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Title: Israel Pemberton, Philadelphia, to the Delaware Indians
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FilePemberton, Israel/8
SenderPemberton, Israel
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationlinen trader
Sender ReligionQuaker
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
RecipientDelaware Indians
Recipient Genderunknown
RelationshipMr. Pemberton invites the Indians to conver to the
SourceD 1044/918: From the Correspondence of the Greer family of Dungannon, County Tyrone, a Quaker Family. Deposited by the Late U. McG. Greer
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N.Ireland
Doc. No.9909161
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Transcript"8th July 1773

To Netanattnalentan and the rest of the Head Men of the
Delaware Indians of Kekailammapaikung; and to John Papunehang
and the rest of the Indian Brethren at Welhick Thuppeck,
and all other Indians living beyond the Ohio, to whom these
may come.
Your Friends the People call'd [called?] Quakers in
Pennsylvania & New Jersey often remember you with desires for
your Welfare and Happiness and that the old Friendship which
was made between your Fathers and Ours, may still be
maintained, & may ever continue between your &
our Children & Grandchildren from one Generation to
another, then it will always be pleasing to us to hear from
and to see one another.
The several Messages receiv'd [received?] from you by
our Brothers Kilbuck, & Joseph Pepys last year & the year
before, made deep Impressions on the Minds of such as were
present, when they were deliver'd [delivered?], & have often
excited our Thoughts of them. We in our Answers informed you,
we were in hopes the Love of God, through our Lord and Saviour
Jesus Christ would engage & constrain some of the
Ministers of the Gospels to visit you, and until such should
be sent amongst you, we desired you to attend diligently to
the Instruction of the Spirit of Christ within you, by which
you may come to know your Duty to God and one unto another.
We are all of us unable rightly to obtain this saving
Knowledge by our own Wisdom & Strength, we should
therefore humbly & diligently wait for the Spirit of
Christ to enlighten our Minds, and to give us the right
Understanding, by which we may see, that in a State of Nature
we are weak & blind & miserable, and can never
come to a State of true Happiness without a Saviour &
if we receive this Understanding with thankful Hearts &
sincerely Desire the Help of Christ our Saviour, He will by
the renewed Working of his good Spirit instruct us more
& more.
The Ministers of Christ, who are really led by his Spirit
and faithfully attend to his Instructions may be useful, &
a great Help to others by informing them, what they
have tasted & felt of his Love, and when they speak
from the Constraints of that Love are often instrumental to
raise the feeling Sense of it in those to whom they speak, but
all they can do or should desire to do is to bring Men to
Christ, that they may know & feel him for themselves,
as he is graciously manifesting himself by his Spirit within
them, for that which is to be known of God, is manifested
within, & without this knowledge, no outward
performance of any kind, will work out their Salvation and
bring them from a State of Nature to a State of Grace, wherein
they may witness Salvation thro' [through?] the Blood of
Christ, wch. was shed for the Redemption of all Men.
We fervently desire you may come truly to know &
experience this, every one of you, in and for yourselves, for
no man can do this work for his Brother nor for his nearest
We write this to you, by our beloved Friend Zebulon
Heston, whose Mind being influenced with the Love of Christ
and constrained thereby, engages him to go and visit you,
being desirous tho' [though?] an old Man to see you before he
dies, and to express something of the Goodness of God, which
he hath known to preserve him from his Youth to this Day. He
hath aproved [approved?] himself faithful Minister of Christ,
both in Work & Doctrine & in Life and Conversation, and We
hope you will receive him as our true Friend & Brother.
As the Journey is long, he is accompanied by our Friend
and Brother John Parish, whose Love to you is so great, that
he is willing likewise to go and see you. We sincerely desire
& pray that they may be instrumental to do you good,
& that you may shew forth to them, that first Mark of
the Disciples of Christ, which is true Love, one to another.
Your desire of having some religious Instructors for
your Children we very heartily approve, and as you have been
before informed, whenever we can find any rightly qualified,
& willing to undertake the service, we intend to assist
& encourage them.
The letter from John Papunehang & his Brethren at
Welhick Thuppeck was lately sent to some of us by
John [--ivein?], and it is very pleasing to us to hear of your
Prosperity & Settlement there, the Increase of which
we sincerely desire.
In much brotherly Love we salute you & are your
Friends & Brethren.
Sign'd [Signed?] at a Meeting of Friends appointed to represent
our Friends in Pennsylvania & New Jersey, held at
Philadelphia this 8th Day of the 7th Month 1773.
Israel Pemberton and many other Friends.

Kekailammapaikung 28th: 7th Month 1773
After a meeting held for Divine Worship, Capt
Whiteyes spoke as follows. The foregoing Epistle having been
read & interpreted to them.
"We are glad and rejoice in our Hearts, to see our
Brothers the Quakers speaking before us, and what you have
said, we believe to be right & we heartily join in
with it.
Since our Saviour came a Light into the World, there has
been a great stir amongst the People about Religion, some are
for one way & some are for another; we have had offers
of Religion many times, but would not accept of it, till we
see our Brothers the Quakers, and hear what they would say
unto us, & now you have come & opened the Road,
we have heard what you said, and we feel the Grace that was in
your Hearts conveyed to us.
We think that as we two Brothers, the Quakers and
Delawares were brought up together, as the Children of one
Man, it is our Saviour's Will, we should be of one Religion.
Now you have come & open'd [opened?] the Road, we expect to
see the Way from Town to Town, quite over to the great King
(meaning the King of Great Britain etc) over the Water, then
our King will know that the Quakers and Delaware are as one
Man & make one Religion.
We are poor & weak, and not able to judge for
ourselves; and when we think of our poor Children it makes us
sorry. We hope you will instruct us in the right way both in
things of this Life, as well as the World to come. Now what
we have said, we hope to be strengthen'd [strengthened?] to
They then delivered the Bell.