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Title: A Letter from Benjamin Neely [Ireland?] to his Brother and Sister
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileNeely, Benjamin/118
SenderNeely, Benjamin
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Derry, N.Ireland
DestinationS. Carolina, USA
RecipientNeely, Samuel
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT3508: Deposited by Winthrop College, South Carolina
ArchiveThe Public Record Office Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9407150
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Doc. TypeLET
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Word Count880
TranscriptBurnally June 24-1821
Dear Brother and Sister
I am well at present so is all you friends
thanks be to God for all the mercies we Daily Receive from his
Bountiful hand - I Re.d [received?] a letter from you some time a goe [ago?]
which I was verry [very?] [De-ira--?] to hear from - Dear Brother I said
Some time a goe [ago?] but when recolecting [recolecting?] I received none.
Since you Rot [wrote?] me of James and Jeans Death if you wrot [wrote?] [one?]
the [they?] have been mif [miss?] caried for I have Re'd [received?] none.
Since that I writ [write?] yearly to you [Let?] you Receive them or not - you
wish me to Inform you whither [whether?] William Robinson's family Ever Expects
to Go the America or not I think the [they?] neaver [never?] will.
Wm [William?] Robinson is not much Calculated to Go a broad he is to [too?]
fond for Company keeping and [one?] to a [derise?] a family home has such a
Head over them to go to a Strang [strange?] contry [country?] it would be not
be a proper Advise So I think home is best for Such a man I have nothing verry
[very?] particular to Communicate to you at all present - I have built a
compleat [complete?] Set of Offis [office?] Houses a [sic] and a Dwelling House
for my self I have not yet moved in to it yet but Shortly will in the Coarse of
three or four weeks I will be [-able?] to Go in to it - then tumble the [Oald?]
House Down the Oald Barn Steable [Stable?] and Cowhouse is Down Long a Goe
[ago?] I Intend to send you a plan of the House and [---?] the Offices [--t?]
Shortly - after all Building I have Some of the American Monny [Money?] yet I
have too [two?] Hundred pound at Intrest [Interest?] Never the Lef [less?] of
All my Improvements there is wonderful Alterations in Burnally Since you left
it and Ever Since I came Home I believe I Let you Know of Robert Neely having
sold his part of Burnally that is the Lower Quarter to Joseph Scott Belymecran
for 750 pounds he had verry [very?] Littel [little?] to Left when he went a way
he is Gon [gone?] to America too [two?] years a Go ther [there?] he has been
no word from him as yet he is some place in the Heart of Pensylvania in what
Empoy [employ?] I no [know?] not I know not who [what?] Employment would fit
him he Drank the whole prise [price?] of his Quarter of Burnally as for George
Neely he got himself in Debt and went of [off?] to America November was a year
and Deserved his plase [place?] to be left to the Debt would be paid be
Remained Chiefly Newyork and Last fawl [fall?] had took his pafsige [passage?]
to come home and Sell out and Return back a Gain - the vefsil [vessel] being
but four Days She Sprung a Leek and was [oblige-d?] to put Back a Gain [again?]
During Saim [tim-?] George Neely died of the flux he was ealing [ailing?]
befor [before?] he went on [board?] he lay some time on Shoar [Shore?]
befor[before?] he departed his [Cloas--?] sold to pay his Defay [Defray?]
his Expenses when Lying ther [there?] was nothing [belong--?] to him Come Home
safe His Bible. I cannot Say he Drank [?] though he Lived far too high for his
fortun [fortune?] - he left a wife [and?] too [two?] Sones [Sons?] Behind Him
to Lament his Lofs [Loss?] his first Sone [Son?] is 11 or [12?] years of Eage
[Age?] he made his Will properly Befoar [Before?] he left Home [so?] thats
[that's?] in feavour [favour?] of his Children his farm is is Let out to the
Debt paid - 8 or 9 years will Clear off all the Debt that is against it
Dear Brothers I have nothing Else worth letting you know - please Remember
me to Nancy and Betsy and each of ther [their?] Husbands in the kindest
manner - pleas [please?] Give my Best wishes to Benjamin and Let me know what
you purpos [propose?] making off [of?] him - in this Con [?] there is a Great
Deal of Fealurs [failures] on Ac't [Account?] of Scarcity of money [produc-?]
is very Low of Every Sort and that makes money verry [very?] Scarce - Dear
Brother I must conclude with my cincir [sincere?] wish for your [wellbeing?]
and believe me to be your Affectionate Brother
Benj.m Neely
I wish you write me Every Opurtunity [Oppurtunity?]

Since I wrot [wrote?] your Nephew this Letter Jon Reed [Informed?] me that he
intends to Go to America he wishes you to inform him how he Could make out
ther [there?] he is a tolerabe [tolerable?] English Sealer and a young man of
an Excellent Caracter [Character?] I am well convinced in Ceas [case?] of him
Going to your place that you might watch for his conduct in what eaver [ever?]
Capacity might turn up he wishes you to inform him how he might be Imployed
[employed?] in that Contry [Country?] times may have altered since I was there

Mr Samuel Neely planter
York County niar [near?] Yorkvill
S Carolina