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Title: Henry O'Loane, Charleston, SC, to Marg. McAuley, Randalstown
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileO'Loane, Henry/94
SenderO'Loane, Henry
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCharleston, S. Carolina, USA
DestinationRandalstown, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientMcAuley, Margaret
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceD3561/A/26: Papers of Prof E.E.R. Green, Deposited by Dr. P.R. Green
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N.Ireland
Doc. No.9901028
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptEnvelope Address:
Miss Margaret June McAuley


Charlestown S. Car. [South Carolina?] 24th November 1828.
My dear Niece
I am just put in possession of
your esteemable letter by Wm [William?] Black covering your
kind present of a watch-chain which I shall wear
in remembrance of you with the Blackthorn cane
all of which shall be dear recollections of your
affections & esteem / if such tokens were necessary I think
but my dear Margaret you always shall live in
my remembrance should I never have the pleasure
of seeing you, which I hope I shall one day or other
I think not very distant. I had flattered myself of
the pleasure of visiting my Native Country in company
with my friend W [William?] Black but damned Fortune in her
frolicks has more than once deceived me & for me
to make any certain calculating is in vain, therefore
on Hope I place my Anchor, fond soothing
Hope that always administers comfort to the life of
[------?] and unfortunates.
The tenor of your letter with the
account received from Wm black of your Mothers
health,to me is very distressing, perhaps ere this
her mortal remains are moulding with our Mothers
earth; god forbid; but if so my beloved orphan
I trust that the moral, religious, chaste & virtuous
precepts inculcated by her will be a monitor for
your conduct through life. Recalling the distressing
situation you & your sister are placed in, without
Father or Mother two unprotected females, with
a brother whose tender mind is not yet formed
nor capable of directing the proper course for
himself to [-------?], left to the guidance of
strangers who have but one object in mind,
to direct his mind to the attention of business &
their financial concerns which if not faithfully
discharged will be his ruin forever, his mind
too weak for reflection, his companions probably
more thoughtless than himself, without a friend
to advise, or a friend to admonish. Such is the
precipice that he runs on, and a thousand
to one that he is unintentionally lost, if his own
better judgement does not deliver otherwise,
but this must be all a dream; your Mother
yet lives, sparing the worst; I trust in god she
will live to see you all capable or placed
in situations where the [-----?] of the vitiated
and [d---ing?] cannot reach you.
When this reaches you should my own
be anticipated by the dissolution of your tender
Mother, it is my wish that you & Catherine
place yourselves under the protection of your
Uncle Lawrence. You no doubt have many
friends in Randalstown & the little property that
you may have there might induce you
to choose it for a place of residence, but it is
not a suitable one for you without a protector. I do
not know what arrangements you may have made
in getting one or whether you have yet formed
a thought on the subject, but without a husband
I should not be satisfied for you to remain in
Randalstown You must place yourself under the
protection of your Uncle O'Loane in whom I am sure
you will find a Father, protector & friend.
I am much pleased with the
character Wm Black gives of you
and Catherine it reflects much
credit on you & a source of the greatest consolation
to me. I shall write you again in a few weeks,
& after the receipt of this I shall expect to hear
from you once every Month. Mr & Mrs Black
arrived here a few days back in good health,
they had a fair passage from L-pool [Liverpool?] of
[37?] days Mrs B. was indisposed part of the time
by Sea sickness. Please present my kind
respects to Sarah Henderson & the Miss Allens
and assure them of the pleasure it affords
me of being remembered by them, say to
Catherine she must also write me, you have
many opportunities of sending your letters with
Wm Mc Cluny of Belfast who will forward them
to me, may god bless you both.
Your sincere Uncle

Henry O'Loane

direct your letters in future to me
Charleston. South Carolina where I now reside