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Title: Wm. Porter, Illinois, U.S.A. to his Family, Co.Down, Ireland.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FilePorter, William/7
SenderPorter, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender ReligionPresbyterian
OriginChebanse, Illinois, N.Ireland
DestinationCo. Armagh? N.Ireland
RecipientPorter, Robert L.
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 1152/3/17: Presented by Mr. Charles Best, Mullaghglass, Bessbrook, Co.Armagh.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9612184
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TranscriptP.S. I will send you a paper with this that will let
you see how markets is here I sent you one some time
ago let me know if Ardarragh is best to send your
letters to I hope they [the?] Mullaghglass folks is
all well remember me to them they [the?] ground is
white with snow and I have not any seed in the ground
WP [William Porter?]

Chebanse March 28th 1868

To Mother & & Mr & Mrs Robt [Robert?] L.Porter
Dear Friends I now sit down to write you a few lines
as it is snowing and we canot [cannot?] work outside
hoping they will find you all well as they leave us
all well here Thank God I would have answered your
note of the 25th Dec before now but on the 20th Dec
I went to Chicago on buissness [business?] and a
Duch [Dutch?] man neighbour that I have took up 6
head of my cattle to pound for trespass & I replevined
them and we have been lawing ever since and it was
only the other day it was finished at the court same
as your Assizes 25 miles from where I live and I
beat him and he has 175 dollars costs to pay and
other expenses that will make it over 200 and it
cost me 60 dollars for by over 400 miles travel
back and forth and all for not 1 dollar only he
is so full of law that no one can live beside him
he has been taking money out of me every chance
this two years so I thought I would stand it no
longer for I always paid what he would demand and
settle it but this time his demand was rather steep
but I guess this will settle him one trouble brings
on another what took me to Chicago was to try to
collect some money from a man that left a house
without paying the rent So in that case I will lose
250 dollars but with all I am still able to stand
it only we have to go a little nearer to work I am
not making anything for I have to pay for all my
work and I am paying now for a boy 18 years of age
200 dollars a year so I calculate that will be
about ¬ of all the crop then I have teams and
seed & implements to find so you see I cannot
make much for if I could work myself I could
save that and his board would be about 400 a
year so that would be an item for any one
that has to hire work here cannot make much
while a person that can do his own work can
make money you say that with all your work
you cannot hold your own there I think if
you sow here & work like you do there you
could live well and save money too now last
year there was 4 of us and I killed 2 cows
1 ten the other 6 cwt. and a hog 3 cwt.
weight this year one cow and 4 hogs and
this will no more than do us now you
cannot afford to do that and pay your rent
for they [the?] rent must be paid live or
die but here the living comes first for
no man farmer can be broken out for they
[the?] law leaves him a homisted [homestead?]
worth 1000 dollars and cloths [clothes?]
and cows worth 300 more so you see he is
not so badly of [off?] even should his debt
amount to thousands so all considered I think
a better chance here than there for leaving
his family after his decease although no
person coming to this country can expect to
have the comfort nor advantage that is
enjoyed there in society or churches roads
for there every one knows every one and here
it is different for all are strangers and
that makes selfishness more aparent
[apparent?] and his fear of God amongst
the community and that makes me mind what
you say my mother says that I should bring
my children under my eye but she forgets
that society is different in this country
and that a child is more independent here
than there for when they are of age the
parent has no more control over them and
very little before so that if I had a mind
to do so I could not but I think they are
better as the [they?] are for Mary has a
man that is not all that could be desired
but still is not a bad man and I will mention
just here that she had a little baby on the
16th of this month a little girl and no doubts
but he will be a better man now when he sees a
family to provide for Sarah is doeing [doing?]
for herself her and another lady is partners
at dressmaking and is doeing [doing?] prety
[pretty?] well they will get as high as
25 & 30 dollars for making a dress but they
are under great expence [expense?] as much
as 60 or 70 dollars a month but makes
it pay withal Joseph is in Chicago too on
what is called merchants novice he is on
duty from 7 to 2 oclock [o'clock?] at
night and gets 40 dollars a month he is
just returned to town after paying us a
visit he is doeing [doing?] very well and
they are all well my own health is none of
the best for I am greatly troubled lately
with the heart disease it is liable to
come any minute and without any warning but
is just like a shot and will flutter something
for hours and other times 15 or 20 minutes but
it disables me for the time being the worst time
is in bed at night the doctors does not seem
to understand it I am now taking medicine from
what they call Homopathy [homoeopathy?] [Doe?]
5 little bottles about a spoonful in each
and I am to take a drop from one of them
every 2 hours until I go over the 5 so you
see it must be powerful medicine or it is
no use I have little faith in it myself
Joseph's family is all well at present
although he was very ill about 2 weeks
since with something he takes like
inflammation of they [the?] bowels same
as Andy died of he was very bad but is
now well again and at his work his
family is all at home with him at present
I may mention a curious case attached to
a little boy 6 years old that we have
keeping for a man from Armagh which
came to this country 20 years ago an
old acquaintance of him which got married
to a woman here 15 years since and has
made considerable property in Chicago
what would keep them and two or three
mouths since they had a difference
and they agreed to separate and did so
and divided the property and got divorced
and each one is to get married again she
to a man she says she likes better and him
to such a one as he can get and he is to
pay me 120 dollars a year for the child
and cloth [clothe?] him a fine boy he is
indeed so what think you of that I must
close with my love to mother & you and Mrs.
Porter and all enquiring friends I thought
I would have had the pleasure of seeing
you all once more but that is doubtful now
and I will remain as ever your aff
Brother William Porter