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Title: Thomas Potts, Belfast to William Lemon, Salem, USA
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FilePotts, Thomas/52
SenderPotts, Thomas
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationpolitician?
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBelfast, N.Ireland
DestinationSalem, Mass., USA
RecipientLennon, William
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 1012/1: Obtained from Mr. Robert W. Hill, Keeper of MSS, New York Public Library, U.S.A. #TYPE LET Thomas Potts, Belfast to William Lemon, Salem, U.S.A. 17 November 1795.
ArchivePublic Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.8905171
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Doc. TypeLET
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Mr William Lennon
Care of Mr James Dunlop
Captn [Captain?] Fairfield
Belfast 17th Nov [November?] 1795
My Dear Simon,
I only received your letter two days ago, occasioned
by my being in Dublin for some days. It indeed gives Me
very singular satisfaction to find that you have commenced business,
on your account, and more so, a[s?] you have met with great encouragement
& by what captn [Captain?] Fairfield tells me, its highly gratifying to
think that in a few years with care that a very large fortune
may be made in your business, which I hope can & will be the chief study
of yours. The Guinea and half mentioned in your letter the Captn [Captain?]
paid it to Rowley Osborne by the desire of Mr Dunlop as, appeared
by his list of Memorandums; however I have called with Rowley
and read him your letter, which has convinced him from your
not being any thing in his debt, that the money was intended for
me, and of course he gives it to me on giving my receipt and the very
first opportunity shall take care to have it paid agreeable to
your wishes. On reading your letter to your friends, Cuthbert
Orr, O'Dawson, it afforded them singular pleasure, to hear of
your being in the fair road to prosperity, they are going on with
their Occupations as formerly. Dawson desires me to tell you
that he is no lower by your transfers, and he wishes you
health and prosperity.
Your ships company must have been greatly
overjoyed at the fortunate Escape they had from the unmerciful
paws of the abandond [abandoned?] cruel & ferocious English savages,
you must have heard long o'er this the savage treatment that
the passengers and crew of the ship [Cincinnatus?] met with. Here, it
has filled the Heart of every liberal man with greatest
indignation, to hear of their honest countrymen and the inhabitants of
your country, thus to be dragged & chained by ruffians to make this
the forced instruments of enslaving & trampling on their fellow-man
who dared to say they will be free. It too & when on the verge of
landing on what we, were used to stile [style?] the land of [F?]reedom
but from recent occurrences I am of opinion that it no longer
deserves the fair name, and that it is not the free country we take
it for. Pray my friend will you along with the opinion of your
new friends, tell me, if America will tamely submit to
Washingtons late scandalous conduct in ratifying the late Treaty
of Amitty [Amity?] & Commence with the government of Pits [Pitt's?]
Here, it has rendered him so odious, by striking such deep
blows against the sacred rights of man, that his name can't
be borne with in private, or public Company, this you know to be
far different to former times, when no toast was looked on to
be equal to his name - what a pity it is, that now when on
the eve of leaving this earthly stage, that he should by one
act, blast all his former hard earn'd [earned?] fame. Indeed this as
well as many other lessons of the kind shows on minute observations
the truth of not looking up to Man, in a public
capacity such as his but Alone to their measures, as by
measures alone; we are able to judge of the good or evil.
the executive power intends, the free representation of a people
as to our business of O-r-n--n [Orangemen?] in this place
it is going on in a progress[ive?] state and from some late occurrences
that has happened, which I cant at present mention, will lend very
much to increase its path; our exertions are increasing & if some
unforeseen matter does not prevent us, the time you allude I think it
won't be so very far distant as you would imagine.
To give you some further proofs of the vile Miscreants
our Magistrates and Leg-rs [Legislators?] There has lately at their
instigation which is a well ascertain'd [ascertained?] fact:
- A very disagreeable affray between the protestant party
stileing [styling?] themselves Orange boys - and the Roman
Catholics, otherwise defenders, took place some little time back
in the Neighbourhood of Armagh. Each party took their ground,
encamped, and had several severe skirmishes, wherein many lives
were lost on both sides, but most of the Defenders, the success of
the other party was owing to their being aided & [headed?] by three
or four Magistrates who went so far as to give them Warrants for
assembling to leave not a single Catholic [alive?] if possible - grieving
at their not fully accomplishing the destruction of such a number
of the human race as [were?] assembled by those misguided poor
silly men, they sent for a part of the Militia quartered in a
neighbouring town, to put their vile & horrid practices into execution
but to their horror, not a single shot would they fire without
full liberty to disperse both parties, this of consequence
led them to suspect that, if that liberty was given them, that
they would join the Defender body, as a number of them are
with reason I believe suspected to be of the same Class.
they were immediately replaced by a part of the 8th & 9th dragoons
who in every sense of the word answered their diabolical purposes,
of cutting, & slashing a number of the O-party, being they only
set on the scene of action - the others having got a Watch word
I withdrew leaving them to satisfy their ferocity on those whom
it was it is well Known they were to pr[otect?] - shocking
indeed to relate this did not stop there - The country around
was ransacked by those [bood?] blood suckers with the magistrates, &
whoever professed the catholic religion was unmercifully dragged, &
chained together like hounds - and sent to gaol from thence to
Dublin, and away then on board a prison ship, to man the
fleet; this cruelty was done all on a pretence of Defenderism, and
without any trial, whatever & to recruit some of their new raising
corps, they [the?] G--t [Government?] have lately taken the same mode as
that of the Navy, on the 3rd Ins. [Instant?] early in the Morning
about 26 of those unhappy men were brought into Dundalk as I
travelled through it guarded by a strong Military escort - whence they
were to be sent to Dublin this they soon [altered?] by a discovery of
their intentions to engage some active Counsellors to plead their
case [?] horrid depravity to relate they immediately got a Vagabond
to swear, although he never saw their faces, before, that they were
all deserters from a corps that is raising in that neighbourhood
intended for the West Indies. Such practices may do for a time, but
in the end it will bring about what the G--ts [Government's?]
intentions are to destroy that is a perfect Union of Irishmen,
dont you think such measures will forward a Union -
As your situation is near the [?]divant Donaldson
pray give my best respects to him & tell him that I am happy
to hear of his making so comfortable a livelihood - Also that
Messrs Russel, McCracken, McComb, Stor[eys?] and a string of &c &c
are all well -
You can scarcely conceive the gratification
I felt at your kindness to write me, and as the ground is
broke, if provided it would not be attended with too
much trouble for you, it would give me particular satisfaction
to hear as frequently from you as opportunities permits - The Captain has
for you a few of the Star papers, I recommend to your notice the one of the
16th Ins [instant?] for the perusal of the [seditions?] bill to be
introduced into the House of Commons of G [Great?] Britain - and for the
perusal & entertainment of your jovial hours you have a song book
lately published. Its sung by the Irish [Sans Culottes?]
with great [utas?]
Believe me citizen that I am with the
sincerest wish for your Health Happiness & prosperity to
be your much obliged -
Thomas Potts
R M Cormick is well and in the fair way of making a very
rapid fortune.