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Title: William Quin, Co. Antrim to Richard Dillon, U.S.A.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileQuin, William/227
SenderQuin, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationinvested in roadworks,
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Antrim, N.Ireland
DestinationPeru, New York, USA
RecipientDillon, Richard
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipold friends, former neighbours
SourceT 3718: Deposited by Mr. Charles Dillon.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9802543
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TranscriptFrom : William Quin [Quinn?]
Crew Townland [Co. Antrim?] [Ireland?]

To : Mr. Richard Dillon
Perue [Peru Township?]
Clinton County
State of New York

Crew Townland
March the 8th 1840

My Dr [Dear?] Richard
- I Recd [Received?] your letter
dated the 1st of January 1838 to yours & my friend
Hugh Mulholland and directed Who I am sorry to tell
you departed this Life in May 1837 leaving a widow
but no children he having went to the bad & sold
his place to a son of old Alexander Cardwell called
Alexander who Lived scarsley [scarcely?] one year
untill [until?] he died and afterwards Hugh Married
the widow who yet Remains widow to him, Margrett
[Margaret?] is married convenient to Ballymena and
is doing Extreamly [extremely?] well, Ally is married
to a man in the neighbourghood and has done well
Elleanor [Eleanor?] is well and family, Jane & Mary
went to America, the [they?] sailed in the Hereld [Herald?]
in July 1834 bound for Quebeck [Quebec?]
I seen them down the watter [water?] before I left them
they ware [were?] Going to John who wrote from
[Elizabeths?] town on July the 12th and was doing well
and makeing [making?] money very fast there never
came a letter from him nor them since the girls went a
(sic) and the reason I suppose was that they ware [were?]
offended by Reason of Hugh not going with them as they
requested I answered your letter of the above date and
never Receiving a return thought it very strange, however
I beg of that you will answer this my Letter as I will
be in suspence [suspense?] for your Return from the
motives that I will herin after [hereinafter?] Explain
to you Concearning [concerning?] my Situation &
intentions the unfortunate Situation & alterations
of this country since you left it is beyond comprehention
[comprehension?] & Expression both in trade and Agerculture
[Agriculture?] those even weavers who you well knew
working a Web for which they Recd. [received?] œ1 now
for the same can scaresley [scarcely?] get 7s [shillings?]
& 6d [pence?] and for femals [females?] they can make
allmost [almost?] nothing yarn that when I manufacturing
would have Givin [given?] [-?] [-?] hank is now selling
for 4 [d?] Current and numbers on numbers of farmers
turned out of their holdings & the inheritance of their
forefathers for Generations unmemorable for nonpayment
of Rents, and yet they [the?] oppressor holds on the
hevy [heavy?] burthens, and [------?] in many peacis
[pieces?] with us is 4 [d?] pr [per?] Acre annuly
[annually?] besides a Syston [system?] of poor Rates
now coming in forse [force?] which will be very
Grieveous [grievous?] on those holding land, As to my
affairs Dr. [Dear?] friend I have been very unfortunate
in consequence of being concerned with Road making
for the last seven years and by which I have Lossed
[lost?] one hundred pounds sterling, I have made up my
mind & is fully determed [determined?] to go out to
America and take my family there I have a very Large
family of 9 Childring [children?] 5 of which is able to
work well towards themselves and us & I consider when
selling out that I can two hundred pounds to carry
with me to America, I have many thoughts concearning
[concerning?] how to do for the best I sometimes
think of Going if I could Rease [raise?] some money
& taking with me one son and two daughters they could work
for themselves to [until?] I would find a place to answer
and then as soon as would answer to bring them all
now Dr. [Dear?] Ricd [Richard?] loose [lose?] no time to
[until?] you send me your best advices as from your
Experience and your well known honesty at home I will
rely on your advice as in your oppinion [opinion?] the
best mode to act on & what country or state is best
united States or upper Canada, allso [also?] what Articles
you you Recommend most necessary for me to bring with me
best adopted [torn] the Situation before discribed
[described?], you wish to know if there are many of your
old neighbours dead you will be surprised when I mention
the deaths Even in your old Townland Deceased - Js [James?]
Sloan [--?] Kennedy - Wm [William?] Sloan Mathew [Matthew?]
McMullin [McMullan?] & his wife his Brother Jas [James?] -
Henry Casey - John Bolton Jr & Sr [Junior & Senior?] -
Charles McMullin [McMullan?] & Sisters - Mary & C F Morgan
- John Steel & wife Jas [James?] Shields - Wm [william?]
Gillin - Allin [Alan?] Shields & wife [torn] Arthur Loughan
[?] those of Ballymoat with [torn] you [torn] [-ake?] of Mr.
[Walter?] Oakman, he is deceased with others of your
acquaintences [acquaintances?] I will mention his son
John allso [also?] Walter Sloan - Mr. Wm [William?]
Gore - Mr. Andrew Dixon Wm [William?] Gorman Esq
Francis Whittle J.C. Dr Murry [McMurray?] - Dr
Kernaghan - old Mrs Issac McNiece [McNeice?] Upper
Issac McNiece [McNeice?] Mrs Francis Gibson - Jas
[James?] McCorry - John Magee Ballypitmave - & George
Ferris - Jas [James?] Ferris - Mrs. Quigley with
numerous more of your old acquaintances too tedious
to mention, We have had two very wet bad seasons & in
general a grate [great?] deficency [deficiency?] in
crops our Country is becomming [becoming?] an intire
[entire?] seen [scene?] of poverty scarsley [scarcely?]
a single man particularly those liveing [living?] by
Land who is not going back and distress & distraning
[distraining?] for Rents is become quite common I have
seen 100 Ejectments in our Estate at one sessions -
I am much afraid that it will be before Long that Land
will become of no value & then a man ill [will?] have
nothing to Go with. I read a Letter this day since
I commenced writing this from Samuel Higginson in the
State of Ohia [Ohio?] in which he Extols that part
exceedingly but Land is increasing Rappidly [rapidly?]
in price wheare [where?] he is that is at West
Charleston it appears that he is doing Extreamley
[extremely?] well, you speake [speak?] of Robt [Robert?]
McMullin [McMullan?] he wrote to me from the state of
Nw [New?] York but I hear since he is Gone to upper Canada
and many more of our countrymen is there allso [also?]
yours ever truly
Wm [william?] Quin [Quinn?]

I understand that there is almost ten Miles
of Upper Canada inhabited by people from our
country Robt [Robert?] Abernathy [Abernethy?]
is there allso [also?] I have not heard what
part of Georgia David Kennedy Resides but I intend
to be able to answer you in my next Letter I would
Communicate more but I fear I would Confuse
the writing I remain with Respect and Affection your
old friend and Neighbour
Wm [William?] Quin [Quinn?]