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Title: Benjamin Neely, Burnally, Ireland to brother and sister, S.Carolina, USA.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileNeely, Benjamin/159
SenderNeely, Benjamin
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Derry, N.Ireland
DestinationS. Carolina, USA
RecipientNeely, Samuel
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 3508: Deposited by Winthrop College, South Carolina.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.9408237
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Doc. TypeLET
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Word Count687
TranscriptBurnaly 4th June 1829
Dear Brother and Sister
I now taek [take?] the liberty of Informing you of my
being well at present thanks be to the Great Giver of all
our mercies which we are Daily Enjoyin [Enjoying?] from his bountiful
hand I have nothing verry [very?] particular to Comunicate [Communicate?]
to you A [at?] present _ Unly [Only?] thus that of my (Sister Marey Death)
on the first of Martch [March?] last She was unly [only?] ailing too
[two?] or three weeks previous to Disalution [Dissolution?] which is
the Greatest loss Ever Come my way _ but such lossis [losses?] we must
take all for good when the [they?] Come from the hand of the
all wis [wise?] giver _ unly [only?] think of Eight or nine of a family
that I am left a lone [alone?] the youngest to keep my fathers
place no friend no relation to fetch to keep House for
me All Sisters left me All Neicis [Nieces?] me [sic] no Relation that
I Coul [could?] fetch to keep my House Every wan [one?] Don [did?] [sic]
best for themselves maried [married?] and keeping house for themselves
Dear Brother you will be apt to say I must get maried [married?] So
I must and So I Should before this time but I hope
not too leat [late?] to Do well _ I Hope before I writ [write?] you
again to Inform you that I have Changed my Singel [Single?]
Life when Compeled [compelled?] to Doe [do?] So a wife I may get but
a better House Keeper I Can neaver [never?] get She Died worth
one Hundred and ten pound which She Divided in the
folling [following?] manner to your Sister bell [Bell's?] Ealdest
[Eldest?] Daughter Nancy the whole of hur [her?] wearing Apperil [Apparel?]
and ten pound Bells youngest Daughter Marey named for hur [her?] self forty
pounds _ to your Sister Hanah [Hannah?] and bell twenty
pound Eatch [each?] and twenty pound to my Self
in all makes £110 pounds _ turn
She has Declared to Severals [sic] had I bee [been?] maried [married?] She
would [sic] left me the whole of hur [her?] money So you may See what
I have Lost by not being maried [married?] but I neaver [never?] Count it
Lost what [that?] what [which?] I neaver [never?] had _ Excessive of the £110
pound what Buried hur [her?] in a Genteel and Respectible [Respectable?] maner
[manner?] Dear Brother I have nothing verry [very?] particular to Comunicate
[Communicate?] to you at present we have the appirance [appearance?] of a fine
Crop nis [this?] Season I have too [two?] Aker [acre?] of Barly [Barley?]
in the Holmes this Season and [sic] looks well at present _ we have no floods
now as in your time we have a [battry?] between us and Corndeal
we are nervous [sic] flooded but Seldom by an overflow in the
other side we have a propper [proper?] Slouice [Sluice?] that keeps in
General Saif [safe?] farming is Gottin [getting?] to a Great pitch in this
Contry [Country?] Since I come [came?] home I have Gottin [gotten?] an Iron
plow [plough?] from Scotland Costine [costing?] £6-10s Last year _ the
[they?] ar [are?] Cheaper than the oold [old?] woodin [wooden?]
ones all 16 or 17 Shillings _ Dear Brother I have wrot [written?] Eavery
[every?] year to you and has [have?] Recd [received?] non [none?] from you
this too [two?] years I hope as soon as you Receive this you will Rite [write?]
how you and family is [are?] and believe me to be you [your?] Afectionate
Brother Beny'n [Benjamin?] Neely

pleas [please?] give my best Respects to Nancy and Joseph Miller
and John Miller to Betsy and her Husband though
not Acquainted _ and my [sic] shall Eaver [ever?] be for ther [their?]
proserty [prosperity?] and wellfair [welfare?]

Dear Samuel I hope you will not forget an oald [old?]
Sayin [Saying?] of your Mothers not to forget the one thing,
Needful in Time _ Remember me to All
Enquiring friends fairwell [farewell?]

(Additional Sentence Written On Envelope)
Dear Brother and Sister your friend [friends?]
are all well at present