher's family supplies us
with four teachers Mr Ball is his name, a good man and a good
preacher. J. Fulton isdoing good business and not extravagant
you may be sure. Wm. [William?] sent us from New Orlean's
Maccaulay's History of England. It is very interesting and I
wish when you write to him tell him of miss Stanley [Stanley's]
marriage. When did you hear from him and was he doing anything?
I have written again and again for him to come home and if Jn
[John?] would be content here he would be better than anywhere
else. If you know that he would needany money you might send him
œ10 & I will on receiving advice from you remit it. He may want
of a situation and in a strange place one cannot live on a
trifle. I hope soon to hear from you and be plain as to Wm,
[William?] All here send their most affectionate love to you and
if you think of taking a trip over here in Summer we will be
glad of your company for a month or two it would be as very nice
out and you would not be long coming.

John Montgomery
A.J. Moore

Joseph M Searight
care of Messrs L. J. Levy & Co,
M. S. America

I have been on the sick list this week with a cold & have let
slip away my time by day & am now writing at Midnight- near 2
what folly!!! will I never be wise? Do you ever think of P.S. at
John Montgomery