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Title: Andrew Robb, New York, to Miss Jenny Robb, Newtownards.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileRobb, Andrew/72
SenderRobb, Andrew
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNYC, USA
DestinationNewtownards, Co. Down, N.Ireland
RecipientRobb, Jenny
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceT 1454/3/1-12: Copied By Permission of Dr J.C.Robb Esq, M.B.E. M.D. M.C.H., 21Cambourne Pk., Belfast. #TYPE EMG Frank Robb, Australia, Also Alexander Robb, Nicola Lake, British Columbia, to the Robb Family, Dundonald and Ballysallagh, 3rd November 1805 to
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.8816079
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptFor Miss Jenny Robb
Care of Mr David Kenedy [Kennedy?]

Ship John

New York May 17th 1826
My Dear Sister
I received your leter [letter?] of the 5 april I feel a
little surprised that the letters were so long before the [they?] Reached
you I gave them to Mr Neil, he said he would Give them to you the first
opportunity, I dont think he has acted altogether as he ought to have Done
I intend sending them to the Care of My uncle David Kenedy [Kennedy?] after
[?] Think that among nancys [Caigs?] admires [admirers?] she might at least
have got a smarter young fellow than Huey However money does a good Deal
sometimes I Expect if John Kenedy [Kennedy?] or Samuel Wallace or Even
Alexander Had had money Huey would have ben [been?] behind if she had
sought the [Parish?]of Bangor she couldent [could not?] have found a
slapie [sloppier?] looking fellow in my opinion I saw at William Wallace
the other Day, I was telling him about nancy he seemed to be highly amused
with the story, He has been in the Country all Winter with his Brother,
James, James has got maried [married?] to one Miss anthony, he has got a
farm and is Going on torerable [tolerably?] [well?] John Purse has got
maried [married?] about two months ago he has got one Miss Degrove I
believe she is pretty well of [off?] for money she is alowed [allowed?] to
a handsome industrious woman I think shall make out very well I forgot to
mention in my mothers letter that Mrs Bryson had got a young son, I havent
heard what name the [they?] are going to give it yet indeed I havent seen
it yet altho [although?] it is about 8 days. I forgot to ask My mother
whither [whether?] she couldent [could not?] get me any [M?]eckel tooth I
want to Get them steels to sharp the [carrying?] knifes [knives?] the men
tells me that theirs [there's?] nothing in the world makes so good ones.
I think she might Get some from Barney [r?]aney I have been speaking to
the Captain of the John Dickenson he says he will take charge of them if you
cant get any the Coarse ones would be the best its just one year this day
since I arrived in america, During that time I have Had as good health as
could be expected I believe putting all together I havent [have not?] been
sick more than a fortnight, During the time I was sick I couldent [could -
not?] say [I?] was badly attended to whatever I asked for I always got
However I need not expect to have my mother to attend to me now the way
I used to Idident [did not?] find the american winter so severe as I have
heard the people say it was altho [although?] it was very cold, The [they?]
asked [?] for some flannen [flannel?] shirts she said she would Get us some
but we never heard any more about them the other apprentice had but one
pair of flannen [flannel?] Drawers, as the [they?] must have a flannen
[flannel?] peir Every week he though it would be just as Good to have
[none?] as a pair every other week, so he threw them off and dident
[didn't?] were [wear?] any, Alex Francis is in the City yet he Gets 10 to 11
shillings a day James oliver is here woking in a garden William Wallace is
woking at Carpenter work I heard [Jenny?] finlay was Dead and the baby,
Give my love to my father
and brothers and sisters. I remain your affectionate brother

Andrew Robb