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Title: B. Neely, Burnally, Co Derry to brother Samuel and Sister[ ?] S.C. U S A.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileNeely, Benjamin/174
SenderNeely, Benjamin
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Derry, N.Ireland
DestinationS. Carolina, USA
RecipientNeely, Samuel
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 3508 by Winthrop College, South Carolina.
ArchivePublic Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9407060
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TranscriptDear Brother and Sister
I am well at present and Expects these few lines will
find you and the Rest of your family in the saim [ same?] Dear Brother your
letter Dated August 23-1819 I Re January 1820 I was happy to hear of you
All being well at that time-- your friends are All well at present hear [ here?]
___ I have Nothing verry [very?] particular at present to Communicate to you
at present this Contry [Country?] is verry [very?] Dull at presant [present?]
on account of Scarcity of money Occasioned by Sloping of trade
which is a General Complaint through all the three Kingdoms and I may with
safely say throu [through?] all the Known World----Only South Carolina wher
[where?] you Dwell____you have reason to be thankful you live in the land of
Canan [Canaan?] flowing with milk and Honey____and a great plentings [ plenty?]
of money _____Which I think you /you have Every Reason to be thank [ thankful
? ] that the wise Conducter guides you to Such a Contry [ Country?] but
when people gets in the way of prosperity they are apt to forget the wise
Conducter of all our affairs in this world ____but I hope thus is not the
case with you _____you mention of having a second plantation and a House
Built on it______Dear Brother I hope you hive [ have?] or will have a house
prepaired [ prepared?] for your self that you may have pleasure in thrue
[ through ?] All Eternity ____I hope you will Excuse me for speaking so free
but as the subject is so verry [very ?] interesting and the Unly [Only?]
Object we oght [ ought?] to strive for I Cannot help to Remark to you____
you wish me to let you know whither Ever I will be in America or not _____
I must inform you I have quit all thoughts of ever seeing it ____Neaver
[ never ] the less I must Acknowledge Ireland is by no means to be
compaired [ compared? ] to America I must be content to lay my Boans [bones?]
with my Ansestors [ Ancestors? ] as I hive [ have? ] No famly [ family? ]
at present ___how long I will be in that way I cannot tell you mention of
me not writing I think I have been verry [ very? ] particular in sending
you Letters You mention Mrs Whitetorne not writing with her ___I Neaver
[ never ] knew she was Going or left the Contry [ Country? ] to [ till?]
you let me know ____ nor doe [ do? ] I ever Remember seeing her since I
come [ came? ] but once or twise [twice? ] shortly after I did come Home
Dear Brother John Barnet is verry [ very? ] much Redused [ reduced? ] in
the world he has been soald [sold? ] out twist [ twice? ] this two or three
years for Rent ___the Cancer that was in his Lip is Quit [ Quite? ] whole
which is a merical [ miracle? ] to every person those [ who has? ] saw him
though Gods Providence Ought to be no Mericals [ miracles? ] to us Nathan
Cherry and wife and daughter is still living in Loment and Doeis [ Does? ]
as well as they Cann [ can? ] _ Robert Barnet wife and 3 or 4 children is
living in Crindel [ Crindle? ] She is a verry [ very? ] Industrious woman
and Doeing [ doing? ] tolerable well ___Dear Samuel I have Nothing else to
inform you of but now must comence [ commence? ] to let you know how I
am coming on and what improvements I have made since I come home ____ I
have built a neat set of office Houses in 1813 and last year I built a neat
dwelling house I am not moved into it yet I expect to be in it in the fawl
[fall?] I am getting the work of it done at present the [they?] are
all Breek [ brick? ]and sleated [ slated? ] Iintend to send you a plan of
aand how they are sited which I hope will be pleasing to you to think what
improvements I have made at Burnally since I come home ___ I believe I let
you in my last know (and) what Robert Neely had done with the Low quarter
of Burnally that he lived on he neglected his buisness [ business? ]and
did not Labour his land and Got Involved in Debt and Drank it out and was
obliged to sell it he intends going out to America this Season I am sure I
know not what he intends doeing [ doing? ] there Joseph Scott of Ballymeeran
Bought it at 700 and fifty pounds he had verry [ very? ] littel [ little? ]
to lift when soald [ sold? ] to call his own his mother is Living in part
of the house hur [ her? ] Life and Litter to Liv [ Live? ] on George Neely
Lived in his Unkil [ uncle? ] Williams House and farm he got Considerable
in Debt betwixt [ between? ] 4 and 5 Hundred pounds in Debt he Left this last
November privilly and went to Newyork [ New York? ] and intends remaining in
America to [ till? ] the farm clears its self ___ the Land is now Let his
wife and four children as a supart [ support? ] off it and in the Coarce
[ Course? ] of Seven or eight years it will clear its self what him or
Robert will Doe [ do? ] in America Iam sure I know Not Since George Neely
went to Newyork [ New York? ] he wrot [ wrote? ] me to send him Directions
to Direct to you and [ probil? ] How to travel to you ____I did not nor will
not for nither [ neither? ] William,George nor Robert Neely would anny [ any? ]
credit to you and less off it by having them in your house or near to your
place as for your Sister Bell she Retuns you hur [ her? ] cinsir [ sincere? ]
thanks for the verry [ very? ] kind and friendly proposils [ proposals? ] you
made hur [ her? ] and family She would go with the greatest of pleasure So
would the whole of hur [ her? ] family but I will neaver [ never? ]advise
hur [ her? ] or them to that hur [ her? ] husband is a man not calculated
for that Contry [ country? ] he is too much attatched [ attached? ] to drink
which has been verry [ very? ] hurtful to his family So you must with out
anny [ any? ] doubt think it would be a Crime of mine to advise @ family
with such a head over them to go to America Your Sister Hannah and family
is well she has too [ two? ] yong [ young? ] men Sonis [ sons? ]and wan
[ one? ] daughter Nancy married one of hur [ her? ]Sons John talks of Going
to America and intends Going to see you I will advise him to it ____but I
am doubtful wither [ wether? ] Ever he will or not as his mother is too
fond of hur [ her? ] childrin [ children? ]____Your Sister Rebecca is still
living hur [ her? ] Daughter Nancy and hur [ her? ] [-------] [----]
Granddaughter keeps a little shop for their Support and is doing as well as
can be expected ____Dear Brother and Sister I must Conclude my long letter
with Requesting to be Remember me in the kindest manner to Henry and Joseph_
Betsy and her husband and Benjamin Hopes he is Improving in Ideas knowledge and
learning is the sinceir desire of your Affectionate Brother
Bery Neely
Burnally May 2/5th 1820