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Title: Samuel & Ann Nimicks, Eden, U.S.A., to the Anderson Family, Co.Derry, Ireland.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileNimicks, Samuel and Ann/16
SenderNimicks, Samuel and Ann
Sender Gendermale-female
Sender Occupationfarmers
Sender Religionunknown
OriginEden, New York, USA
DestinationCo. Derry, N.Ireland
RecipientAnderson, William and Joseph
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD1859/23: Presented by Dr J.T. Anderson, Banbridge, Co.Down.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9501397
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count1628
TranscriptEden June the 5th 1861

Brothers and Sisters
Dear William we received your letter on the 1st of June which we were
glad to see and that you were all well with the exception of sister
Elizabeth but you say that she is now resane So this leaves us in a
tolerable state of health but I have been troubled with a pain in
my left side for some time and it do [does?] not appear to leave me
besides of feel [feeling?] my bodily strenth fast declining Anns health
is very changeable but she has been able to do her own washing for
some time past and it takes a great dale [deal?] of washing and
scrubbing in this place if you ask me how she spends her time of
answer She buys Waolen [Woollen?] yarn and knits socks to the
[stare?] and gets goods in barter for them for monny [money?] is
left this plase [place?] Sinse [since?] the secession [recession?]
has took plase [place?] besides She does a good dale [deal?] of
sewing to Matilda for Matilda makes all the clothing that is mony
[money?] in the house exsepting [excepting?] a [abess?] Coat by a time
that may buy besides Matilda has to wash and mend always to the hired
hands and let me tell you that farmers wifes [wives?] has a buisy
[busy?] time here in general for female are scarse [scarce?] and
hard to pay and here I let you know that Matildas health is tolerable
[tolerably?] good and Sihemuse [Sheamus?] her husbands and little
James is a verry [very?] promising child and outwardly all things are
prospering with them and I can say that the [they?] are well
respected by their neighbours of [may?] next Let you know that
the homes here are verry [very?] dull I am doing little and
when I do anything there is no menory [money?] except papa [paper?]
menny [money?] and that is of no account for we are not sure of a
Bank one day so that [mexarid?] buisness [business?] is quits flat
and Little doing [doing?] but the sound of war is every day in our
ears armys [armies?] are [Wistering?] for battle in many parts of
America there was 90 [pisers?] volunteered their servise [service?]
to the union from this Casably and the [they?] are volunteering
yet Gideon Carson among the rest the [they?] left Sparla on the
Sabath [Sabbath?] evening the 19th of May the [they?] are about
35 miles from this the [they?] there [baising?] for servise [service?]
the [they?] have Volunteered for three years if needed I care now
to take a revior at your letter and in the first place I thought that
I never wrote a letter without mentioning sister Jane in particular
and beg to the excuse and I am verry [very?] sorry that sister is
besome [become?] burthensome especaly [especially?] to you Brother
Josep [Joseph?] for I am aneys [an eye?] witness of her being verry [very?]
usefull [useful?] to you as a servant at all seasons especialy
[especially?] seedtime and harvest and to use the oats plerase
[please?] at Black Castment in the next plase [place?] when you
mention the obligation that Joseph was under to keep game the
remark struck me as Nathans mesage [message?] did David that I
was [geully?] but I need not tell you that I never had the means
So you mak [make?] a remark in your letter that eash [each?] of us
had as mush [much?] as anny [any?] of our maried [married?] sisters
had well [we will?] fir of [far of?] believe that when we sent
John Raboits [Rabbitte?] to America that had me paye [pay?] allone
[alone?] [defils?] we had not much more but we had the farm and
I need not tell you what I got for the farm but you know all about
it I know that I left Hugh Mans [MacManus?] ten pounds unpaid
which I think I only gave him 1-10 00 when I left Ireland but I
gave brother Joseph the Mare my part of the Sadle [saddle?] the large
Break and share of the plough al [all?] for 5-00 00 which left
about 5œ of the stock due with one pound ten shillings for inbust of
[howre?] only to say that I was like Esna [Edna?] I parted with my
birthright to cheap which if I had to do non [now?] I would not
kos [because?] Iv [if?] I do not wish you to understand that
envy Joseph of his farm no I am not one of these men that reflects
afterwards what I have done i wish Joseph and family every prosperity
and it will add to my joy to hear if his prosperity is that same farm
And let me tell you brother Joseph had you been as carefull [careful?]
