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Title: M Murphy, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, to H. Donnan, Saintfield, Co Down
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileMurphy, M/10
SenderMurphy, M
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginAllegheny, Penn., USA
DestinationSaintfield, Co. Down, N.Ireland
RecipientDonnan, Hugh
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD2795/5/2/1: Presented by Mrs Chas. Donnan, Ballynahinch, Co Down
ArchiveThe Public Record Office Belfast, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9501049
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptCover Addressed To:

Hugh Donnan
Cahard Ireland
In Care Of
Andrew Wilson

[back of envelope]
April 25th

DUBLIN - BELFAST P.P.O A MY [MAY?] 13 73 [1873?]
SAINTFIELD B MY [MAY?] 13 73 [1873?]
April 25th
April the 25th 1873

Dear Sir
I write to let you know we have reached my uncel
[uncle?] in aligany [Allegheny?] we landed in liverpoll
[Liverpool?] about eight the next morning we stopped in
[we?] Clides hotel to nine next
morning then we got on the boat and
went down the river and got on board the baltic and
remained to six oclock when we set sail we had A fair
passage for three days but on Sunday night and monday
we had A very rough sea and tremendous sickness on board
Eliza and samuel had not The [least?] sickness the whole
way Hugh and miney [Minney?] and myself Had A little
sickness the too [two?] rough days we anchored on
saturday the 19th about seven in the evening in the
river where we remained to monday morning when ships
do not get in befor [before?] to oclock [two O'Clock?]
on saturday passangers [passengers?] have to remain on
board to monday morning which comes wors [worse?]
on the compnay [company?] than passengers but we had A
very noisey [noisy?] sunday we had on board one hundred and
fifty germans besides a great number of wild irish men
som[some?] dancing some playing cards others [kniting?]
and singing some cursing and some reading we had on board
one hundred children under twelve months old we had
eleven hundred pssengers [passengers?] our meat was
first class except on friyay [Friday?] when fish cam
[came?] on monday morning the boat came and took us
to the castle gardens we sopped [stopped?] in A hotel
to the next evening we then started in the train for
pittsbourg [Pittsburg?] and arived [arrived?] on
wednsday [Wednesday?] night my uncle was waiting for
us which we wer [were?] glad to see and we had only
A little stop to [until?] he went over to aligany [Allegheny?]
and sent his son with the horse and dray for us my uncel
[uncle?] has one of the best houses i have ever been in it
contains ten first class rooms with white marble fire places
of the best i [sic] have ever seen his family is three sons
and too [two?] daughters you may guess he is very wel
[well?] of when he bought his daughter A piano at 100
pounds he has made us welcom [welcome?] to stop until
we get a house and work which he sayes [says?] there is
plenty of here
i have very little remarks to pass at present the weather
has been very changable [changeable?] since we left new
yourk [New York?] some times snow and clear the onle
[only?] thing i have to remark is that the sun rises in
the other side of me i have to remark is that the sun
rises in the other side of me i have no mor [more?] to
say at present we are all in good health at pres [present?]
samuel is better nor [now?] we [started?] i will write in
another wek [week?] excus [excuse?] bad writ [writting?]
as it is the first i hop [hope?] thes [these?]
few lines will find you arrives