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Title: John Neill, Kentucky to Samuel Neill, Co. Down
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileNeill, John/130
SenderNeill, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationworks for a store owner
Sender ReligionPresbyterian
OriginLouisville, Kentucky, USA
DestinationCo. Down, N.Ireland
RecipientNeill, Samuel
Recipient Gendermale
SourceDonated by Hilary Murphy, 45 Ava Avenue, Belfast BT7 3BP
ArchiveCentre for Migration Studies
Doc. No.611003
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Doc. TypeEMG
Word Count850
Transcript[Page 1]

Louisville, Ky.[Kentucky?] July 4th 1839
Dear Parents [faded],
We received your favours of the 10th of April on the
19th of June And as it is now upwards of two years since I left
Belfast and more than one since I wrote to you. I shall therefore give
you a short detail of my transactions. I was one year with Mr
Adams at Pittsburgh for which I recd [received?] 144 dollars boarding
and washing, And we parted in good friendship although he wished
me to stop on with him. And on the 24th August the river was
low and I went on board a Keelboat bound for Louisville for
which I recd [received?] 75 cents per day and found having a passage
of 6 weeks. And on my arrival I found that at Mr McCrums request
Henry had wrote for me to come to Louisville where I landed on
the 17th of October and on the 8th I went up to Mr McCrums and
agreed to stop for the same salary that he was giving Henry and
that I would go whenever I had a mind And in five months after I
gave notice that I did not intend to stop more than a month. And
being requested to stop on, they advanced my salary to $20
dollars per month board and washing. And at the close of H hENTYS
year he agreed to stop another year for $300 dollars. His
employment is principally in the store and mine is both out and

When at Mr Adams I joined the unionist Church in Allegheny
which is a body of covenantors & seceedars [seceders?] joined of
which the Revd Dr Pressly is Pastor.

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And in Louisville there is a number of
Churches of different denominations and some in which great
architecture is displayed. Henry and I [have joined?] the first
Presbyterian of which the Revd Dr [stained] is pastor.

On the 15th of June I had an introduction to the Revd Thomas
Martin and on the 16th had the pleasure of hearing him preach he
lives in the upper part of Virginia about 70 miles from Pittsburgh
he is not a placed Minister but teaches Classical scholars in an
he was also telling me that Mr Reid’s Son sailed from belfast for
orleans [New Orleans?] about the time you mentioned in your letter.
I had a letter from Cousin Cubbage on the 25 of June which stated
that they were all well and we heard from Isabella Ringland, and James
Dickson which [sic] is married to a young girl that lived in Mr
[Yatses?] and living in Pittsburgh there is but few of our countrymen
here in comparison to Pittsburgh. There is some of our neighbours
here which you will recollect that is Dr Raverty two of the
Fergusons of Ballynafarin [Ballynafern?] two Davisons from the Course.
There is two of Crommies from Dromore all Doing well, likewise a
young Mr Saul from Dromore lately.

And in answer to your letter about a man settling on a farm
I think the state of Missouri or Illinois would be the best as far as
I can learn the land being much better than in many parts of the
other states unimproved land can be bought for one Dollar and
quarter per Acre and land with moderate improvements can be
had for about five Dollars per Acre.

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In your letter to me while at Pitts [Pittsburgh?] you expressed a
desire to know how dealing was carried on in the parts which I
was acquainted with. It is much like Liverpool or large Citys
[cities?] in the old country there is no fairs here but market days,
and horses and cows is sold by Auction if not by private sale
some time ago Mr McCrums Brotherinlaw bought two little
Irish pigs a he and a she for two hundred Dollars which came by
way of Orleans [New Orleans?] to Mr Bell and there was English
Cows came here for which Mr Bell said there was two thousand
Dollars offered in Orleans for a bull and a cow.

You speak of Young Friday being a very fine colt such as he is
sells very heigh [high?] in this country both in sale [and?] otherwise
where there is a good pedigree.

And as regards the climate it appears to agree verry [very?] well
with us as we both enjoy the verry [very?] best of health for
which we have great reason to be thankfull [thankful?]

As I have not been one day sick since I landed in the United
States. And hoping these few lines may find you and all my old
friends and neighbours in the full enjoyment of the same
Blessing. You speak of some [yackes?] that passed since we left
Ireland. I therefore wish you to mention some of them in your
next letter. This is a day which is kept up in this country which
you know as well as I can tell you it being the 4th of July. Please
write soon on receipt of this Once more Dear Father Farewell
John Neill