the first two or three years as I had to bee [be?] you could have
aid yourself at all your debts Court as I undrestand that God has
blessed you with prosperity beyond what you get yourself had exprested
[expressed?] when you and I parted I think it is too ungratefull
[ungrateful?] to treat sister so coldly fir [for?] brother
it makes me feel verry [very?] much when I look at my self in
nearly the same situation as sister I may be in a short time unfit
to provide for myself and [Corsart?] and you may say I have but
mothey [mostly?] a strange man of which we can blaim [blame?]
friendship I thought a year ago when I had nearly all my assourts
[assorts?] in this plase [place?] Settled up that I could have set
something across the Atlantic but my hope is entirely blasted and
and I cannot tell what may be the Consequences I cannot say that
I want either food or rariment as yet but I can say that I want
monney [money?] badly there is little to do and for what is done
there is nothing but paper and that is of no use I shall close up
this part of the letter by saying as soon as times changes I shall
indeaveur [endeavour?] to send sister a few dollars Ann and Matilda
would have sent with Eliza Nimicks a present had the [they?]
been on friendly terms with us but a night or two before she went
up to John Henebrys as the court some friendship with Johns mother
and there the [they?] let fly all the artillery of Handen the cout
[court?] against us but all that I have to say is the [they?] can
hurt no persons carreslon in this plase [place?], which is no credit
for me to say it is likely that cousin Mary Jane has heard her
Brothers Samuel death it was caused by a [fall?] of [off?] his hoars
[horse?] on the [their?] own and it mortified about 5 weeks ago
he dead
You may next tell of the figments with [-----?] we [---?] wanted
with in this plase [place?] this year there is what is called of
where it to be the same as it shapen of in the 2 Chapter of the
soel [sole?] it is called the patmen worn my great army where ever
the [they?] go the [they?] leave a barren wase [waste?] [beking?]
the meadow the oats and the garden corn. the [they?] are not just
so bad on the [--heat?] if it be well that there is manny [many?]
farmers ploughing up the ground planting corn if it be a moderate
fall it will do but at annyrate [any rate?] it will make feed for
cattle you will like to know feel [conserrmy?] the man I am not
much afraid of men in this plase [place?] while Missuria [Missouri?]
is generally in [vmon caulmere?] Missouria [Missouri?] to turn over
and the South have it in power we would be in danger for Sharla and
Eden have been the first [cillys?] of refuge to the Hare [belmet?]
Missoarea [Missouri?] and Cannada [Canada?] but we looking every
news [newspaper?] for wor [work?] in many parts of this nation
my opinion is that if no other foreign assist the north that the
war will not be long but I believe as long as it lasts it will
a bloody war if you see John Carson you may let him now that I
will write to him in a few days Robert Anderson posted a letter
to his father a week ago and John Henebry sent one with Eliza
Nimicks the farmers wheat crop took well this seasin
[season?] if not hurt by the worm ego and butter is cheap now
an amount of the man the egs [eggs?] is as sorr [soar?] as
5 cents per dozen and butter 7 and 8 cents per [?] I now with
Ann Matilda and Corsirt send our best respects to you all sisters
and brothers and to sister Jane in Particular and I woul [would?]
say to sister Jane as the angel said to hagar [sulemit?] yourself
to your [missbuss?] [nilerever?] that may be and may the god of
all grase [grace?] bless each and every one of you is the prayer
of yours Ann and Samuel Nimicks

So in your letter you wish to be [epsuired?] and may here make
the Same remark for I am Subject to make mistakes
I sent you some paper about a month ago or mor [more?] to
have sent you more but I think you are in the habit of getting
the news as live as I can me [asert?] the daily news but the
[unreadable] verry [very?] often contradict eashother [each other?]
there is so much [exei?] tennent up that you cannot believe even
the one half that is in them