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Title: Maggie Black, Chicago, USA, to Annie Hall, [Loughgall?], Co Armagh.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBlack, Maggie/57
SenderBlack, Maggie (n. Hall)
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationhousewife
Sender Religionunknown
OriginChicago, Illinois, USA
DestinationLoughgall, Co. Armagh, N.Ireland
RecipientHall, Annie
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceD2041/13: Purchased from J.A. Gamble Esq., 44 Taunton Ave., Belfast 15.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9403032
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count1230
TranscriptTo: Annie Hall,
Eden Cottage,
Loughall [Loughgall?],
County Armagh,

From: Maggie Black (nee Hall),
342 Winchester Avenue,
September 25 1890

342 Winchester Av [Avenue?]
25th Sept [September?] 90 [1890?]

My dear Annie
As you have given me three letters
in succession I must write you this week but
I'm afraid I shall have to make it short as
I find I have only half an hour before
mailing Well we were very glad to find by
your letter that you were all well and
evidently doing well. Your last letter was
sAatifactory as it contained more matter so
Mr Walker went off without you really that
is too bad after all these years of devotion
on your part I would advise you to pull
his hair for him next time he returns
Tom had a letter from George this week he
seems to have enjoyed his trip very much &
feels better, I had a "courier" from Mrs T
Wilson & Mrs Warnock has got a young son. I
also had a News Letter from Alice & Lytle
one from Dada so we are well done for. we do
enjoy reading the home news so much now. The
folk here have a queer idea of the "Irish"
but I think that is because so many of the
ignorant low-class Romanists come from the
"Green Isle". I was paying some visits
yesterday & the lady, a solicitor's wife
Mrs Gault told me she thinks there must be
two distinct races of people in Ireland as
to judge from some of the specimens she has
seen & heard of compared with us & some
other Irish folk she has met. I tried to
vindicate my Fatherland by showing her how
much things were exaggerated & poor "Paddy"
got credit for more than he was guilty of.
I did not convince her however There is a
good deal of bitter feeling here too
against Romanists & they seem to be strong
body here as elsewhere. We are to have
another social to-morrow evening in
connexion [connection?] with the Ladies
Missionary Society & the Ladies prayer
meeting is to-morrow afternoon. I did my
sweeping & cleaning this morning to get out
to both to-morrow if spared & so left
myself very little time to write with only
ourselves to attend to you would wonder how
it keeps me moving. when I wash iron bake &
clean the house it takes up a deal of time
& one must be constantly cleaning &
dusting here & the folk are very particular
as regards cleanliness both of the house &
person I had two students in to see about
rooms this week but they did not decide. I
am in hope every week of some taking the
front rooms you know it is heavy to pay $22
1/2 dollars per month for rent & $9 dollars
a month we pay on the balance of the
furniture so there is not much over when
that amount is taken out of it and I feel
as if I were doing nothing towards
housekeeping when I don't have anything
coming in from the rooms. If we are not able
to let them we shall try & find a cheaper
house even if it should not be so
comfortable or respectable still I hope we
shall be able to let them think anything of
shifting here. Lytle is getting on very well
& is making a good trade for himself & seems
so hopeful but he & I want if can to save
something & not be using every dollar that
comes in. somehow rent seems to swallow up
everything & its no wonder people try &
build as soon as they can. since I came here
I have often thought if any one who has
money enough to invest in lots as they call
them were to come here & do so it would
treble itself in a short time that is the
way so many here have amassed large fortunes
in a short time The city is growing so
Arapidly that ground is invaluable it is more
reasonable in price but grows in value as
the city extends the half hour is up so I'm
afraid you will have to wait until the next
mailing day __
The girls are at school every day & like
it. Tom is working away he bought a pair of
boots for himself on Monday evg [evening?]
at $2 the first paid out of his own
earnings. Edna got a pair the week before at
$1. 75cents the boots we had with us wore
very badly __ gents hats are very expensive
two dollars & a dollar seventy five is the
regular price for hats that would cost 3/6
or 3/- in old country.
the people are beginning to prepare for
winter now getting their stoves in order &
their stocks of coal &c &c They have
gasoline stoves which they use in summer &
scarcely light the coal stoves at all some
stow them away in the basement until the
change of the season __ these are now being
taken up & put up for winter use, of course
we have only the one kind as we could not
buy every necessary in the one year. during
the hot weather I allowed it to go out
after every meal you see it heats the house
so you not bear it in summer except washing
or ironing days __ the very poorest seem to
have so many conveniences beside they would
have in old country nearly everything is to
be had on time and is therefore within reach
of any one earning money. you will even get
your clothes that way jewelry
[jewellery?] sewing machines furniture &
everything you require Almost. so many
dollars deposit & so many weekly or monthly
until balance is paid __ lots & houses can
be purchased in the same way __ so you had
better come & try your luck with that legacy
of yours!!
I was glad to hear that Harriette is
getting along well & also Cindie & her kids
I am sure they are not pleased with me for
not writing I have not written the
Co[w?]anaghan or Cookstown folk yet either
I'm sure they are mad with me. I think
Margaret is getting along very well before
now you will have got her ring I am sure
"friendship ring" that kind is called here.
she bought Edna one nearly the same for her
birthday she is to be round this evg
[evening?] to see us. i have not added to my
stock of jewelry [jewellery?] yet I have
just spent 25 cents on myself since I came
that was for a pair of blk [black?] silk
mitts to wear during the hot weather as I
could not wear gloves on account of
pespiration [perspiration?] __
Now I have given you a long yarn after
all but have been too late for post
I hope Dada & Mamma will take a trip to
Dublin, it will do them good to get a change
of air I suppose next season it will be
Chicago I hope so at any rate.
My cold is better & we are all in first
class health & not bad spirits either
considering everything.
With our united love to all I am dear Nancy
your fond sister

Remember me to Martha & tell her I am glad
she is better I suppose she misses old
Henry now!!