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Title: Matthew Neill, Kentucky to Samuel Neill, Co. Down
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileNeill, Matthew/19
SenderNeill, Matthew
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginLouisville, Kentucky, USA
DestinationCo. Down, N.Ireland
RecipientNeill, Samuel
Recipient Gendermale
SourceDonated by Hilary Murphy, 45 Ava Avenue, Belfast BT7 3BP
ArchiveCentre for Migration Studies
Doc. No.611010
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Doc. TypeEMG
Word Count1179
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Louisville 21st Dec 1842

My Dear Perants [Parents?], Sisters and Brothers

Soon after Brother James arrived in
this City, I wrote a letter which I directed to Sister M. in said letter
I said a little to you all, and requested you all to write to me. And
as none of you wrote to me except Brother D. [David?], and as he
appears to be displeased with me, I fear you all are, as he had no
more reason to be offended than any of you. In this letter I intend
if possible to merit the good will and esteem of you all if being
candid will do so;

When Brother James came to Louisville his prospects appeared to
be bad, and no chance of him getting work at his trade. He said
to H. [Henry?] and I that he would have to turn his hand to
something that his money was almost exhausted. Remarking that
he got £2 on leaving home, and that Father was afraid to trust it to
him But gave it to David to hand to him in Liverpool and said to
us if father knew D. [David?] as well as he did he would not put
so much confidence in him. Now David although I do agree with
Jas [James?] in his remarks, I never had any idea but that you gave
him the amt. [amount?] Father requested you to give.

And with respect to your remark about [Ben Waladon ?] I can only
say there is more than her in your country of the same disposition
that is to appear to be a friend so long as she will be benefited by
it and them the worst enemy in the world. And B. is just proving
that now in the remark about A. McDowell toward me, David
John don’t think I now write in a pointed manner. But [now?] to
Ireland and all such friends.

Dear Perants [parents?] As H & I saw that James prospects were
bad in this city we considered it our duty to assist him and we
gave him $25 each out of which he bought a suit of clothes
which he required and the Balance he had in his Pocket together
with some 12 or 15 Dollars that he got from the McCrumms for
one months

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services and on his leaving here Brother H & I
recommended him to get married if possible and I presume you
are aware he has done so. Kind Parents I have had no letters from
Ireland since David wrote if you wrote to John at the same time.
the letter has been misplaced for he never got it, In August or
Sept. Henry and I wrote you which letter I trust you have received,
if not he informed you that He was about to start for Iowa and that
I remained in my old situation for another year at a Salary of 225
Dollars Boarding and washing Paid for by my employer, And after
H [Henry?] return from Iowa He and I wrote to you on the 1st of
Nov, informing you that 16 days before his arrival in Iowa Brother
James got married to a Miss Hare a native of the County
Monaghan Ireland, she had a farm of 240 Acres of good land with
considerable improvements which James now holds and a wife
that can give him instructions how to cultivate it and that suits him
for he knew little about farming.

You were also informed that H. [Henry?] got married to a Miss
S C. Clark she is a niece to Brother John’s wife, he Brought her to
Louisville and they Board in [To-?] McCrum, The will leave here
in the Spring for Burlington where H intends to commence
buisness [business?], My Brothers (although I was better on
leaving Ireland than any of them) have all done much better than
me, they have provided themselves in Homes and wives each,
(Jas. [James?] Home is better than his Brothers) and I am [-----?]
of both, Parents don’t you think it is time I would do something.
Now Sisters I know you want a full description of your sisters in
law but you cant expect me to describe when I have not seen. H
[Henry?] wife is small, round faced, red cheeked tolerable
good figure 14 years of age, writes a good letter and is well
educated, all the courting was done by writing. He got acquainted
with her during his first visit to Burlington and then wrote to her
on friendship, so it turned into love.

There are none of the tedious formalities of courtship
carried on in this country that is with you so you

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need not be surprised at Brothers getting married so soon.

You will think it strange that H {Henry?] wife great Grandfather
is alive and quite a stout man and it frequently occurs in this
western county that folks get married so young that the great
great Grand Parents are at the wedding of their offspring.

When you write tell me if the Purses have got married yet, I am
afraid they would have a bad chance in this country and tell me all
the news you can anything from you will be interesting to me. I
would recommend none of you to come to this country for none of
you suits it you would be depending more on what little you
would bring with you than on your own exertions here.

I wrote to Brother Jas [James?] on the 15th of Nov. congratulating
him on his marriage and desired him to write to me soon saying
that I intended to write to you and if he had anything to say to you
that I could mention it in this letter, his [answer?]. I have not yet red
[received?] and I cannot delay longer as I want to send this letter
by the Steam Ship that leaves Boston for Liverpool on the 1st of
Jany [January?] and you will have it about the 18th or 20th and
I want you to write to me by the Steamer that will leave Liverpool
on the 4th of Feby [February?]. They leave L. [Liverpool?] on the 4
and 19 and Boston on the 1 and 15 and in directing your letter write
on it, By Steamship to Boston via Liverpool and Direct it to me care
of Mr Thos [Thomas?] Haynes.

I would tell you a great many little thing
that you would like to know but they would look so foolish. I will
tell you one Thing when I last wrote to you I expected to be married
before either James or H. [Henry?] but it is all over now, Father and
Mother will think I write a very foolish letter. But my next letter
which I will write after H leaves for Burlington will be a more sensible
one, Hoping this may find you all well as it leaves me and all friends
here and wishing you a happy New Year Dear Parents Sisters and
Yours affectionately