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Title: Pauline O'Brien, Spokane, U.S.A To Her Cousin Thomas, Ireland
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileO'Brien, Pauline/3
SenderO'Brien, Pauline
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OriginSpokane, Washington, USA
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT.1876/3: Presented by Mrs P.Magee, Enniskillen.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
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Spokane - Wash, [Washington State?]
May 15- 1933

Dear cousin Thomas

I was so pleased to receive your letter and have heard of you
and Carroll very often as my Father and Mother often spoke of your Mother and always with the greatest affection.
Am delighted that you are interested in a subject that has always been so dear to me and I had intended to have the family history written, but the sorrow of the last seven years caused it to be put aside. It may take a long time to gather all needed information but it is well worth it and I have already written to John Green - San Francisco for data. have bother on many points.

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In going over my fathers diary of 1873 I find the following information in his own handwriting relative to his brother and sister
born died
James Aug 3 1836 May 29 1903
Michael Oct 1 1837
Charles March 1 1839 Killed in U.S war
John April 16 1841
William 1843 died when a child
Bella Feb 1 1845 June 26 1909
William April 7 1847 Aug 15- 1925
Patrick March 8 1849
Thomas Died when a child

My father was the youngest of those who lived to maturity.
Are you not mistaken? Was not Sarah O'Brien married to Michael O'Brien? And Tully O'Brien to Mary? Was Tully Sarah's father or Michaels father?
Uncle James of Montreal had many family pictures, one of which I copied for my father.
It was a egrase [sic] Tombstone with an urn on top. The inscription ie re. follows—

In memory of very dear parents
Tully O'Brien of Aughnagar,
Who departed this life
April 26- 1854 aged 88 years,
and Mary his beloved wife
who departed this life
Sept. 8 1852 aged 70 years.

I do not know where they were buried, but the O'Briens of Montreal have been in Ireland and perhaps they know. Am sure cousin Willie has the picture.
Sister Mary Harris of San Francisco a sister of Mercy - was one of the
band of 12 holy women, headed by Mother Russell of Ireland (Lord Russells sister) who answered the call of Pope Leo X111 that the sisters of Mercy should go to California. they went around the horn and endured severe hardships. Both were wonderful women, Mother Harris is my brothers god-mother he was born in her hospital in San Francisco - She was always
talking about the family and this is what she wrote me,
The O'Briens are descended from the King of Munster, the famous Brian Barhu [Boru?]- Our immediate ancestor was Morgan O'Brien, a native of Dublin, those wife was a Lady Bridget O'Reilly an heiress and only child. Their oldest son Morgan, was captain of the Militia and fought against England, Orders by the King were that he was to be hanged - headed [beheaded?] and quartered.
Being defeated and pursued, he managed, after using several horses, thru [through?] the marshes, to reach O'Neills place in Tyrone, where he remained in security and opulence, due to the generosity of O'Neill, for the remainder of his days. - While there he married a Miss McMahon a distinguished lady of the neighbourhood. Their family consisted of five sons and one daughter. The eldest son Michael was educated in France
for the priesthood. Owing to the penal laws he was compelled to remain there for ten years after his ordination, on his return he was more a Frenchman than an Irishman, and had used a French cook and gardener. - The other boys were [Toaml?] Arthur, Frank, James; their sisters name was Margaret. [Toaml?] had two sons priests, Charles and Michael; his
daughter Sarah, your grandmother, was married to a Mr. O'Brien of Fermanagh, a very tall, fine looking man, and well worthy of being your grandfather.
Margaret your great grand-aunt, married a Mr Kelly, brother to the
Archbishop; one of her sons was also a priest, and Pastor of Dungannon. He was a fine preacher even now, I remember his eloquent sermon on the kindness of our Lord in returning to the Widow of Nairn her only son.
(written in 1902 by Mother Harris)
------------------------for P.O'B.
Mother Harris always said my sister Estell was exactly like beautiful and holy Lady Carroll & I was just like my grandmother Sarah O'Brien, my father said the same, It will all have to be traced back. Who were the Vaughans, Father used to send them money as they were our people. I know nothing about the Spanish Tradition Have you the family coat of arms? I will send you one if you have not - Let me hear what you have found out-
Pauline O'Brien

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