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Title: John Pemberton, USA, to Thomas Greer, Dungannon, Co.Tyrone.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FilePemberton, John/5
SenderPemberton, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender ReligionQuaker
DestinationDungannon, Co. Tyrone
RecipientGreer, Thomas
Recipient Gendermale
RelationshipMr. Pemberton asks for Mr. Greer's
SourceD 1044/314: Deposited by the Late Captain U. McG. Greer.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9612189
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Thomas Greer

p [per?] Capt [Captain?] Cooper

S H I P [Postal Arrival Mark undated?]

1771 [14 Dec 1771?]

Dear Friends Philadelphia 12th mo 14th 1771
[14 December 1771?]
I acknowledged myself much in thy debt
for the token of thy Remembrance, and Cordial Love,
manifested by thy Letter received some years past, which
I have had often revived in my mind, but have been discouraged
from acknowledging it from a sence [sense?] of my own defection, & how
much I have fallen short, of the attainment, I might have
experienced, had Christian Boldness, & faithfulness at all
times been practised, when some sense of Duty appeared, it
hath given me much satisfaction to hear of thy Prosperity,
& encreas'd [increased?] in Divine Wisdom, & Strength, & wish
no Worldly entanglement, nor any other Occurrence may
intervene to impede thy further advancement in the Christian
I was now induced to write to sollicit [solicit?] thy
kindness, an account of one of our Poor fellow creatures,
unjustly detained in Bondage - is a Black man, or negro,
that once lived with one James McCalmon in Newry, & in the
year 1752 or 1753, being then about 17 or 18 years of age
was for some offence, as he says tryed [tried?] at Court,
& condemned for transportation, & was put on board a vessel
bound to Maryland, whereof Morris Rankin was Mr [Master?]
where on his arrival he was sold as a slave the negro says,
his master & mistress gave strict orders to the Capt. by no
means to sell him as a slave, but only for the term of years
(7) for which he was transported. he expresses much regard
for his master - who is, we hear, Dead. The Negro having
served abt [about?] [17?] years is very uneasy, & has
applied for some assistance to obtain Justice, that it's
likely his case will be brought to Tryal [trial?]. He has
a letter signed by the name of James Pake, of Newry, dated
in the 6th month last year - expressing much compassion
for the negro. & says it was far from the intention of
his father in Law (James McCalmon?) to have him sold as
a slave & promises any assistance in his Power towards
his relief. The negro says he was brot. [brought?] from
Guinea when very young in a vessel belonging to Liverpool,
Capt. [captain?] Clay Mr [master?], was carried first to
Jamaica, & there the negroes eventually sold, he was
reserved by the Capt. [captain?] & taken to Liverpool,
where he lived some time with this Capt. [captain?]
Clay, & who was prevailed upon by this McCalmon
(or McCormon?) to let him have him, who took him
to Newry, now what is requested of thee, is, to search
the Records of the court get what testimony from thence,
& otherways thou canst, for the relief of the poor
man, for if it can be made appear that he passed thro'
[through?] a tryel [trial?] & was Condemned for
transportation, he may be released - as I expect
endeavour will be used to keep him in Bondage I
request thou would be expeditious in this matter--
Capt. [captain?] Rankin is gone, or going for Ireland,
who will no Doubt endeavour to prevent his Character
suffering for such an iniquitous a procedure. Our Dear
frd [friend?] I?] Neale put this business last spring
upon Samuel Morton, & it was expected he had wrote to
thee & we looked for a reply, but found lately
he had not done anything therein - if no sudden
appo [approach?] present from Newry, send from Dublin
or any other port for we shall not begrudge an expence
[expense?] to relieve the Oppressed, what expence
[expense?] attends when I know, shall be willing to
defray. I expect my Brot. [brother?] Israel is writing
thee on this Subject, and he may be more particular,
but what proofs thou can obtain, either from the
Records of the court or private Persons be properly
attested. Our Dear frd [friend?] [I?]. Neale is on
his return from New Engd [New England?] was well
the last acct [account?] I had. Our Dr [doctor?]
frd [friend?] Joss Osley is in this province &
nearly gone thro' [through?] his visit also well
the visits of both truly acceptable -
My Dear Love attends thee & thine, & enquiring
friends & remain
thy truly affectionate Friend
John Pemberton
The negro went in Ireland by the
name of Jack Richardson alias John Richardson

From Israel John
Pemberton concerning
the Negro in Prison