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Title: James Moty, Quebec, To W.J.Alexander, London
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileMoty, James/3
SenderMoty, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationbarrister
Sender Religionunknown
OriginQuebec, Canada
DestinationLondon, England
RecipientAlexander, William J
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 2433/B/20/30: Deposited by the Trustees of the Caledon Estate.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9601086
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count593
Transcript19 Esplanade
Quebec 29th January 1858.

Your letter of the 8th January,
instant, I duly received, and must
certainly express my astonishment at
its terms and contents. You, surely
do not mean to say that you would take
advantage of the "Statute" to evade paying
a claim contracted upon the bonds of
the strictest confidence and intimacy?
I certainly did not bring forward
my demand within the prescribed limitation
of the statute, if calculated from
the commencement of his Lordships
indebtedness to me, because I never
anticipated the defence. If I understand
your letter correctly that would be offered by
his Lordships executors and because I
knew not of Lord Caledons death until
a long time after his Lordships decease.
Your letter seems to imply a
doubt as to my veracity when you state
therein "We have next to state
"that the most careful search among
"the late Earls papers fails to discover
"any correspondence with you on the
"subject of your letter to one, or indeed
"upon any other, and as you send copies
"of two letters addressed by his Lordship
"to you,one dated April 5th 1845, the
"other Feb.[February?] 2nd 1846, the last more than
"nine years previous to his death the
"italics are yours and have diverted
"our attention particularly to Lord
"Caledons papers of these two periods
"without any better success."
To endeavor to remove that
doubt I enclose a few letters from his
Lordship to me, that of the "2nd Feb.[February?] 1846"
among the members and to show the
confidence and intimacy which existed
between his Lordship and myself I likewise
enclose a note of your own to him,
left me among other papers of his Lordships
before his departure from Canada.
You will please,if you intend to contest
my claim return me these letters per
next mail. If it were my intention
to defraud it would be easy for me to
advise the mother of the children
in question to institute an action for
the allowance his Lordship promised to
pay her through me.
That I have neglected & delayed
in bringing forward my claim I admit,
but I am in the habit of neglecting money
matters, especially with my friends; and
in a letter addressed by me to Mr.Smyly
by the last mail I refer him to Colonel
St.[Saint?] John Thomas Browne of the Royal
Artillery Dover, who owes one upward
of œ200 far more than 12 years,and
to Lieut. [Lieutenant?] Colonel J.D.Broughton of the
Royal Artillery. Devonport, who was
indebted onto me since 1837 in the
sum of upwards of œ110 which I
demanded only in September or October
last, when he paid one by Cheques
upon his Bankers Case & Co. London:
those two gentlemen, can, I trust,
have no objections to admit the truth
of this statement.
I conclusion, I hope
I shall not be put to the painful
alternative of litigation for the recovery
of any claim. Should I be compelled
to adopt that unpleasant course I
might equitably bring forward a large
professional account againgst his
Lordship for the many services tendered
him both in Quebec and
since his departure, but, I trust,
you will kindly prevent anything
so disagreeable, and forthwith send
me an order to draw upon you for
the amount of my claim.
An early answer would oblige
Your very obedient servant
James Moty.

Memo:of the enclosed letters-
one dated 26th March 1843.
one- without a date-
one- 5th Nov.1842.
one 5th April 1845.
one 2nd Feb. 1846
one 18th Jany. 1849
together with your note to his Lordship
of 27th Sep.1842.
J.M. [James Moty?]

Paid and Requested
W.J.Alexander Esquire
Counsel in England
22 St.James' Place