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Title: Samuel & Ann Nimks, U.S.A, to the Anderson Family, N.Ireland
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileNimicks, Samuel and Ann/3
SenderNimicks, Samuel and Ann
Sender Gendermale-female
Sender Occupationfarmers
Sender Religionunknown
OriginEden, New York, USA
DestinationCo. Derry, N.Ireland
RecipientAnderson, William
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 1895/22: Presented by Dr J.T.Anderson, 16 Ashley Gardens, Banbridge, Co. Down.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N.Ireland.
Doc. No.9604007
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TranscriptEden February 4th -61 [1861?]

Dear William, You will think that I have forgotten you
but you will be the last nearly that I will forget. I still
yet remember your last look and grip on leaving at
Townhill there has manny [many?] things transpired and
manny [many?] has gone to their long home Since that time
and we are the Spared Monuments of gods mercys [mercies?]
and oh that we may be the speaking [minisesses?] of his
grase [grace?]. In this leaves us in a tolerable state of health
at present my health sinse [since?] the warm weather was over has been
as good as a man of my years Could expect but Ann's is more
Changeable Matilda and her Cousans [Cousins?] is all very
well and they wish to be remembered to all their friends it
is only about two months since I wrote to Andrew Barr and I
allowed him to let you have a reading of it and therefore I
cannot give you much more than what you seen in his Letter
but I will try to fill the Sheet as well as I Can and in the
first place this has been a fine winter we have had very
little Cold Weather this winter and we expect the worst of
it is over in the next place this is the dullest winter in
this plas [place?] that has been for a long time Mechanics
[mechanics?] are all Lying upon their oars about this plase
[place?] there is tradesmen of all kinds Coming on here every
day and and (sic) offering to work for their Boarding I have
reason to be thankfull [thanfful?] that I still get a Share of
work we have to do a great deal of our work for trade this year
past I have given sinse [since?] May 120 dollars worth of [furniture?]
and never [recovered?] Monney [money?] you will be ready to ask what
I got in return for that well then I got lumber I got my groserys
[groceries?] I got my boat my wood to burn and my Beef and my
Pork and other things but there is a great many articles that
I require for which I must pay in Cash and Cash is very hard to
be got and I fear that the worst is to Come we are exhausting
every means now that the war is commensed [commenced?] in the
South there is five of the States that have seceded from the Union
the Southern or Shareholding States are all in an uproar on account
of the Election of the President as he is a Republican in
principals and is expected to use all the means in power
to Stop the Spread of Slavery now for this is the main
reason for the stagnation of trade at present in our Country
and god only knows what will be the result for if the [they?] go
into war it will be a very [unnatural?] war in manny [many?]
Cases it will be the father against the Son and Brother
against his Brother and each one believing that the [they?] are
Carrying out the true Spirit or meaning of the Constitution
of America. I remember often to hear my Father Say that if
I would live to the 1866 that I would see a great dale [deal?] of
Bloodshed in the three Kingdoms of Ireland England and
[Scotland?] but he thought America would be free as she never
persecuted any but I must tell you that America did
persecute and that is the very reason that they will not
allow the Magistrate any power over religion but give free
toleration to all kinds of religion while the [they?] do not
interfere with the pease [peace?] of the nation there is Some people
in this plase [place?] that is very much Concerned at the Signs of
the times Eden and Sparta has always been sinse [since?] the [they?]
became to be a place a Citty [City?] of refuge for the poor Negro and
as it is the nearest refuge after the escape from Missuria [Missouri?]
the [Missurians?] look upon us as great enemies to them therefore
they threaten vengense [vengeance?] against this plase [place?] but
still I am not so much Concerned as we have the right Cause by the end
Besides the North have the far greatest numbers of White men
and I know that the [they?] may cause a great dale [deal?] of Bloodshed but
the [they?] are only making a rope to hang themselves with for this
is just the only [effectual?] [Specilay?] way of Setting the
Coloured population at liberty and at the present time the [they?]
are beginning to disagree among themselves but Still I think
that all the Muster that the Southern States are making is
to try to fear the North or Free States into a Compromise
with them and it is now a great question of the day whether
it would be better to make a Compromise or proclaim a
National war all Sound Staunch Republicans are Calling
aloud No Surrender and I think auld [old?] Abe Lynkin
[Abraham?] [Lincoln?] will Carry out as far as is in his power the
institution as he believes it and in so dowing [doing?] he will put
a Stop to the Spread of Slavery in the Teretory's [Territories?]
or New States that are Coming in to the Union
and Now I shall Say no more in [on?] this Subject untill [until?]
after the 4th of March when the President is inaugurated and
then I may give you my mind in as little as far I know (sic) I am still living in the same house my rent for the house 30
Dollars per year and is Cheap but the Lady from whom we hire
it do not wish (sic) to part with us and therefore she alowes
[allows?] it to us Cheper [cheaper?] than She would any other
this year I Laid in 10 dollars of Coal and about 8 Dollars wood
and then it takes two Dollars Worth of [fat?] [for?] to make what
Candles we burn in the winter that make up 50 Dollars per year of
their pay 5 Dollars of [Shipends?] besides [Colestans?] for different
purposes for it is a great plase [place?] of [Colestons?] and then
again I have a tax to pay So that you will See that there is Some
expenses and then my Shop but I do not have to pay much as
yet but I Cannot expect that it will Still be Continued
without a reasonable rent John Hendry's [Son?] of the Cool
Came out here and Bought a farm not a Mile from us he is to
come out in the month of March he give us strange news he
told us of your Sister Hannah and likewise of John Wilson.
John Wilson lives to where he was living I think that
Mr. Wilson will find himself out of his element in which you
may Let James Anderson know that his son Robert is well and
he is Learning the Saddler trade in this town I am begining [beginning?]
to feel my Self Somewhat at home when we are begining [beginning?]
to get Some of my old acquaintances to Converse with now and again
Let ould [old?] friend Hugh know that his daughter Caled [called?] with
us on her way to Sparta She told us that she was sending a
little present to Father I have not seen David for some time
as he is removed to another part of the Country he has made a
purchase of Land and I hope he will have better success
than he has hithertoo [hitherto?] had for I still think him an honest
industrious man but he has had his Share of difficulty Since
he came out here our Wheat crop looks well so far and if it
please god send us a good Crop it will revive business but
this plase [place?] is got to be overstored with tradesmen.
I would like to know if you kept that week of [Consort?]
of prey and if there was any visable [visible?] results accrued
from your meetings as you have had extraordinary things in
that Country we kept the whole week but I have not seen anny [any?]
visable [visible?] marks of the revivals you have had When you write
Let us know how [beent?] Joseph [Hern?] is, how Mary Ann
Walase [Wallace?] is and how Samuel Pollocks Children and give our
verry [very?] best respects to them write soon and give us
all the general news of the ould [old?] country Now Sir we
all three wish to be remembered to all our ould [old?]
friends and neighbours in general but Brothers and Sisters
in particular and it is often the prayer of your humble
Servant that god would Bless your Basket and your [home?]
your soul, boddy [body?] and spirit
Yours Ann S Nimks