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Title: Benjamin Neely Co. Derry To his Brother, Yorkville South Carolina
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileNeely, Benjamin/66
SenderNeely, Benjamin
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationteacher?
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Derry, N.Ireland
DestinationS. Carolina, USA
RecipientNeely, Samuel
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT3508: Deposited by Winthrop College, South Carolina
ArchiveThe Public Record Office Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9501080
Partial Date
Doc. TypeEMG
LogDocument added by LT/JW, 06:01:1995.
Word Count620
TranscriptDear Brother and family
Sept. 15th. 1816 I am well at present and hope
this will find you and the whole of your famly [family?] in the
same. I have nothing particular to comunicat [communicate?] to
you at present there has no particulars hapened [happened?]
Either of your famlys [families?] since I wrote you last Unly
[only?] young Johnnie Nealy of which is no Great Grief in the
famly [Family?] - I have wrote you to send the tools that I
sent from Charliston [Charleston?] to your House I hope you will
send them as soon as Receive this if not sent before this comes
to hand - I wish you to send them Mr. John Crows Book Binder,
Broad Street Charliston [Charleston?] - Mr. Robert Jackson,
carpenter Informs me he is coming home this ensuing Spring he
is a verry [very?] proper hand to fetch them he likewise will
be a proper hand to writ [write?] or anny [any?] thing else you
have to send - Dear Beatty your friend is all well at present
Nattin and your sister is doeing [doing?] as well as can be
expected on 4 or 5 acres of Lament the both live very temprit
[temperate?] you my Easily Griefs the reason - your Brother
Johns second Daughter is maried [married?] to William Ferguson
of Keanaught [Connaught?] Brother in law to your Brother Robert
I have nothing els [else?] to inform you of your famlys
[families?] Either of you - I received a letter from Wm.
[William?] Neely [Nearly?] 3 months a goe [go?] Informing me of
you all and likewise of Nancy being maried [married?] I wish
hur [her?] a Great Dall [Deal?] of Joy please remember me to
Jean and John Nancy and Joseph and wishing them, all prosperity
and hapiness [happiness?] Remember me to James and Ben pleas
[please?] let me know how far the are on in larning [learning?]
- I [-----?] verry [very?] mutch [much?] you have not wrot
[wrote?] me oftner [oftener?] - Believe me
To be your Cinceir [sincere?] Brother to
Dath [Death?] Benj.n [Benjamin?] Neely
I wish you to be as Expeditious as possible as Robert Jackson
may be left before it arives [arrives?] ...
I just write this in haste to know as mullen said you
received a letter from some person who had the colt near
into our Gerrys be sure to answer it on receipt -
and who wrote you - the which on receipt of this I hope you
will not delay - I am now at Mr. Hoppers six miles from
Nelsons Ferry where probable I may again teach. but will wait
an answer to this (for I have great calls) so as to know who
might have the colt when you write direct to me to Jamesville
post office Sumter District to the care of Mr David Hopper
you may expect to hear from me more fully hear after but I am
with good heart & [-----?]
I would hear observe that Robert Lowry is
going home in march he is a gentleman and it would be a great
chance to send letters - but for this time I shall conclude
deserving to be remembered to both the Bettys James & Benj.n
[Benjamin?] Akin and Nancy - John & Joe Miller & family - I
wish them all well - should I neglect to remember them it
would not be from wish but forget - the next I shall send
Jain [Jane?] a good draft but the post is waiting neglect
not to write on receipt of this epistle if you can read it -
I am dear sam yours and Bettys
Sincere friends - God Bless you
Sep.r 15th 1816 William Neely
(Henery [Henry?] Pitbey) From
Post Wil Neely and
Jamesville Post Office Sumter DistricK [District?]
to the hand of Mr. David Hopper
To Mr William Neely and to the hand
of Mr. David Hopper
Jamesville post office Sumter Districk [District?]