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Title: Benjamin Neely, Co Londonderry to His Brother and Sister, USA
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileNeely, Benjamin/150
SenderNeely, Benjamin
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Derry, N.Ireland
DestinationS. Carolina, USA
RecipientNeely, Samuel
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 3508: Deposited by Winthrop College, South Carolina, USA
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9410321
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Doc. TypeLET
LogDocument added by LT, 20:10:1994.
Word Count811
TranscriptApril 4th 1818
Dear Brother and Sister
I was glad to Receive an Act [Account?] from you on
february 2, 1818 - but sorry to be informed of the Deaths which took
place in your family, since the Last account I had from you - but such Deaths
and such Crosses that Generally teaks [takes?] place while in this world we are
not to Grieve too much when they come from the Heart of Providence -
were we to meet with no Crosses nor Disappointments we are too apt to
forget our selves - Dear Brother I am sure James was a promising Boy
and was by Aperance [appearance?] when I left that Such as you wrote to
me he was Belove [beloved ?] by Every one home [who?] knew him - you
mentioned of him Dying in tweve [twelve?] days Sickness I think the saim
[same?] feavour [fever?] prevailed in this Country as
with you it has been verry [very?] mortal hear [here?] Nombers [Numbers?] have
been swept off in Eleven or Twelve days sickness and in a General way All
the helthiest [healthiest?] and strongest in our Country - in Burnally at
war time there was 22 Dying at war time all of the feavour [fever?] - it
has been verry mortal thru [through?] Ireland in the number Above mentioned
there was unly [only?] 3 or 4 Deaths in Burnally - though none of the [Nea..?]
Died though some of them at the point of Death but was [were?] saved Longer -
as for my house there has appeared nothing such as yet (God) unly [only?]
knows how long it may be the less [?] for which I have Every Reason to
thank the (Almighty?) Great Giver of All our Mercies [Mercys?] for such
Blessings as I have Rec'd [received?] off his hand
in this Present and Perlis [Perilous?] state as the Country seemed to be in -
you Did not Let me know what Occasioned Jeans Death or what family
She left behind her - Neither Did you Let me know what family
Nanny had whither [whether?] anny [any?] or not - Neither Did you [Ri..?]
me anny [any?] satisfaction Respecting Betsy's mariage [marriage?]
you Let me know she is maried [married?] to a William Mc Keeve now
and lives 3 miles of [from?] you now
I am at a loss to wnow [know?] whither [whether?] his name is Mc Keeve or
Mc Kaw I neaver [never?] New [knew?] anny [any?] within 3 miles of you of
the Name of Mc Keeve I some times think it is a son of Esq. Mc Kaws York
as I believe he had a son Named William - the misssteak [mistake?] I
expect must be in the Neam [name?] being badly spelt which I hope in
your first to me you will satisfy me more fully Respecting Betsys
husbands Name and what Jean Died off [of?] and what family she left
behind her and what family Nancy has - I shall be very anxious to
hear of your Childrens welfare and property which I hope you will Ever
Acquaint one off [of?] - Dear Brother you have informed me your Increas
[increase?] in this worlds property [?] I hope you are making a provision
for the world to come - as our time hear [here?] is of short duration -
I hope you are Laying up such Stoars [stores?] as Neither moth nor rust
will corup [corrupt?] nor thieves break thro [through?] and steal - your
Sister Bell Returns you her thanks for the kind offer you made and is
Doubtful she will Neaver [never?] Except [accept?] of it her husband is a
mann [man?] not much calculated for going a Broad [abroad?] he seems
to be too [font?] of what has Injured manny [many?] a Good man - Dear
Sister I Cannot Cloas [close?] my letter with out Letting you know some
of your friends is as I promised when parting with you Nathin Cherry
and wife is doing as well as can be expected - your Brother Robert's
Death I informed you before since I wrot [wrote?] you his Eldest Son
Died of the Cancer which believe Chiefly all over him - your Brother
John is very much ailing at present with the Cancer in his Life - Dear
Brother and Sister I have Nothing Else to communicate to you but may
God Almighty Direct and Guide you
all is the Sincere [?] Desire of your Affectionate Brother to Death
Benym [Benajmin?] Neely
Dear Beny I have Nothing to Give you but my advice
and blessing that is that you may gain the goodwish
all home has anny [any?] acquaintance of you as I am informed your Brother
James had I loop [hope?] you will improve your self at school and study
the English Gramer [grammar?] as your Letter is badly spelt.

Mr Samuel Neely planter
South Carolina
Near [New?] York Villa Coast Nous [?]