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Title: Jean [Warwick?], Antrim, to Samuel [Warwick?], U.S.A.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileRitchie, Jane/14
SenderRitchie, Jane
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginCo. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientWarwick, Samuel
Recipient Gendermale
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ArchiveThe Ulster American Folk Park
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Transcript Antrim
13th Oct. 1911

Dear Brother Samuel
I received your last letter and was glad to hear that you are all so well as this letter leaves me quite well at present [present?]. I have got all my hay gathered into the [stack?]-garden i [I?] had no corn in this year i [I?] laboured more except the garden, it is in potatoes and vegetables there is a good crop of potatoes this year. It was
a very dry summer here the water round the fields were all dryed [dried?] up but i [I?] still got what water done myself and the cows from Brother John [John's?] pump. Brother John and his Mistress [Mrs?] and Family is well Sister Martha and her husband and son is well Brother James Son and three daughters that is in this country is well Brother David Mistress [Mrs?] and family is well Sister Margret son Andy is well Well Brother i [I?] must tell you about our cousins and how many of them is alive I will begin at Uncle James Moores [Moore's?] family of Ballywee Cousin James is married and has nine of a family he lives at Glenwherry Cousin Mary is
married and has one son she lives at Broomhill Cousin Robert is married and has ten of a family he lives at Rathernan Cousin Jane and Lizzie Are both dead Cousins John and Maggie and Bella is single the [they?] still live at Ballywe Cousin Sarah is married and she lives about Donegore she has no family. We have [just ?] two Cousins in Uncle James Fishers [Fisher's?] family living Cousin Hugh he is married and has five of a family he lives at Island-bawn Cousin Sarah is married and has five of a family her husband is dead. Uncle Samuel Warwick family of [Toberiven?] Cousin Mary is dead Cousin Margret is married on Robert Blackadder the [they?] have eight of a family the [they?] sold their Farm and live with their son in law John [McRahen?] Cousin Martha is dead cousin Eliza is stilll single Cousin Ann Jane is married and has two daughters Cousin Sarah Agnes is married and has nine of a family. Uncle James [Milliken?] family ther are just three cousins living Robecca [Rebecca?] she is married and has two of a family living Cousin David is married and has five of a family he still works at the Old trade a shoemaker he lives at [Donegar?] Church Cousin Mary was married she has no family and her husband is dead Uncle William Duncan family Cousin Frank and Archie is both dead there was none of them married cousin John he was married and has six of a family his Mistress [MRs?] is dead Cousin Margret is still single and lives at Ladyhill Uncle David Warwick family Cousin Sam he is married and has six of a family his Mistress [Mrs?] is dead Cousin David is Married i [I?] do not know
how many of a family he has he lives in Bally-Clare [Ballyclare?] Cousin Margret is married John Reid and live at Larne i [I?] do not know how
many of a family the [they?] have Cousin James and Frank is both abroad i [I?] do not know any thing [anything?] about them Tom Blackadder
is dead Sam and William Blackadder is both abroad Well brother i [I?] think i [I?] have told you as much as i [I?] can about our friends I hope to have a letter from you soon [?] and do not forget to send your photograph with it

From your loving sister

Jane Ritchie