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Title: James A. Reford, New Jersey, to Frances Reford, Co Antrim
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileReford, James A/15(2)
SenderReford, James A.
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationstore owner
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBloomfield, New Jersey, USA
DestinationCo. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientReford, Frances
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceT3038/B/7: Permission to Copy Granted by W. Reford Esq., 81 Islandmagee Rd., Whitehead, Co. Antrim.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.800159
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count801
TranscriptBloomfield New Jersey, June 28th ['56?]

Dearest Sister Frances
             I recd [received?] your letter dated
[Templepatrick?] May 24 on the 14 of June and was
sorry to hear of your bad health, and of the rest
of my sisters.  I would have rote [wrote?] before
this but I must tell you the reason I suppose that you
were not aware that I have been [receiving?] letters
and word in other peoples letters from our Mother she
got J J McConnell's Father to write that she was a
complete cripple and in April I rec'd [received?] a
letter by her urgent [request?] from Mr [Carley?] that
she was [blind?] and wanted me to send money and deposit
it in some one [ones?] hands that she could [draw?]
and also in [her?] letter another thing these letters
was [were?] shown to Mr [Floubet's?] family and the
[result?] is that my children have been looked light
on since and has been a cast up to them and me in
publick [public?] meetings Dear sister this is hard
but perhaps it is all for the best, you [wrote?] me
that she is all the time in the [room?]
I believe you and it would be [bad?] for you
and for her that she was lame and her tongue
stopped, James wrote me a letter some years ago
which I intimated to you but did not give my author
from the [date?] back and desired Mr [Crossier?] it
to the [cause?] of Mr Beck which I did, the letter
stated things which I believe is not true you wanted
me to give my author but I declined at the time for
fear that I would cause hard feelings when James came
to America I used him [bad?] and in course of
conservation he told me I was a cl- (sic) [complete?]
fool for sending money as they were better off
than I was I said that could not be he said you
always had 3 or 4 apprentices but experience is a
good school master and I have found him out that
he has no regard for himself nor for you Dear Sister
I do not wish to create any trouble in the family
and I do write for this purpose and I hope that
you will let it [Help?] as I write this letter to
yourself I do not wish to cause you one uneasy
thought or if I did 6 pages would not hold it
therefore for your own sake and the sake of Mary
and Sarah & Matilda and Susan & Frank and my sake
and the Honour of God Let it pass with them

 Dearest Sister
             If I [it?] was in my power to send you
relief at present nothing would give me more pleasure
[Alas?] the reason why I cannot I had to give
Elizabeth [an?] out fit of $20.0[0?] and I have bought
another jot of land and paid for it also George has been
home sick for some time and another I can only draw
so much out of the [concern?], but I hope before long
that I will be able to release you and the rest of
the girls if I am spared Elizabeth has gon [gone?] to
Harrsburg [Harrisburg?] the capital of Pennsylvania
to her fatherinlaws she has a baby born on
1 Nov 1850 she calls it Francis Elizabeth, [Grace?]
was very sick all winter with the inflammatory
Fever she has not recovered from it yet George is
sick at home Annie had to leave school and come home
at the Christmas Holy days [holidays?] and has not been
able to get to school yet to finish her education Joseph
always is at school he studies Greek Latin & French
he is a bright boy Fanny is at school Sarah stays at home
being to [too?] small to go (sic) school you must excuse
my [writing?] as the day is [hot?] 98 degrees in the
shade almost [impossible?] to breathe, Dear Sister I
beg it of you to write and let me know how you all
are and as for James it is not for you to trouble your
self about him as he had it in his power to do well
here, if you can prevent my mother from [writing?]
in other peoples letters and getting other people
to write for her and having it an up cast here
to my children without making her angry with you
I wish that you would do it but do not incur her
displeasure and have her going all round
ranting about it I would [feel fine?] here with
it Write soon and may God Deliver and Protect you
in the midst of your afflic [afflictions?]

       Jas [James?] A Reford

[P.S.] Sarah Jane McConnell [bides?] at Mr
[Floubets?] and her sister at Mr [Baldwins?]