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Title: Mrs Nolan, Co Kilkenny to son Patrick, [Providence R.I?]
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileMrs Nolan/48
SenderMrs Nolan
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Kilkenny, Ireland
DestinationProvidence?, Rhode Island?, USA
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT.2054/1: Copied by Permission of Mrs L W Barber, 33 Tremont Road, Islington, Ontario, Canada. #TYPE LET Letter From Mrs Nolan, Clara Upper (Parish of Clara, Co Kilkenny, Ireland) To Her Son Patrick (Patt), Apparently In Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.A. O
ArchivePublic Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.8811065
Partial Date
Doc. TypeLET
Log05:12:1988 GC created 22:02:1989 ET input 22:02:19
Word Count1097
TranscriptOctober the 8th 1850

Dear patt
when I receivd [received?] your letter on the
[?] of August last: I wrote you Back an
answer [hoping?] you receivd [received?] [?] it with a check [cheque?]
for thirty shillings in our [?] [greatest?] if want
[?] Because Mrs Morrisy got a letter, and it said
that you wrote me a letter [?] with thirty shillings and
that I did not think it worth my while [to?] answer.
But Dear Patt I did write you back answer
thanking you for it as I hope god will Reward you
for it the day that I receivd [received?] your letter last
John was 8 weeks without hearing [?] without
a stich [stitch?] on him [But?] in Bed And my [pretty?] hat and coat
[?] [?] pledgd [pledged?] [?] out of all without in [?] Bit to eat
that morning when receivd [received?] your letter and shure [sure?] I could
not But thank you then for getting it
Dear patt we are all without a place to lea [lay?] our
head there that we were lodging under James [H Arch?]
we were put out of it And know [now?] we are getting for god sake
A few Nights logging [lodging?] up in the Sconce untill [until?] I get
your letter And this day we are without a Bit to eat and I wood [would?]
De [be?] Dead long go [ago?] only for two Nebours [neighbours?] that
ofen [often?] gives me A Bit for god sake But little ever I thought
that it wood [would?] come to my turn to Beg No more I wood [would?]
Not Beg only for your fathers [death?] But[?]
By the will of god for god is good still Dear patt
the [?] that James and [mary?] was going away
I feel that [?] [?] [?] As the Blankets Bed
And Boots of my feet was pledged And the little things
that I had in the auction went for very little And sence [since?]
the day that the [they?] left Kilkenny there was [not?]
shilling [?] up to this day patt I cant
let you know whow [how?] we are suffering unless you were
in Starvation and want without friend or fellow to
give you a shilling or a penny then you wood [would?] know
what we are suffering But on my too [two?] Bended Neese [Knees?]
fresh and fasting I pray to god that you Nor one of
you may ever know Nor ever suffer what we are suffering
At the presane [present?] Dear patt you told me to ask John
Nolan of clara wood to keep John and Joseph for a time And I asked
him wood [would?] he and that he said he keep than from the day
that I wood [would?] [go?] untill [until?] what ever time I wood [would?]
write from America for them And John wood [would?] be well able
to work at coopering if he got it to do But Dear patt
Mrs lawlor wood [would?] not give a penny for godsake if I died
Dead on the Street No one Belonging to me unless John Nolan
of clara Mrs lawlors huspant [husband?] Died in preasan [prison?] for
det [debt?] But thanks Bit of [be to?] God What ever me or his childer
[children?] thats here is suffering your father died and was burryd [buried?]
the way that lived thats [that is?] Respectable and Desant [decent?] what I
hope you and the Rest of his childering [children?] will do the Same and
the Merceyful [merciful?] hand of god I know Dear patt what
you promised me to take me an [and?] little dickey out for
the honour of our lord jasus [Jesus?] christ and his Blessed
mother hurry and take us out of this hoping that if I was out that
I cood [could?] do anny [any?] thing for the other two that will be
here after me Dear patt you told me that Julia feels for to her
hart [heart?] for me But tell her she wood [would?] feel ten times
wors [worse?] if she New [knew?] Rightly the way I am the Blackest
stranger that wood [would?] have feellence [feelings?] wood [would?]
feel for the way we all are Dear patt I Roat [wrote?] to James the
week After I Roat [wrote?] to you last And Never got an answer
Sence [since?] from him what I wonder very mutch [much?] of for
he promised for to take John and Joseph out the 24th of last June
And Never Roat [wrote?] us a letter since [since?] send me word in your next
letter is he in provdence [providence?] atale [at all?] or how is he going
on And send a word how mary is As you Roat [wrote?] to me that
she was in good health and in good sittuwation [situation?] And
I hope she is in that Still Dear patt go to mary
And ask her for the love and honour of god to asist [assist?]
you to Bring me and little dicksy out of this and tell
her that poor little Dicksy longs and sighs Both Night
And morning untill [until?] he sees her and his two little
Neises [neices?] and Nephews And [?] the poor child
says I wood [would?] not Be hungary [hungry?] if I was Near them
he says if the letter came in tomorro [tomorrow?] for him and his mother
that he wood [would?] lep [leap?] in to the [ship?] neket [naked?] as he
stands to make haste to see them all tell mary that this is the
poorest prospect of a winter that ever I had sence [since?]
I Began the world with out house Nor home fire Nor candle
light freind [friend?] Nor fellow Nor a Bit of food to eat so tell
her that my prosspects [prospects?] Dear pat if James Be
in province or when ever you meet him tell him
that it is [?] to make game of the aflected [afflicted?] & that gods
holy spirit be with ye all and send me the letter as quick as
No more I send my love and Best Respects to ye all and
gods Blessing Be with ye all John Sends his love and Best
Respects to mary and to ye all Joseph Sends his love and Best
Respects to ye all John Nolan of Elisa and famely [family?] sends their
love and Best Respects to ye all
Thomas Mackey James Mackay
Sends their love and Best Respects
to ye all and the [?]
wish every [?] [?] your
letter your loving mother untill [until?]
By John Nolan