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Title: Ruth J Ramsey, Ansley, Neb., to "Dear Cusen Anne", [?]
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileRamsey, Ruth J/20
SenderRamsey, Ruth J.
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginAnsley, Nebraska, USA
Destinationprob. Michigan, USA
RecipientWeir, Annie
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceCopyright Retained by Mrs Linda Weir, Tirmacspird, Lack, Co. Fermanagh, BT93 0SA
ArchiveUlster American Folk Park
Doc. No.9906003
Partial Date
Doc. TypeEMG
LogDocument added by LT, 03:06:99.
Word Count343
TranscriptApril 19 1891

Ruth J Ramsey
Custer Co.
Neb [Nebraska?]

Dear cusen [cousin?]
Anne i thute [thought?]
i would rit [write?] to you once more
and let you know that i
am well and my famly [family?]
ais [is?] all well but thir [their?] father
is not very well to day
but i hope he will be
better soon agane [again?] and i
hope thes [these?] few lins [lines?]
will find you well
and a evry [every?] one elce [else?]
it is qute [quite?] raine [rainy?] to day
and very naste [nasty?] hare [here?]
now but it is very
nice wethere [weather?] to make
evry [every?] thing grow [now?]
the winter has bean [been?]
so very cold hear [here?] this
winter i do not thint [think?]
ever seen it any colder
hear [here?] since i lived hear [here?]
April 23
We air [are?] all well now
and we air [are?] geting [getting?] our
crops in and garden and
i want you to let me
know where bell is now
i think you have forgot
me i hant [haven't?] had a letter
from you in so long that
i all most [almost?] forgot when
it wost [was?] the last time
but i have not much
to rit [write?] snew [new?] i have 23
little calves to and i
milk 9 cows and so
on i dont think of
rit [write?] and tell me
all the news that you
know and how mrs
jackson is and if you
ever hear from your
mother now and how she
gets a long now
do you ever see lib now
or bob and if unkle [uncle?]
bell got well agine [again?] or
if he died i herd [heard?] that
he was very sick this
i send my best respects
to beller [bella?] if she is her (sic)
but i must bring
my letter to a clost [close?]
for i have run out
of sumthing [something?] to say
so good by [bye?] for this
time rit [write?] soon and
tell me all the news
from your dear old
frend [friend?] and cusens [cousins?]
Ruth and famly [family?]