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Title: William Parke, Petersburg to Mary Parke, Ireland.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileParke, William/31
SenderParke, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationshop owner
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPetersburg, Virginia, USA
RecipientParke, Mary
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceT 1648/16: Copied by Permission of Miss M. Parke, 9 Bridge Street, Banbridge, Co. Down.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9403185
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count796
TranscriptSept 29th 60 [1860?]

My own dearest I got your [scrap?] of the
13th yesterday very glad to learn you had
gotten over the cold & that all were so well
sons teething is a matter of course & we could
not expect him to get them all without a little
indisposition, I dare say he has got on with
as little sickness as most children, glad
to hear of his proficiency under his gr pas [grandpas?]
instruction I dare say reading the papers is
not his only accomplishment. I have not
any thing new since my last of Thursday
except that I bought a small [lounge?] of a different
shape from the old one in good order almost
new for $5.38 about half what it is worth
there are auction sales every week
I go look at the things before the sale
if I like any of them I tell the auctioneer
to buy for me in case they sell under
a certain price in this way I expect
to get enough at my own price before
you get here & if you should not like
any of them it will be very easy to get
rid of them at a profit, there was a nice
bureau yesterday I told him to buy me under
13$ but it brought 15$ I got a double paper
from Alex with yours, by the time this
reaches you he will be a settled old man
I presume give my best wishes to him [?]
has Tilly made up her mind yet to cross
the herring pond & try our American air
for a while? if she have not I really
think she ought. I have great faith
in its being of use to her & we will
give her lots of [mush?], [hoe?] & [ash?] cake
she & her nephew can run wild in the
woods & make the most of our fine days
in Winter I think we might give her
a sleigh ride too, it is not unlikely
we will have enough snow for that purpose
I enclose my measure dearest taken by
myself it might not do for a wedding
suit but will be a guide to get a
fit in ready made clothes, I also give
you the name of a comfortable hotel I
mean to try next time in N.Y. [New York?] near [Barnums?]
museum & the city Hall, it was lately
"Earls Hotell [Hotel?]" but now "Powells" I believe
$1.50 per diem.

I do not now recollect dear whether I wrote
last week in August or early [in?] Sept
but I think I did & I hope you did not wait in vain
as I wrote to know how much money I should send you
unless I hear from you next week I will not be able
to send you an answer that would reach you in October
you will know by the time you get this when to look for an
answer to your letter so that if you should have arranged to
leave by any vessel I dare say you could borrow what money you
require and I will make the check draft payable
to Robert order as he will be able to get it cashed without
I am very glad to hear the harvest has
turned out so well from the accounts
we had two weeks since I feared it
would be very bad & speculators
went almost crazy in running up
the price of breadstuffs, but under
the late favourable accounts they
have got back to the old price
which is reasonable, the weather
has been growing cooler for some days
& is now almost cool enough for a fire
morning & evening, the Thermometer is
at 66 degrees tonight but it may be 10 degrees
warmer tomorrow as it was last week
tho' [though?] we may have an early winter
I don't think we are done with
all our fine weather, indeed the
weather is delightful now neither
too hot or too cold & the days &
nights bright & dry I wish you
Tilly & son were here to enjoy it
but I dare say you would rather have the gloomy there
well there is no knowing how soon we
may all go back there to stay I will
not say how soon it might be, but
very soon if you do not get good heat
as without it there would be no enjoyment
& I am not so fond of money as to put it
in the balance, with Gods blessing
we can make a living in either country,
I am counting the days now untill [until?] the
time I expect you love, remember me
affectionately to all & believe in the
devoted affection of your loving husband.