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Title: Martha Morrison, Illinois, to [Dorothy?] Doran, [Chicago?]
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileMorrison, Martha/14
SenderMorrison, Martha
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationworks for Interstate Iron
Sender Religionunknown
OriginWaukegan, Illinois, USA
DestinationChicago? USA
RecipientMrs Doran
Recipient Genderfemale
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ArchiveCentre for Migration Studies
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TranscriptWaukegan, I11 [Illinois?]

April 15, 1928

My dear friend Mrs Doran

No doubt you won't remember me or who I
am so I will tell you before writing any further.
I am Martha, sister of Sr. [Sister?] M. Boniface.
You will remember me as working at the Interstate
Iron & Steel Co. in Grand Crossing and that my sister
and your sister in law Sister M. Antonine were on
Mission together at Our Lady of Victory Parish on the
N.W. [North West?] side in Chicago where we folks met
each other. I saw Sr. M. Antonine at Milw. [Milwaukee?]
last Aug. 15th or rather she was on the same train
that I was & at Harrison St. in Milw [Milwaukee?] where
we took the Str [street?] car to the Convent I had a
chance to speak a few words with her. She looks fine
and surely is doing wonderfully now being a High School
teacher. My sister is in Nebraska (Petersburg) for about
8 yrs [years?] or more already & she had not been to the
Mother House in Milw [Milwaukee?] for three years until
last Summer when we saw her again & she was even home
for a few days to visit us here in Waukegan. Now Mrs.
Doran I am writing to let you know I just last Wed
(Wednesday) learnt from the Boylan girls (who are
neighbors of yours) that you lost your only girl Dorothy.
It seems so impossible, I cannot believe it and hope you
will write me when you can and let me know what caused
her death so suddenly. The Boylan ladies did not
know more than that she died following an operation
at the Jackson Park Hospital. I surely wish to express
my most heart felt sympathy to you Mrs. Doran. Surely
it must have been for the best and she is happier &
safer than we are & would never care to come back to
this world if she were given a chance. I also recalled
that you lost your husband about two yrs ago, read his
death notice in the Chicago paper at the time.
I get the Chi [Chicago?] paper each eve. Meant to write
to you then but it seems so hard to get at it. You surely
have had your share of sadness and sorrow, it seems to me
I recall that when I last visited you on Cregier Ave you
had lost an infant child. Am I right? I recall your
children as I knew them, there was Raymond, Francis,
Dorothy and Vincent. I have snapshots of them all as
little tots & so dear how we did love your children!
One can hardly believe they are grown up now.
Won't you please write me sometime, Mrs Doran? Could you
come to see us? I am married since Oct 1922 and am living
up here in Waukegan. It is 37 miles North of the Loop on
the Chicago North Shore & Milw. [Milwaukee?] R.R. [Railroad?]
or else by North Western R.R. [Railroad?]. I would so like
to see you & talk to you.
We have a little boy 3« years old. We live in a very little
5 room bungalow, only renting though.
Will close then, hoping to hear from you soon if possible and
believe me when I say I am deeply & sincerely grieved
over your loss of your dear good daughter. With sympathy
and love
I am your true friend.

Martha Morrison

Note:- The writer is a sister of Sister M. Boniface, a
friend of Sister M. Antoine both referred to in the

(Transcribed by Tony Flanagan.)