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Title: Andrew Porter, New York to Robert Porter, Co. Down, Ireland
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FilePorter, Andrew/24
SenderPorter, Andrew
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarm labourer
Sender ReligionProb. Protestant
OriginCortwright, New York, USA
DestinationNewry, Co. Down, N.Ireland
RecipientPorter, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 1152/3/12: Presented by Mr Charles Best, Co. Armagh
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9503246
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptTo: [Robert Porter, Desert, County Down?]

Kortright October 1 1856

Dear brother
I take this feavourable [favourable?]
opertunity [opportunity?] of adressing [addressing?] you a few
lines in answer to your letter of the 21
of July which I received in 23 days
after and I hope you will excuse
me for not answering it sooner
but as I was so busy I never could
answer it as it took me a month
to cut the hay and other crops
to see to after that so that
Jane and me dos [does?] all ourselves
so that if you wer [were?] to see how
hard we work you would not
wonder what suckess [success?] we made
in so short a time but if the
Lord in his mercy spers [spares?] us
health as he has don [done?] since we came
hear [here?] but we will stop
to we have somthing [something?] worth while
now I hope this will find you
all enjoying as good healt [health?] and
contentment as it leaves us in at
preasent [present?] thank God for so great
a blessing as he hath bestowed
upon us now you say that you
want me to send you word how
you would send me the price of a
shoot of close [suit of clothes?] but as for that
I have as good a shoot [suit?] as Mr
McCalistes but if you chose to
send me some money I will
receive it with thankfullness [thankfulness?]
as you now [know?] how to send
it and as for that I went to
Delhi bank to enquire about
it and the [they?] tell me that if you
would send a bill the same
as you sent to William that
the the [they?] thought it would be all the
same or to get a bill on any
princaple [principle?] bank there and the the the[y?]
could take it and sell it to
some of the new york banks
Thomas Creag [Craig?]requests you to let
his friends know that the the [they?] are all
well and robert has got maried [vessels?]
the old Couple was hear [here?] making
us a visit the other day and we
had sam and marthew [Mathew?] [Martha?] Creag
[Craig?] and Robert Hear [Here?] on the 4
of July so that you may tell
Williams ones that robt [Robert?] is well
my mother wants to now about uncle
Andy and Aunt Bell as for them
the [they?] are both well and uncle is
left margrets [Margaret's?] with a fawl [fall?] out
we hear that he is hired in
nancys mans at 50 sents [cents?] a day
and he is also out of the elder ship
on acount [account?] of the way that the the [they?]
are geting [getting?] along and the nabours [neighbours?]
all says that it is a pity of
poor old mister McNeilly
and to tell you the truth i
ame [am?] ashamed of them my self
we ask to be remembered ot our
frends [friends?] in mullaglass [Mullaghglass?] and as we
hear the the[y?] have got uncle Thomas
Crummy [Cromie?] there for minister Jane
wants Maty [Mary?] Ann to remember
her to him I wrote to William
at the time I sent you the last
and has got no answer yet
and as for Joseph I want you
to ask him what is the reason
he never sent me a letter
when you rite [write?] let me now [know?]
all the pertuclers [particulars?] you can
no more at preasant [present?] but
remains as ever your afectionate [affectionate?]
bother [brother?] A: Porter