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Title: John Mullawny, St. John's, N.B. to "My Dear Father...."
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileMullawny, John/22
SenderMullawney, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationservice
Sender ReligionCatholic
OriginSt. John's, New Brunswick, Canada
Recipient Gendermale-female
Relationshipwrites to his family
SourceBritish Parliamentary Papers, 1849, X1, (122), p. 127
ArchiveThe Main Library, The Queen's University of Belfast
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TranscriptAppendix to Minutes of Evidence Before Select Committee

Appendix X

St. John's New Brunswick, July 4th 1847
My Dear and loveing [loving?] Father & Mother & Brothers
I take the favourable oppertunity [opportunity?] of addressing
you with those few lines hopeing [hoping?] to find you and all
inquiry friends in as good health as my sisters and i [I?] am
at present thanks Be to the Most Merciful King of heaven for it
My Dear parents we sailed on Sundy [Sunday?] morning from
Rockley head and on that eavining [evening?] it began to blew
[blow?] verry [very?] heavy Storm and Continued for the Space
of three Days verry [very?] Strong But we had it verry [very?]
Stormy for a week and all the passengers Gave up hopes of being
Safe but I had Confidence in the lord and the Blessed Virgin
Mary and My holy father St. Domnick [Dominic?] that the [they?]
would not see us perish and I was one night that I did put on my
habbit [habit?] and surplis and went round all My friends and
neighbours to leave them the last farewell i [I?] went to my
bead [bed?] and Gave Myself up to the lord But thanks be to God
we arrived safe on land we had about 35 Deaths on board Mathew
Feeny Died and John Gillin of Ardtarmond and John Leadens son
James Currid of Donaveny and so forth Dear parents Mary was
verry [very?] sick on the voyage and i [I?] Done my utmost with
her But thank God she recovered her sickness & Margrete And
Myself was for a week verry [very?] sick and Mary Done her Duty
with us thanks Be to God we are all well as soon as we landed
the Captain sent them all in to a [an?] old poor house and
provided them with plenty provisions William Clancy Died there
And Robert hendry [Hendry?] of Rahally thanks be to God all our
friends arrived safe Dear father and Mother we are all at
service Mary is hired at a place Called Mesbeck ten Miles out from the
City and Margret is within two Miles of her i [I] would get £23
per year But I would not go until i [I?] seen them all at
service i [I?] am at service 23 Miles out from the City at a place
Called quaco [Quaco?] in the parish of St. Martin with a verry [very?]
religious Man his name is Thimothy [Timothy?] Cucick frorm
[from?] the County tiporery [Tipperary?] Ireland at Six Dollars per
month Dear Mother i [I?] am verry [very?] much regoiced [rejoiced?]
that You Did not come the voyage [sic] for i [I?] am sure that you
would not rich [reach?] land But that the lord is Merciful
Thomas [Thomas?] Gilroys Son Carbery Died on the voyage i [I?] got good
health on the voyage i [I?] was fishing on the Banks of New
found land along with one of the Sailors we fished four Codfish and
got some for Mary which was rare to find fish at that time and when
we came to quarritine [quarantine?] the first Meat [mate?] and a
crew of us wint [went?] to fesh [fish?] and we fished a Dosen
i [I?] went with the Capitin [Captain?] to quarrintine
[quarantine?] Island with Corps [corpses?] to read the rights
[rites?] of the church of the Corps [corpses?] and all hands had
a great wish for me i [I?] was a Committee on the Ship i [I?]
was weighing out the passengers provision and Sugar and teas we
had plenty of all sorts of provision My Dear Father & Mother
Patt and my Beloved Brother Mick I am verry [very?] uneasy about
us how ye are situated But I Expect with the assistance of God
the next letter that i [I?] will wright [write?] the [then?] we
will be able to send ye some healp [help?] Dear father when you
wright [write?] let me know how the Country is situated or how
the Crops is Doing Dear father and I hope ye will Excuse me for
not wrighting [writing?] sooner to ye I Did not like to wright
[write?] untill [until?] we all [sic] at service this is a Dull
Country at present there is a great number of passengers come
out to this Country I have not much time to wright [write] the
purticulars [particulars?] about the Country Mary Margret Jouns
[joins?] me in sending our loves & Best respect to You Dearly
Beloved father & Mother Brother Patt and my Brother Mick Uncle
Martin & wife Patt Martin John Mary and Nancy to Mick hart
[Hart?] & Aunt and fammily [family?] Patt Carrane and Famely
[family?] Patt Medrooy & faumily [family?] and to Brother James
McLeam [McLean?] and Mary Patt Martin & wife John & Mick & all
John towny [Towny?] & faumily [family?] and Denis Killorran &
family and to Mrs. Kelly And remember me to her Mrs. Mulany &
Daughter Mary McFolery William Teaf McCormick & mrs. McGlewn &
to Thomas Geraghty & family and How he is Getting on with his
Mellons [melons?] & Cucumbers & Patt McGowen and all the
Lissadell Garden Boys No More at present from your loveing
[loving?] Son and Daughter.

Wheen [when?] you wright [write?] Direct your letter to Hough
[Hugh?] Cammil [Campbell?] St. Johns New Brunswick.