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Title: Andrew Robb, New York, to Miss Jenny Robb, Newtownards.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileRobb, Andrew/27
SenderRobb, Andrew
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNYC, USA
DestinationNewtownards, Co. Down, N.Ireland
RecipientRobb, Jenny
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceT 1454/3/1-12: Copied By Permission of Dr J.C.Robb Esq, M.B.E. M.D. M.C.H., 21Cambourne Pk., Belfast. #TYPE EMG Frank Robb, Australia, Also Alexander Robb, Nicola Lake, British Columbia, to the Robb Family, Dundonald and Ballysallagh, 3rd November 1805 to
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.8816080
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TranscriptMiss Jenny Robb
Care of David Kenedy [Kennedy?]
New ten Ards [Newtownards?]

Per ship J. Dickinson
Capt [Captain?] Baurh

New York March 1st 1822
My Dearest Sister,
I received your letter by the John Dickinson Dated October 21st which
brought me the ever happy entiligence [intelligence?] of your being in good
health, I'm glad to hear that Lord [dufferin?] has Reduced my Fathers Rent
However I think it was last wish to do so, if he thought there were any
Possibility of making them pay the old rent he has proved himself to be a
tyrant long [ago?] its best to keep out of his hands its almost as bad to
live under the like of him as working for nothing and finding ones self I
have had frequently letters from daniel andrews with letters inclosed
[enclosed?] for Ireland all which I forwarded the first opportunity he says
my Aunt Williamson Continues in bad health and almost always confined to
her room in one of the letters she wished me to send what letters I got
from Ireland for her personal [personally?] I only sent her one yet
that was the last one I got from My sister Betty these last ones related a
good deal to Family affairs so I thought they wouldent [would not?] be very
Enteresting [Interesting?] to her, I think some of you ought to write to her
oftener than you do, as she is fond of any thats new one of daniel
andrewses little Boys lives altogether With her I'm sorry to learn of the
Malancholy [Melancholy?] Death of William Kenedy [Kennedy?] however I am
affraid [afraid?] Saint Andrews was not quite so agreeable to him and the
[Flush?], I think its not very likely he gave all his money to the sailors
If they expected to get ashore the Captain Certainly would have taken care
of it, if not it would be little use to them, I received the bundle my
mother sent me by Mr Gray they [the?] day after I wrote her letter they
[the?] Cordoroy [corduroy?] lookes [looks?] very handsome but I'm affraid
[afraid?] I have put her to too much Expence [expense?] buying sutch [such?]
a quantity of it theres none of them knows I have got it yet nor I dont
Intend they shall until I get my summer Clothes, then I'll get a pair made
and they will suit me to were [wear?] of nights when I get done work they
[the?] stockings lookes [looks?] very handsome more Particularly so When
I recollect who Knit them you can let alexander know that am very much
Obliged to him for buying me billy bluff as I have got great deal of
amusement fron it since I got it, the h[ic?]hel tooth was just as soft
as the rest however tell Robert Craney that I'm just as much oliged to
him as if [It?] had answered they [the?] purpose, I hope my mother will give
him something for it on my account as I expect he has need of something
sometimes I believe Mr Bryson is going to send my aunt mary all the
[Wavelry?] Novels by the John Dickinson if he can get an Opportunity so
you will have an opportunity of Reading them however I ratherly [rather?]
believe you have read the most of them If I'm not mistaken I heard Mr
Muchlen read the [Antiguary?] in My Fathers Citchen [Kitchen?] one night,
I remember one Passage in it about Old bucks sister sometimes they Called
her Mary and sometimes Molly I think I heard something of the tales of my
landlord and Jeremiah Cleisbottom and I'm shure [sure?] I heard my aunt
mary read a part of Guy mannering as for my own part I have Read Robroy,
Wavelry, the [antiquary?], Guymannering [Mannering?] the Tales of my
landlord, the Monastery, the abbot being sequel to the Monastry
[monastery?], I like Guymanering [Mannering?] better than any of the rest,
I have read yet Indeed I have had more books this some-time past than I
could get time to read when I got one into my hand, I wastent [was not?]
content until I got though it so it sometimes happens the [they?] rob me
of my sleep When I got my bundle from Mr Gray I called in to see how Mrs
Martin was, she appears to have a good deal of work to do, she says she
thinks she would rather live in Bangor if it answered as well it cant
[cannot?] be Expected she will like the Race all at once Mr Paper is almost
Done My Dear sister Give my affectionate love to my Father and Mother
Sisters and Brothers I remain My Dearest Sister your
affectionate Brother Andrew Robb