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Title: John Bones, Augusta to Mr. Allen, Ireland
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBones, John/26
SenderBones, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationcotton dealer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginAugusta, Georgia, USA
DestinationBelfast, N.Ireland
RecipientCampbell Allen, William John
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipfriends, business
SourceD 1558/1/1/222: The papers of William John Campbell Allen, Deposited by the late F. D. Campbell Allen Esq., 15 London Road, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Middlesex.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.9905205
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count506
TranscriptGarragh [Garvagh?] 1 Augt [August?] 1860

My dear Friend
On my return last evening
from Portrush, where we were during
the last month, I had the
pleasure of receiving your
favor of yesterday. I observe
your remarks respecting the
smallness of the Circulation
of the notes of the Bank of
Augusta & compared
with its cash assets at the
time to which you allude.
The circulation on the 1st of
January was nearly a
million of dollars. Soon
after, in consequence of the
advance in the rate of ex [exchange?] in
Mobile and New Orleans
our notes which were
circulating in the So.[South?]
Western States began to return
upon us for redemption either
in coin or New York funds,
until it had come down to the
amount mentioned in our Bank
Statement. No increase of [monies?]
can be expected until the opening
of the cotton business season, as
regard our deposits, we cannot
rely much upon them to do
business upon as with very few
exceptions they seldom remain
over a day or two. We get
the principal part of our circulation
through the Bank of Montgomery
which has done a very profitable
business for the Bank of Augusta
ever since it was established. The
latter Bank lends the former
as much of its notes as it can
use in purchasing Exchange
on Mobile New Orleans &
New York. On the maturity of
the same the funds in the
two former places are again
invested in Exchange on N. [New?] York.
The Bank of Augusta then
received from the Bank of
Montgomery its checks [cheques?] on New
York to be placed at its credit
It is almost impossible for the
Bank of Augusta to get any
circulation for its notes for
paper discounted by it at home.
In consequence of the eagerness
of the other Banks in this place
to get hold of each others notes
for their weekly Settlements on
tuesday the balances being
paid in coin.
I perceive that the Manager
of the Royal Bank in Liverpool
has committed suicide. I hope
that it has not been done on
account of any serious defalcation
on his part. Should it happen
to be a serious Acc. [account?] for the Bank
I fear that it may injure some
of our Southern Bill [drawers?].
I hardly think Judge Longstreet
will visit Ireland before he
returns home, but I do not know
what his arrangements are in
that respect.
It is our intention to visit one of
my Wifes' nieces who lives in
Bandon some time during this
month and return here via Belfast
when I hope that we may be
able to accept for a short time your
kind invitation.
Be pleased to present to Mrs
Allen our very kind regards, also
to your Uncle Campbell & family
yrs [yours?] very sincerely
John Bones

My last advices from Augusta are to the 14th alt.
The weather had been very warm. The thermometer
as high sometimes as 100 in the shade. Hannah and
her sister were then quite well. Would leave
soon for Clarkeville.