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Title: James Pollock, New York to Lord Downshire, Hillsborough.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FilePollock, James/18
SenderPollock, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNew York, USA
DestinationHillsborough, Co. Down, N.Ireland
RecipientLord Downshire (Marquis of Downshire)
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 607/F/137: Deposited by the Marques of Downshire.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9602020
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TranscriptMy Lord

I took the liberty to enclose you a Newspaper
containing a fine and animated address to the American people
on the subject of the differences existing between the United
States and the French Regicides. If I dare state my opinion to
your Lordship (but hope you'l [you will?] pardon me as I do, for
the love I bear to my King & Country) I would recommend its
being published in the Irish & English papers - as also to be
disseminated throughout the Country in a cheap Pamphlet. It
would I hope open the eyes of the deluded & turn to good
account the wavering and weak minded.
Party has seen very high here, and it has made multitudes
converted to the support of the President and the Federal
Constitution. A large sum has been voted by Congress for
equiping [equipping?] the three New Frigates for sea - and
for Fortifying all the maritime Towns - since the arrival of
the Commissioners Dispatches to the President, which he has
commissioned to Congress.
The strength of Government is rapidly increasing, & the
People are now almost unanimous in repelling the views of these
Parts of the World. The merchantmen are arriving as fast as
War with these damned infidels seems unavoidable.
I beg pardon My Lord for trespassing on your time - but
one's intention is good - and your Lordship I am sure will
forgive me.
I remain My Lord with my warmest wishes for yourself.
Happiness, & the restoration of peace and good order to my
Your Lordships

Most obed. [obedient?] Devoted & very Hon. [Honourable?]
Serv [Servant?]
James Pollock.

New York 12th April 1798.

A Treaty offensive & Defensive
with Great Britain has been the
subject of conversation this day at
the coffee houses.

Marquis of Downshire.