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Title: David Pollock, Greensburg, to David McClorg, Co Londonderry
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FilePollock, David/10
SenderPollock, David
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginGreensburg, Penn., USA
DestinationTemplemoyle, Co. Derry, N.Ireland
RecipientMcClorg, David
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 1227/3a: Photocopied by Courtesy of Mr A MacLurg. #TYPE EMG David Pollock, 18 Dec 1794, Greensburg, to David and Ann McClorg and Family, [Templemoyle, Co. Londonderry?].
ArchivePublic Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.8909189
Partial Date
Doc. TypeEMG
Log06:10:1989 LT created 28:08:1990 CD input 28:08:19
Word Count521
Transcriptby me William
McClorg of Templemoyle
Dear brother I would inform you by these that I hear
from your friends lately and that the [they?] were all well
your Aunt is verry [very?] frail I have only been there once
She was Exceedingly Glad to see me John Lives on
Land of your Cousin Jamses [James?] and I understand is
verry [very?] industress [industrious?] he has had great Loss for [?]
by the death of horses which is verry [very?] General in this
Country for some time past, I myself lost [one?] [or?] [two?]
I had been Offered twenty five pounds your aunt & mary and her sons Lives
Nigh [near?] to John Mark is Married
Last summer your Cousin James is Tolerably welthy [wealthy]
This is the principle Information I Can give you
Respecting them, your loveing [loving?] and affectionate brother
David Pollock
Greensburgh December the 18, 1794.
Loving and Affectionate [Affectionate?] Sister
In Compliance with your Request I would Inform you that
Our Little family at preasent [present?] is two sons John & Henry
Both Promising Children the youngest is twelve months old
God in his providance [Providence?] has been Kind to us Since we are
Joined together in blessing us in our Relation to Each other and
afording [affording?] to us a suficient [sufficient?] support though
unworthy and unthankful [?] [?] [?] with your concern for our welfare May
God of his Infinite Mercy be Gracious to you and your Connections I
Desire to be remembet [remebered?] in the Most tender manner to my Aged
Parent if yet alive to brothers and sisters and all inquireing [inquiring?]
all from your Loveing [Loving?] Brother
David Pollock
To Ann McClorg
Dear Nephew
I Received your letter of the [?] of May
Informing me of your Design of Coming to this Country
and Desiring my advice therein. I Cannot warrant your
sucksess [success?] in this undertaking but Can say this much
for your Encoragement [encouragement] that this is a great Country
[for a?] young man who Can believe [most?] [sincerely?]
and is Inclined to Industry your Trade is not of much
Account here but there is business anuff [enough?] for such a stout
young man I Aprehend [Apprehend?] would make better out at farming
if you Come Loose [lose?] no time in Coming out to this part
of the Country where I live I know of No better place
In this Country for a young man to Get in business
Enquire for Greensburgh in [?] [County?]
[?] if in Life you may Expect to [send?] [me?] your sucksess [success?]
under the blessing of God [?] [?] [?] your own Good Conduct and
acording [according?] to this you will be Asteemed [Esteemed?] with me
and In general [in?] [this?] [country?] I mention this by way of Caution
for your advantage you Can Refresh your self with me untill [until?]
you find what is best for you to Doe [do?] if I Can be of any service to
you it will Not be wanting your Afectionate [Affectionate?] Uncle
David Pollock
To Joseph McClorg Templemoyle
Greensburgh the 18 December 1794
N.B. Perhaps your Uncle Robert may Venture along
with you