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Title: Hugh Quin, U.S.A. to "Bessy", New Orleans, U.S.A.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileQuin, Hugh/2
SenderQuin, Hugh
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceT2874/3: Presented by James McMullan, Co. Down, Ireland
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9503052
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TranscriptMiss Bety Jany [January?] 28th 1854

[D?] Bessy
Two days ago I sent to you a letter stating that I would
send to you an order to clear with Mr. Fowler to 31st Jany
[January?]; which however I have been mistaken or rather disapointed
[disappointed?] owing to scarcity of money with Mr Fowler. When he
went to write the Order last night I told him to settle with me up
to last Jany. [January?] he said positively it was not in his power
just at present. but would in a short time & said by my agreeing
would much oblige him, as all he has in Mr Taylers hands was only a
mere trifle; but would now give me your 40$ adding 12 per cent
Interest to date making $40.50 as per enclosed Order on Mr C Taylor
now bessy you can Can either present the Order to Mr Taylor yourself
or send it; as the Order admits of either; I think it better for you
to ask Dr. Ball to call on Mr Taylor with it. as the office is a
public one and mostly filled with [Schr?] men. besides you would
have to sign your name on the back of the Order before Mr taylor.
Now therefore I have signed your name on the back. so you have
nothing to do but send it to get it cashed. I believe Mr Taylors
Office is, as follows. Bernard Lumber Compy. [Company?] Office 98
Trinton Walk. New Orleans where you wil [will?] find Mr Taylor I
believe at any time you call or send it makes no difference when
call as the order is good at anytime. Now bessy the question is wil
[will?] you send your money home now; or will you wate [wait?] until
I get mine to send along; Or wil [will?] you do as I stated in my
last letter to sent only about twenty dollars; at present & let us
both put up our moneys for another year; & then make one grand
effort to clear their place which once done I for my part consider
any duty to them in a great massive discharged; now if we send all
we have home soon it wil [will?] only keep us longer in suspense and
do very little if any good; I am confident 4 or 5œ would do more
good than 30œ because they might take comfort with the small sum
whereas the large sum would be sure to gow [go?] to some old
confounded debit; these remarks I consider true however I'll leave
it to yourself to judge; I am in pretty fare way of earning money
now Thank God. and by a little forberance [forbearance?] in our part
we may soon be able to make a rise This is another heartless Sunday
evening; Sunday is the dullest with me. I always have best good
health Thank God. I joined the Sons of Temperance Two weeks ago; was
at this regular Meeting last night; very much pleased with it. write
a long letter on receipt. I presented your letter to Mrs. Oswald
last Sunday. She seemed very much pleased.
Yours Truly
Hugh Quin