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Title: Elizabeth Boardman, Canada, to James Boardman, Armagh
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBoardman, Elizabeth/11
SenderBoardman, Elizabeth
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationdomestic employee, nanny
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPort Hope, Ontario, Canada
DestinationCo. Armagh, N.Ireland
RecipientBoardman, James
Recipient Gendermale
SourceDocument T 2460/1, Copied By Permission of Joseph Podle Esq, Tandragee, Co Armagh
ArchivePublic Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9406142
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptParties: Elizabeth Boardman,
Port Hope,
James Boardman,
Co. Armagh

Mr. James Boardman
Care of Mr. Richard Troter Tanderagee
County Armagh

June 18th 1821
Port Hope
Dear Father & mother Brothers & Sisters I now take this present
opportunity of Sending you these few lines hoping the [they?] will
find you and all my friends an [in?] as Good health as this leaves
me at this date thanks Be unto God for all his maney [many?]
mercies unto me in A strange land Dear relations I enjoy as good
health as ever I dun [done?] Since I left you which is one of the
greatest blessings I can enjoy I never had to streach [stretch?] my
self By the fire as some do Dear Father I receive your kind and
twice welcome letter which give mee [me?] great Satisfaction to hear
of all you wellfare [welfare?] I was glad to hear of your crops
doing so well and that mother and you had so good health I hope you
can send mee [me?] that news in your next letter again Dear Father
this has been A most remarkable cold winter it was said to have
been 30s Degrees colder this winter than it has been for A great
while but I did not find it must [much?] as I was not often out of
doors Dear Father I have been thinking A great deal how you have
put in the winter and how your health is I am looking for A letter
from some of you this long time and I expect to receive one from you
before you receive this and Dear Father and mother it is great
matter of joy to mee [me?] to hear that the lord has not forsaken
you in your old age and seeing you have arived [arrived?] at that
period of time which Sums our days and years, and dear father though
we should never all meet in this world I hope we shall all meet to
part no more Dear Father and mother I hope you will excuse mee
[me?] for not wrighting [writing?] to you much sooner I was
expecting A letter from Brother John and my mistress was not in
health So I had not the time to wright [write?]
Dear Father I have Joined the united presbetaren [Presbyterian?]
church on the first Sabath [Sabbath?] of march I like the clergyman
very well his name is Rev. [Reverend?] John Caisey there is A great
maney [many?] of County armagh belong to him he is A Scotch man
uncle is well he is labouring every day he gets 3. and 6. pence per
Cousin Isaac made me A present of A parasoul [parasol?] when I
landid [landed?] henery[Henry?] Tofley and family is well Ian
Tofley is living Sixty miles off mee [me?] he has 14 dollars per
month I have not seen Samuel Tofley yet he is got married and they
have one child little William Tofley is well
I wish to know is Brother John singing [signing?] on in market Hill
yet and Dear Mother you want to know if I am content if not you say
the same bead [bed?] is for mee [me?] still I would bee [be?] more
content if you wear [were?] all in Canada but it is not easy to
forget the string ties of nature the land which give mee [me?] birth
[---- whole section crossed out; by writer? ----]
there is A great maney [many?] coming out But I dont know any I have
seen I am living on in my old place But I am thinking of going to
the States as I hear waiges [wages?] is higher there I have been
doing no house work this long while only taking care of A Baby as my
mistress could not suckle it that has been my employment this last
few weeks I enjoy as good health as ever I did
I like this place prety [pretty?] well But I think I would make more
money in the States and when you rite [write?] Direct to David
Kilpatrick for me and I will then get your letter
please let mee [me?] know about all my old neighbours how the
[they?] are and how all my friends are I send my love to Father and
mother Sisters and brothers and to all my little nieses [nieces?]
and nefews [nephews?] as if named
give my love to all my old friends and acquaintence [acquaintances?]
as before
I heard in Mrs. Mitchels letters that you wear [were?] all well as
David Kilpatrick received a letter from his Sister mitchel David
Kilpatrick and family sends their love to you all please let Mr.
Leeper know the [they?] are all well Dear Father and mother
brothers and Sisters I must have dun [done?] bee [be?] not
forgetful of the one thing kneedful [needful?] for what doth A man
profit if he gain the whole world and loose [lose?] his oan [one?]
Soal [Soul?] look daily to the land of God who taketh away the sins
of the world look to him for wisdom and righteousness and
satisfaction and redemtion [redemption?] look to him as your
Shepherd your brother you saviour and your friend and let your whoal
[whole?] lives bee [be?] the lives of faith and dependance
[dependence?] on the sone [son?] of God he is wise and affectionate
powerful full of love and Grace and able to save and willing as he
is able and he has at his comand [command?] all things that are
needfull [needful?] to make us happy in time and eternity trust
then in the Lord for ever and you Shall not be ashamed of your
confidence read the devene [divine?] word as often as you have
oportunity [opportunity?] in it is able to make you wise unto
Salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus aproach [approach?]
the devine [divine?] mercy Seat morning and Evening and worship him
who is your Creator preservour [preserver?] and redeemaur
[redeemer?] as my paper is near ful [full?] I must bid you all
farewell with the kindest regard I remain your Daughter to Death
Elizabeth Boardman
the next time you writ [write?] let me know if the letter is paid or not

Dear friends I am going to Scribble over a few lines to let you know
that you might have a wrote me alletter [a letter?] you mentioned my
name in the Last Letter in the next you will not mention it at all
if you do not I must live without you I am going to past [pass?]
this one this day I live in part hope Isaac and me Board in the one
house we are well John is down in the plase [place?] now I would
like to see you all here But if we never meet in this world I hope
we will meet in the next
I send my love to you all Let Mr. William Carner know that I am
going to write him a letter he may Be looking for it I hope the
[they?] are all well Elizabeth sends her love to them John Boardman
go when you reseive [receive?] this letter go on Saturday to Clady
to and Mallalain to Mr. Leeper and Mr. william Carners and then you
Can go down to market Hill on Sabath [Sabbath?] morning and let them
now [Know?] we are all well