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Title: John Parks, Harmony hill to John Caldwell, New York
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileParks, John/34
SenderParks, John and Flora
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationbusinessman
Sender Religionunknown
OriginDublin, Ireland
DestinationNew York, USA
RecipientCaldwell, John Jr
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipfriends, business
SourceT 3541/2/3: Deposited by R.V. T. Edie
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9309354
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Doc. TypeEMG
LogAction By Date Document added by C. R., 30:09:1993
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TranscriptLetter addresses to "John Caldwell, Junr. [Junior?]
Care of Messrs John & Joseph Stevenson
MARKED "John Parks 11 Aug [August?] 1799"


also "Harmony Hill 11 Aug [August?]
1799 Jn [John?] Parks
rec'd [received?] 11th Octo. [October?]"

And on the address side: "Rec'd [received?] Dublin 15th August
1799 & forwarded to Ship Joseph
Cap't [Captain?] Ropes for N York
[New York?]
by Mr. J. Wilson"

Harmony hill 11th August 1799.
My Dr [Dear?] John
I wrote you [?] Packet under date 4th & 5th Inst, to which I refer. I shall
only say we rec'd [received?] yrs. [yours?] of the 12th 13th 14th & 15th June,
& my ever Dear Mary's of the 15th -Aunt Ball rec'd [received?] Anne Caldwell's
same date. In my last I mentioned all friends well, this continued but for a
short time, for your Grandmother after a few minutes of IMMEDIATE Illness
departed yesterday (Saturday 10th) without any Appearance of Pain. Flora was
sent for, & tho' [although?] she used every expedition was too late.-her
dissolution took pace [place?] at W. Dinsmore's, poor Matty is as everything to
her- She is to be interred privately tomorrow morning -
Save this event, nothing since my last has changed, farming matters going on
vigorously - & Carry got forwards - but for it, everything is easy to us -
Plenty of turf cut, some stacked, & the rest nearly ready - No offers for the
Green- brown Linen cloth getting still cheaper & cheaper- John Orr has given
Security to go for Life to America -
I scarcely need again say that your Father, sailed from Larne 7th of July on
the Prosperity, Joughan, with a roomy Ship, no crowd, & fine accomodations
[accommodations?] in every respect - The Marshalls have not come to us. I have
got the Manchester Mortgage reconveyed- Yr [your?] money not yet got from Boyd,
but proceedings going on, & hope to get it soon - Oats will be thin this year &
dreadfully late- Potatoes late- for news I refer you to mine above mentioned
Andrew's & Flora's Ever my Dr [dear?] friend Yrs
[yours?] with warmest Love to all
John Parks
My little James is growing a glorious fellow & will make an excellent American
Citizen. I am procuring all the documents in my power to Identify myself in
America as Son to Andrew Parks late Saptain [Captain?] in the ( I believe
Pennsylvania) Line, during the Revolutionary War
Continuation in another handwriting:

Green 11 August 1799
My Dear John- girls - etc.
Since the news of your arrival came -which was yesterday three weeks I have
experienced something nearer to happiness than I had felt for fourteen Months
before- we had not an expectation of hearing so soon & the surprisse
[surprise?] still added to the satisfaction. Mary's letter & Anne's to my
Aunt, came a fortnight after- tho [although?] not of a later date- but my Dear
Mary' descriptions was indeed very very pleasing- How fortunate you were all
in Health - & I was not sorry todhear [to hear?] that you had been sick at
first- as it is wholesome. John says you areeall [are all?] improved in
looks- which indeed I would expect- being so much free from the state of
anxiety you had suffered- I am sure you will be thankful to find that our good
Grandmother is released from all the suffering of this World- She Died
yesterday morning at Mr. Dinsmore's after having been just a fortnight there-
she grew extremely weak towards the last- but got off very easily without
seeming to suffer any pain- her recollection seemed to be totally gone for
some weeks past - both Matty and her husband treated her with the greatest
tenderness while they had her- but if wh t [what?] has happened had been
foreseen she need not have been removed from [( sycone)? ?]
My Aunt and John and Andy & I stayed at Dinsmours all night and as my head is
confused with sitting up I am affrraid [afraid?] my letter must be rather
unconnected but you will excuse it- my Aunt is going to return this evening
again- the funeral will be tomorrow morning- Uncle Jack was greatly affected -
but he is thankful too.- he has now nothing to prevent his going to America-
but I dont think he would have energy enough to get his affairs so settled as
that he could go- he still continues ar [at?] High [Hugh?] Orr's- & still
speaks of getting a place of his own- but its [it is?] hard to tell when he may
accomplish it.
My Dearest Father has been this day five weeks at sea - when you receive this I
hope and trust that you will all be happy together- & that he will be fine and
Healthy after his voyage- Oh but that I but heard of his arrival and of your
happy meeting- It is pleasant to hear of Richard's doing so well - I flatter
myself long ere this you have had the Comfort of seeing him- & perhaps John
Richard - What an unspeakable blessing our dear brother John as [is?] to you
all and to many others- there are certainly very few to equal him- I would
fain flatter myself that you girls will have greater advantages where you are
than you could have had here at the best of times- I think your minds which are
really comprehensive will bemuch [be much?] improved by all you have seen and
met with- and my Dear Mary and Catherine your cesation [cessation?] from your
former occupation will certainly make you appear to greater advantage- John
thought even while you were in Belfast you appeared Different Creatures- many
in particular he was quite in love with- I wonder what about my Dear Margaret
and Elizabeth- the latter I would fain hope is behaving well-I beg you will
give me a true account of her- and I will anticipate a pleasing one- and I long
to know about your situation in all respects- indeed I wont be satisfied if
you are not very very minute- if there is any thing you want to confide to
myself alone- that you wont want to meet tno [no?] enes [eyes?] eye- put it
in a cover unconnected with the other part of yre [your?] letter- and just
enclose it- you might know how interesting to me the slightest particular
would be- and your situation and comforts- is now one of my principal objects
tell me if any of you got any sweet Hearts- equal to the despairing lovers
you have left behind - poor John s---- thas [has?] been very ill- but is
better. Does Margaret draw any?and si [see?] her performance in repute?- If
it is possible Andy will write to Rose from Dinsmours where he is now- but as
the letter must go by this night post to be ready for the Joseph I rather fear
he wont accomplish it - and uncle Jack's situation will prevent him- How is
Rose situated- I suppose you know all about her- my Aunt being at Dinsmours
will prevent her writing to the girls, which she would do but for that- her
blessing & mine to them. My Aunt is wonderfully well in health- and spirits
too- none of the Marshalls came yet- I am sometimes at Bushbank but not so
much as they wish on account of having my Aunt - Poor Mr(s?) Hamilton is
declining greatly- she [the?] poor woman is in low spirits- my Darling Child
stays with them- and is delightful company- Andy has wrote- I have no more
news of any kind- everybody almost remain just as you left them- it was only
today we heard of the ship going so as to send our letters by tonights post-
lest I should be late- I must bid adieu
God forever bless you all
(Flora Parks)