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Title: Edward Hanlon, Nebraska City, to Edward J. Hanlon, U.S.A.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileO'Hanlon, Edward/28(2)
SenderO'Hanlon, Edward
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender ReligionCatholic
OriginNebraska City, Nebraska, USA
DestinationPittsburgh, Penn., USA
RecipientHanlon, Edward J.
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD885/23: Presented by Mrs M. Leathem, Co. Antrim, Ireland
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9505010
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptTo: Edward [Hanlon, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania?]

From: Nebraska City
Aug 15th / 75 [1875?]

Dear Nephew Edward
I received your
favour of July 31 in due Course
and am glad to find that you
and sisters & my friends are all
well as it finds me and family
at present thank God for his
mercies to us it was a surprise to
me hear that you had been that
lenth [length?] of time in Pittsburgh without
hearing from you or them although
I received the last letter from your
dear Sister Mary which I would of [sis?] answered
at the first convenience was
it not for sickness in my family as
every child in the house took the
lung fever and some of them turned
into typhoyd [typhoid?] type and was not
wholy [wholly?] recovered for seven or Eight weeks
in the mean time and the children
at worst Mrs Hanlon was confined
of a Son which left my hands full
of doctoring and nursing immediately
after recovering and going one week to
school the [they?] caught the hooping [whooping?] cough
& mumps which went from the
oldest to the youngest a few weeks
old their lungs being in a weak
State from fever set hard on them
that did not Excuse Mary in not writing
as she knew my address & it would
seem that it was no trouble for her
to write & letters gave me a deal of
satisfaction Kate I requested to write
but I have not heard from her if the [they?]
write to their Cousan [Cousin?] Rosanna or
Kate directed to my care the [they?] will
answear [answer?] them Dear Edward I am glad
you are near your Sisters & I hope
and trust that Your deportment &
conduct will be such that the [they?] can
look at you as a model and
protector I think strange that Brother Mick
does not write me a few lines but I
can not blieve [believe?] that it is want of affection
I know he is not a good writer he is like
myself and I know the trouble it now
gives myself you speak of the famine
thank God as we yet in this section have
not suffered for want Early last fall the
grasshopper destroyed Everything in the
countys [counties?] west of us & caused much suffering
the [they?] came so late to our section that the [they?]
done then only a partial damage the last
two Seasons being dry with with [sic] the
Locust Combined cause short crops still
we had anough [enough?] and a little to spare
and the [they?] just came in time last fall
to deposit their Eggs through this section
and the winter being of a long cold Even
temperature Caused the Eggs to mature
I never saw in any Country a better prospect for a large
or better Crop than was this spring
but after the Pest Began to hatch our
prospects was all Blasted as the [they?] did not
leave a green thing in the best of the Country
visited in this section which varied
in width from fifteen to twenty five miles
wide and one hundred long the Countys [Counties?] west
of us that the injured last fall the [they?] did
not Hurt as the [they?] did not deposit their Eggs
of being located in the belt visited this spring I lost
Every thing wheat Barley Corn oats fruit &
and young fruit trees & old ones injured
with all garden vegetables I Planted corn
60 acres there differant [different?] times
the last time after the
grasshoppers left which was from the 1st to 10
of July with Buck wheat Millet Hungary
Grass turnips and other seeds which would
be likely to mature after that time and if frost
should keep off a month later than usual
which it sometimes does here I can see my way
through all right there is now some of my corn
11 feet high now my loss this season was at
least Eleven Hundred dollers [dollars?] I regret the worst
as I intended to take advantage of the
low fare during the Centineal [Centennial?] next summer
and visit your Plce & I may yet five
my love to Brother & family also Father & Sally and accept
Same yourself & sisters
Your affectionate Uncle Edward Hanlon

I send you two Nebraska papers

P S I ought of [sic] said something of my youngest Child as he
was not born when last heard from his Name is Michael Bernard
write soon