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Title: Arthur Quin, Barrytown to His Brother & Sister, Ireland
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileQuin, Arthur/27
SenderQuin, Arthur
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationlabourer
Sender ReligionCatholic
OriginBarrytown, New York, USA
Recipient Gendermale-female
SourceD 1819/4: Presented by Samuel Park, Esq., The Square, Stewartstown, County Tyrone.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9012061
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Doc. TypeEMG
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September 22nd 1873

Dear brother and sister I received your
kind letter which I was glad to hear of
you been all well which leaves us at present
thanks be to God for his mercies to us all
I am always at the same work I have no right
to complain when I get my health this Summer
was not so hot as last Summer but it is a
great time of sickness with Fever and ague
Provisions is the same as usual I was sorry
to hear about you haveing [having?] so much confusion
about religion and I have it to say that I
never heard anything about religion since I
came to this country there is a great change
for the better since we came here it will be our
neglect if we dont attend our duty their [there?] was
only one priest before but now there is two and
the [they?] have mass every Sunday and the [they?] make
the people attend there [their?] duty well for in this
place about ten years ago there was no church
nor no priest: we can mind our duty as well here
as we can do in Ireland if it is not our own
fault Dear brother and sister I have a
right to be thankfull [thankful?] to god for my health
and my familys [family's?] for there is a great many
here that has sickness and a great many
dying very suddent [suddenly?] that the boss that we
had was out with his men and the next
morning he was dead and I am very
Sorry for it for he was a good Boss to me
at the fall off [of?] the year there bes [was?] a
change upon the men there bes [was?] so many
kept on he kept me on last Winter and
a great many was put off he was from the
one county of myself and how it will be
this fall I dont know that there is four months
that there is no work to be got it is a
long time to be idle for it takes a great
deal to support a family here as rent is
very high if I get steady work this Winter
which I expect I will be all right again spring

Mary helps me a good deal two [too?] that she can
earn four shillings a day of your money not

far from our own house at a Gentlemans
Laundry a good washer and Ironer can
earn a good deal of money sister Ellen
is well a present she was bad
for three weeks attended by
priest and doctor her husband
was bad this last two weeks
with the ague but he is geting [getting?]
better you mentioned to me
that Wilsons place was going to be
sold I said I would help you
all I could to buy it but
since it is sold I would not
wish you to get into any
anger on my account if it
doesent [doesn't?] suit yourself
I do not want to part our
own place as I do not know
but I might be glad to

to go home to it yet if I would
have my health when you
write I wish you to let me
know all the particlars [particulars?] about
the countary [country?] and let me
know how all my old friends
and neighbours are geting [getting?]
along for you know I would
like to here [hear?] from them all
you always let me know about
the wedings [weddings?] but you dont [don't?]
tell me about any christions [christenings?]
Mary Ellen and family all
Join me in sending our kind
love to you and family
to brother Francis wife and
family brother patrick an [and?]
family to all my friend [friends?] and
neighbours in the warmest
maner [manner?] no more at present
but remains your loving brother
Arthur Quin write soon