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Title: J. Mullawney, St. John's, to "My Dear and loving Father ...."
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileMullawny, John/46
SenderMullawney, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender ReligionCatholic
OriginSt. John's, New Brunswick, Canada
Recipient Gendermale-female
Relationshipwrites to his family
SourceBritish Parliamentary Papers, 1849, X1, (122), pp 127-128.
ArchiveThe Main Library, The Queen's University of Belfast
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TranscriptAppendix to Minutes of Evidence Before Select Committee

Appendix X

St. John [John's?] N.B., November 22d. 1847

My Dear and loveing [loving?] Father and Mother I take my
pen to address you with those few lines hopeing [hoping?] to
find you Father and Mother Brother Patt & Brother Mick in as
good health and all inquiring friends as the [they?] are to
[too?] numrious [numerous?] to mention thir [their?] Names
as My Dearly beloved Sisters and I is [sic] at present thanks
Be to the Most high and Mercifull King of heaven for it. My
Dear Father & Mother I wrote ye a letter in the commencement
of July last which left me and my sisters verry [very?]
uneasy for not Getting an answer to But I Believe that it was
not your fault alltogether [altogether?] Leady [Lady?] Gore
Booth Brt. Lissadell Got it as I am informed By Different
people that come aut [out?] to this Country. And I heard
that ye sent a letter with Young Mick Geraghty not hearing
one word of it untill [until?] my Master sent me to the City
with a horse and waggon for his Daughter and her husbant
[husband?] and I stead [stayed?] in town until the [they?]
come [came?] home on Sonday [Sunday?] Eavening [evening?] and
the Man that I told you to Direct the letter to told me that
this Mr. Geraghty was in his house and he told him to Give
him the letter and he would not which the Man was verry
[very?] uneasy [sic] when he could not Get to send me an
account But when I got going in he told me all about it and I
happened to see the other Mick which i [I?] was verry [very?]
much regoiced [rejoiced?] and he told Me that he had the
letter for me and if he had known that he would not Bring me
the letter he would take it out of the trunk and keep it for
me But he went to the United States and Biddy Butlers Mick
was to go the Thursday after me Been talking [sic] to him he
told me that his Brother Patt sent him œ3.10s. from New York
to St. John to pay his Passage and he is to let his Brother
Patt know how he treated me But God forgive [forgives?] and
I forgive him. My Dear father and Mother i [I?] wrote a letter
for Flan Feenys Daughter and i [I?] wrote home to ye in her
letter to wright [write?] to me as soon as possible But i [I?]
did not Get an Answer as yet and now I am wrighting [writing?]
this with the Assistance of God to ye and I hope i [I?] will
get an Answer to it. My Dearly Beloved Father & Mother I am
told that ye have the Cow in Lisadell which I am verry [very?]
much regoiced [rejoiced?] to hear that she has a hiffer
[heifer?] Calf and when i [I?] told Mary and Margret the [they?]
were verry [very?] much regoiced [rejoiced?] to [too?] Dear
Father & Mother there is a disorder verry [very?] numerous in
this Country what the [they?] call the tipes [typhus?] fevir
[fever?] there is thousands of people Dieing [dying?] with it
But thank God we were never in Better health Dear Father &
Mother I hope that ye are not in want nor poverty as yet and we
are waighting [waiting?] to Get an answer to some of the letters
and with Gods healp [help?] for nothing good Can Be Done
without his healp [help?] we will send ye home a valluable
[valuable?] letter for Margret [Margaret?] is verry [very?]
often talkeing [talking?] to me about sending home Money none
cam [can?] B [be?] sent home from here less than œ4 of the
Irish Currency But thank God we can send home what will Be
of Service to ye at all evence [events?] My Dear Mother and
Mick I hope that yeare [you're?] in good [sic] for i [I?] Be
often thinking of Ye and not forgitting [forgetting?] Father
& Patt No more at present from your Dearly Beloved Son John
Mullowny [Maloney?] & Daughters Mary & Margret Nancy
Leader of Cloughvoley [Cloghvoley?] is at service within
two miles of us and She is Doing well But She got Great
sickness on Bord [board?] of the Ship Dear father I hope
you will let Brother James McLeane know that i [I?] will
not forget him for his kindness to me when I am sending
the next letter I send my love and Bist [best?] respects
to him and sister Mary Patt Martin and Misses [Missus?]
which i [I?] was very much regoiced [rejoiced?] when i [I?]
heard she had a young son Mary Margret and me joines [join?]
in sending our love and Best Respects to my uncle Martin &
Misses Patt Martin John Mary and Nancy to Mick Hart and
Misses and all the family John Devany [Devanny?] and fammily
[family?] Patt Hooks & fammily [family?] Patt Mulroony
[Mulrooney?] & family and to all the Brothers and Sister
that is joined [sic] in the holy Order of St. Domnick
[Dominic?] No more at present from your Dearly Beloved
Children John Mary & Margret [Margaret?] Mullowney till
Death Weare [we're?] all highered [hired?] in the one
house. As soon as you receive this letter wright [write?]
as soon as possible and Direct it to Mr. George Ball of
Misspeek Mills Parish of Simons Province of St. John
British North America.