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Title: James Parker, Oppenhurn, U.S.A. to Samuel Hall, U.S.A.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileParker, James/78
SenderParker, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer?
Sender Religionunknown
OriginOppenhurn, USA
RecipientHall, Samuel
Recipient Gendermale
SourceCopyright retained by Eleanor Hallfreese, 12 Brighton Street, Rochester, New York 14607, U.S.A.
ArchiveThe Ulster American Folk Park, Omagh.
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Word Count493
TranscriptOppenhurn 9th March 1818
Dear Cousin
Yours of the 12th July last I recd. [received?]
on the 27th I postponed the answer expecting dayly [daily?] to
hear of your Father and famely's [family's?] arrival on the land
of liberty on my reciving [receiving?] some intiligence
[intelligence?] otherwise from some of my friends from that
devoted house of bondage poor Ireland often anxiously waiting
for more than four Months my hopes were frustated for I received no
acct. [account?] either by letter or otherwise About the first
of October last my wife was taken ill by the effects of a large
swelling which had been growing for nearly 5 years on her right
thigh it had made such in roads on her constitution that there
was no remedy for her relief about the first of Debr.
[December?] it broke open and continued to discharge a sort of
blood and watery fluid for about 16 weeks when another place broke open
which continued to discharge a sort of blood and water for a few
days till the evening 18th ult. when it terminated her useful
life leaving me a disconsolate old man now in my 65 year and
four of her children yet unmarried to bewail their [unreparable?]
loss of a dear indulgent parent. I had two Doctors to see if
neither of their prescriptions could check the growing malady
during her long illness she niver [never?] was confined to her
bed till the day she died - - -
My son in law and wife & family moved off from this
neighbourhood on 29th of Jany [January?] last to the state of
Ohio a distance of about [2000?] miles he exchanged his farm
for 500 Acres of wild land we have not received any acct.
[account?] of their arrival as yet but are in daily expectations
of a Letter - My eldest son intends going to the Ohio country
about the first of May to purchas [purchase?] a place and be
ready to move on the ensuing Winter. I have got 200 Acres would
willing sell (sic) at a reduced price to go along with my children my
second son was maried [married?] last July my youngest is 16 years
old he has a halt in his walk occassioned [occasioned?] by by (sic)
by a fiver [fever?] sore which cost me $100 for doctoring or for
destroying his foot. I would be much obliged to you if you would
write me as soon as convenient let me know what news you have from
Ireland and what deterred your Father from comeng [coming?] to America
and what is the most promient [prominent?] news from friends on
that side of the Atlantic.
My children sends their love to you Mrs Hall and favour
by & believe me Dr [Dear?] Cousin your Affectionate
Mr Saml [Samuel?] Hall Jas [James?] Parker

P.S. I hope you will excuse my diction being as little
composed that I cannot indite or write legiable [legible?] –