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Title: James Moty, Quebec, to [W. J. Alexander?], [London?].
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileMoty, James/60
SenderMoty, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationbarrister
Sender Religionunknown
OriginQuebec, Canada
DestinationLondon, England
RecipientAlexander, William J
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 2433/B/20/27: Deposited by the Trustees of the Caledon Estate
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9601095
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Doc. TypeLET
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Word Count196
Transcript19 Esplanade
Quebec, Canada,
28th November 1857

The late Earl of
Caledon died indebted
into me in the sum of
Four Hundred & twenty
pounds (œ420.) The
nature of any claim is such,
as to preclude me, but as a
[dernier?] resort only, from
applying to the Countess
for payment. It is only
a short time ago that I
became aware of his Lordships
death, and that
you, and John George [Smyly?]
Esquire, were executors of
the will. I have written
a duplicate of this note to
You are perhaps
aware that during
Lord Caledons stay here
he had two children by a
woman of the name of Flora
Strachan, to whom
for several years he allowed
œ20 per month, which
allowance she always
received from me at the
request of his Lordship
Lord Caledon, however,
with whom I was upon
terms of the greatest
intimacy and friendship
never settled accounts
with me and allowed the
amount to remain unpaid
for such a length
of time, because, I, in the
year 1857 instituted an
action against the estate
of my mother in this country
which I foresaw would
be ultimately appealed
before the Privy Council,
in England, where it would
be necessary for me to
attend, when I should have
an opportunity of seeing
Lord Caledon & settling
accounts. My case is
now before the Privy Council
([Mot vs Moreau?])
I went to England to
settle the preliminaries
of my action here and
there in the month of
October last, heard of the
death of his Lordship and
that you had been
appointed one of the
executors. Any of the officers
of the Guards in
Canada at that time knew
of the intimacy between Lord
Caledon & myself to whom
I refer you - particularly
Colonel Harry Dansell of
Donnington Park, Derby.
The Honourable Captain Charles
Grimston, his brother in Law,
Captain Vansittart, Lord Fred
Panlet, likewise a relation
of his Captain The Hon.[Honourable?] Fred
[Savile?], Horse Artillery who
often met his Lordship
at Dinner at my house,
and every other officer of
the guards than in Canada,
but whose names
have now escaped my
recollection. Among other
letters of his Lordship in my
possession is one to the
following effect [viz?]