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Title: James Reford, U.S.A. to Miss Frances Reford, Antrim.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileReford, James A/18
SenderReford, James A.
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationstore owner
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBloomfield, New Jersey, USA
DestinationCo. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientReford, Frances
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceT 3028/B/10: Permisssion to Copy From W. Reford Esq., 81 Islandmagee Rd., Whitehead, Co. Antrim.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9802474
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TranscriptFrom : James A. Reford
New Jersey.

To : Miss Frances Reford

Bloomfield New Jersey May 20th 1866

Dear Sister and all
I read your letter of May 1st on the
14th inst and was greatly glad to hear
from you all, but it was a surprise
[---?] to hear of My Sister Fannys death
but it is the load that we all must
bear Sooner or later and the only thing
that we can do is to prepare to meet our
Lord, so that we are Separated on earth
so that we may meet in Heaven.
It also surprised me to hear of you
being married you did not tell me
when you were Married therefore when
you write again let me know all the
particulars And state how many children
James has And what is the name of
his wife and Francis how many children
he has and also the name of
his wife And Susanna and how many
children they have got and all news that
pertains to Antrim as Such fortification
is a Satisfaction to me And I hope
that you are all well and happy I will
tell you of the war that we have just
passed through it was dreadful that so
many brave young men got Slaughtered
the North Sent into the field Over 15
hundred Thousand men and the [they?]
lost alone over « million of men it was
24 hours by Rail Road from where we lived
to the Seat of War, it brought a scourge
on our Country which was once so prosperous
and happy I saw the President twice
after he was assassinated And once before
Provision has got to Fabulous prices beef
35c per lb Pork 30c Veal 40c Butter 65c Cheese
24c flour 16 Dollars per barrel Potatoes
2« Dollars per Bushel Hay 1« Dollars per
100 cwt [hundredweight?] the present price is 5
times what they were
10 years ago wages for the labouring men
was about 8s [shillings?] British per day And
Presently have much to do to live Rent for about
3 single rooms from 48 to 100œ per year
And Calico 2 & 6 [two shillings six pence?] per
yard Muslin 3s [shillings?] per yr [yard?]
Boots œ3.00 per pair Hats œ2.00 Cloth
œ2.10 per yard And taxes enormous the
tax on one house and 2 Acres of land
last year was œ10 British before the war
to [it?] was only 5 shillings So much for the
works of the Devil,
Dear Sister I left of Papa nearly 7 years
ago I wrote my Sister Fanny all about
the trouble that I had with the Pasture
that I had, I have been in New York
for the last 4 Years Buying new Shirt cuttings
from the Shirt factories at 22 to 30 [cents?] [per?]
lb new woolens [woollens?] rags for shoddy 50 to 60
cents per lb I bought lands on commission
and some times (sic) on a salary. I also sold
papers Some times (sic) attended to the books
on the 9th May the company took me
into PartnerShip with them it was my
birth day (sic) in 2 Respects our [St---?] is
No 22 I'm in New York I leave Blomfield [Bloomfield?]
every morning by rail road for the city and was back
every evening at 5 o'C [o'clock?] I get home at 6 o'c
[o'clock?] So I have 34 miles a day of ride for the good
of my health, it is very pleasant in
good weather I have only about ¬ of a
mile to walk Dear Sister I am getting
old and my joints are getting stiff
but thanks be to the lord he has
always given me good health I am
not as Smart as I used to be but
you could not find one man in a
thousand that can go through what
I can Joseph has come back from the
State of Wisconsin and lives in Bloomfield
he is a Book Keeper to the Great American
News Company New York we always [go?]
to the City together every morning we
get there at 8 o'C [o'clock?] we leave home at
7 o'c [o'clock?], Joseph has got three sons James
George and Charles they are fine
boys. Elizabeths 4 children are all alive
Fannys so generous Willie & Joseph
Spearman have Married again Fanny
is quite a young monster also George and
Willie is at School also Josey, My Fanny
is there too in the Publick [Public?] School at a
Salary of 2œ per Month Anne goes out to The State
of Florida on the Gulf of Mexico on next Saturday
for teacher for the Freedman's Association for a Salary
for [-----?] [----?] we studied [---?] and Lands her
Passage paid both Ways and in the [years?] She had 2
Months vacation And for the 3 Girls Annie Fannie &
Sarah is [-----?] a Master of the Piano & Mialodin
[Melodeon?] Also George can play and Sarah can teach them
[-----?] [Social?] Music heretofore Annie had
Music Scholars in New York before that she was
Governess for Mrs Adairs in the State of Pensylvana
[Pennsylvania?] Elizabeths Husband has Married again,
Josephs health is not very good he suffers a great
deal from the rheumatism And the [----?] positions
at the Desk does not agree with him, when you write let
me know if Father has met James Mc[-----?] whose
Team marched long side of [Nathaniel?] and James of
Irishtown above Birchill and also let me know what
Lewis and Francis are working at I do not know what
more to say but give my love to Mary Ann Sarah
Lewis From us Susanna And Matilda yourself Lewis
& Francis does not care for me or she would have
wrote to me in 34 years Mother is well considering her
age And one thing we thank God for we live happy and
contented together although we have come through
Many sore trials As we have only 5 Children left
out of 12 Yet I thank God for that that (sic) they
have got out of a troublesome world And
has gave so much of their friends who has gave before
for I know we shall know each other their [there?]
in the Land of life and Glory often I think
of the days of my childhood And is almost
tempted to say bright days of my youth come again
come again, When you write Direct your letter
To James A. Reford Bloomfield New Jersey
Also let me know all about the
old people of Antrim who were young when I was
in the days of my boy hood let know I am old
And Grey Headed And they must be also
I can not think of Any more to write you
As I do not know what to say to you now
that would interest you New York is a lage [large?]
place you have no conception of the business
that is done here the company that has
taken me into Partnership is C Mc [M-------?]
has [-----?] [--?] for the month of April
was One Hundred and three Thousand
dollars for the month I done all the banking
business for the last 12 months.
affectionate Brother
James A. Reford.