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Title: Benj. Neely, Burnally, Ireland to William Neely, S. Carolina, USA.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileNeely, Benjamin/129
SenderNeely, Benjamin
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Derry, N.Ireland
DestinationS. Carolina, USA
RecipientNeely, William
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 3508: Deposited By Winthrop College, South Carolina.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.9408003
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Doc. TypeLET
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Word Count1283
TranscriptBurnally June 24 1811
want of an opertunity [opportunity?]
makes thus
Dear [Chojen?]
I sailed from Charlestown February 4th and
Arived [Arrived?] in Belfast after a passige [passage?] of 30 Days of verry
[very?] pleasant weather - and come to Burnally on
the 16th of March and found my sister and the rest of my
Friends well - Before I left Charlestown I Received
A letter from you Requesting me to [fill?] the particulars of
you [your?] Father and Unkils [Uncles?] Will I have made Every Enquiry
Nessisry [Necessary?] to Send you a true Statement of Both their
affairs in Every Respect - Dear Willm [William?] in the first
place you are left Nothing by Either of the too [two?] which
I am sorry to inform you _ your Brother George in
your Unkils [Uncles?] will is left the Farm with Everything
belonging ther [there?] to your Brother Robert Gets you [your?] Father
Farm with Every thing belonging ther [there?] to your your mothers
Suport [Support?] Exsepted [Excepted?] off it - George has sold part of his
place the whole of the waist [waste?] moors and the whole of that
Moorpark opisite [opposite?] to where my Father mad [made?] the Breek [Break?]
in the inn Moors to James Holmes of Braughter for 400
your Brother George is maried [married?] to James Holmes Youngest
Sister peggy Holmes the [they?] have had 2 Children one is
Dead the Eldest, the [they?] were Both Named John, your Brother
Robert with your mothers Cosent [Consent?] has sold part of his farm
all Ned [feivries?] farm Back Brea and [thield?] called the Bog
park to James Holmes of Braghter [Braughter?] for 390. I understand
it is to free themselves of Debt Georg [George?] has made some
Improvements Since his Unkls [Uncles?] Deat [Death?] Robert has made
none nor I am likely to think Neaver [Never?] will he Sometime
a Goe [go?] went and Enlisted in the British Artillery he is at
home at present though I believe not Discharged your
Brother Matthew was oblied [obliged?] to be sent on Bard [Board?] of the
British Fleet 4 or 5 year [years?] a goe [ago?] much against his will
his Conduct was So verry [very?] bad that his friends Cold [could?] not live
with him the [they?] ware [were?] obliedged [obliged?] to Implou [employ?] 2 or
3 constables to teak [take?] him Bind him and Conduct him on board of a
[tender?] that at Derry, your Sister Molly is maried [married?] better than one
one year a Goe [ago?] to one Knox of the County Antrim She is
the third wife to him and the Night she was maried [married?] she was
mother to five children - She was left 60 pound by
her Unkl [Uncle?] your sister Nancy Cathrin and Jean 50 Each
your Sister Jean lives with your Mother Down by, Georg
Liveth [lives?]by him Self his wife is a fine little woman - your
Ant [Aunt?] Molly is Dead 2 or 3 year a go Shortly after my
Unkil [Uncle?] Williams Death, a Curious Sircumstance [Circumstance?] took
pleas [place?] 12 or 13 months preavious [previous?] to hur [her?] Death She
lost the pawr [power?] of hur [her?] Tongue which you know She allways
[always?] Used well in your tim [time?] which you must Consider would
be a Great pain to hur [her?], home used to Oikipy [occupy?] it to Great
Injust to the town and Neighbourhood - your Unkil [Uncle?]
Jack is Still alive and in good health and as ful [full?] of Joaks [Jokes?] as
Ever Will Neaver [never?] has braught [brought?] Home his wife as yet
he pays hur [her?] a visit once in too [two?] weeks, Sometimes less
according as the Spirit Moves him Matty is still the Saim [same?]
Jack is a live [alive?] as yet,- Dear William I hope I have Not
forgoten [forgotten?] anny [any?] that will Satisfy your Curiossity
[curiosity?] Burnally - Land Sell [sells?] verry [very?] high at present hear
[here?] I have Not Sold as yet Bt Intend Doeing [doing?] it as soon as
Convenient I Expect my sister will go to America with
me, I am Looking Aut [out?] verry [very?] sharp since I com [come?] home for
a Rib to teak [take?] to America with me I seem to Like the
Irish Ribs better than the American Ribs Some how my heart
warms more to them the American Leadies [ladies?]- my Sister [H?] Bell
and hur [her?] Husbant [husband?] saith [say?] they will Go to America as to
that I am not Just Sure (Dear William) believe me
to be your Cazen [cousin?] and truly Afectionate [affectionate?]
friend and wis [wish?] ais [as?] much for your Hapiness [happiness?]
Benyn [Benjamin] Nelly
pleas [please?] Give my Best wishes Mr and Mrs Riddlepurgis there has been
great Enquiry Respecting your Conduct by your friends in particular I told
them Everything I thought would pleas [please?] them
I expect not to See yo [you?] in less than 12 or 18 monts [months?] from
this Deat [Date?] if you Rit [write?] whilst I Remain hear [here?] I wish
that you may not Inform your friends How you
Come by the Information you hav [have?] gottin [got?] - as soon
as you Receive this I wish you to Rit [write?] me - I think your
friends ought to Give or send some thing to you was it but
Half a Dozen of shirts - at Least for your part of Burnall [Burnalley?]

Your Mother is well at present and Enjoyeth
a tolarable [tolerable?] good seal of health She has the whole
of the farm [Sell?] of Unly [only?] that park that the house
stands on - as soon as you Receive this I wish you
Rit [write?] to my Brother to Let him know of my arival [arrival?] hear [here?]
Neaver [Never?] the less I have Rot [Wrote?] him at the same tim [time?]
again I Bid you adieu (Dear Wm [William?]) my [May?] God
Direct you is the Cinceir [Sincere?] Desire of your Cozen [Cousin?]
Beny Neely N.B. I hope you have acted up to your
promise Since I parted with you.
Dear Wm [William?] I Hope you will Not Reflect
Upon your Unkle [Uncle?] or Father for not
Leaving you a part in Burnalley -
the [they?] had given up all hopes of you
being a Live [alive?] - think of not Hearing
from you for 18 or 19 years in my oppinion [opinion?]
you are to Bleam [Blame?]; again may God Bless
My Dear Friend Writ [Write?] me Imediatly [Immediately?]

N.B. you wer [were?] talking of sending to me a power of attorny [attorney?]
I have Good athority [authority?] and can Inform you that it
will be of no Account hear [here?] with aut [out?] I had seen it
parficted [perfected?] there and be Qualified by a majistr-cat [Magistrate?]
her [here?] Conduct by your friends in particular I told them Everything
I thought would pleas [please?] them that I saw you parfict [Perfect?]
the Riting [Writing?] to athoris [authorise?] me to
Act for you - If you writ [write?] Dae [Do?] it Imedditly [Immediately?] and
Let me know whither I will ask Shirts or the Like
for you - Adieu - Adieu -Adieu - Benyn. [Benjamin?] Neely

(Footnote from William Neely himself?)
I again Observe to you - if I was to go home - and me so
disposed to be contentious - from me being the primogeniter [primogeniture?]
and = also my Uncles will nor Fathers not mentioning even it and my
{[nor?] cutting me off with even 1s- [shilling?]}
name William = and it [it's?] understood that I was my
Uncles intended Heir - if under these pleas I would
and can be troublesome - I Just Observe this to you