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Title: Eleanor Robinson, Liverpool, to J. Weir Jr, Dungannon.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileRobinson, Eleanor/78
SenderRobinson, Eleanor
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationshop assistant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginLiverpool, England
DestinationDungannon, Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland
RecipientWeir, Sarah
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceD 1140/22: Presented by J.B & R.H. Twigg, Solicitors, Cookstown, County Tyrone.
ArchivePublic Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9012015
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Doc. TypeLET
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TranscriptTo: Mr John Wire Junr [John Weir, Junior?]
Mercht [Merchant?]

[Postmarked] BELFAST

From: Eleanor Robinson
Liverpool October 1st 1800

My Dear Mother
Your letters have long lay unanswered as I
thought it unecesary [unnecessary?] to write you untill
[until?] my Brother would be Going Home, but from the good
news from Phill. [Philadelphia?] I will Give you a Short
Detail of our proceedings, as I send you Silass [Silas']
letter inclosed [enclosed?] Jas. [James?] had a letter from
Mr. Smith the [they?] are all well but will not give you the
particulars as I will Send it Home with John
I Expect him Here. About the 6th I am longing for his
Comeing [Coming?] when he left this we are all thought by the
time he would Return that poor Mr Hern would be Entirely
recovered but am sorry to tell you that he is no more he got
a Change for the worst on the 21st and died the 23 at
2 O'Clock he Spoke Sensible to the last moment and to all
appearance Suffered very little he fretted very much About
Mrs. Heron [Hern?] not Comeing [Coming?] and so many letters
wrote for her he made me Write my Self which he Said Should
be the last and So it was Except the one About his Death I
would have given a deall [deal?] my Self for her to been here
as it was a hard matter for me to do What I had for Him for
he often Said that if he would live that he would Reward me
and if hed [he would?] Die that the Allmighty [Almighty?]
would, he left his Watch to Templeton with his Name on it,
there is no word from Mrs Heron [Hern?] yet we have had a
deall [deal?] of trouble but this Could not be Helped as we
were the only freands [friends?] he Relied on. I got Mary
Ann Cutt for the Small Pox She has had a Merciful turn an
[and?] is now Quite Recovered was only 2 days to Call Sick
and only 12 lovely pox the Rest of the Children are all well
John is Walking Charmingly and is grown a far better Child.
Alie was very sick Comeing [Coming?] Over She Appears to do
Remarkable well and Very fond of M. A. [Mary Ann?] who is a
Good Child She Says She will give her doube [double?] Nursing
for love to them that She is Called for, Peggey is doing
better then [than?] when you left this She pleases the
Gentlemen boarders well which is a Great Matter. Jas.
[James?] Vexed me Greatly About her Saying that if Hughey
Came over She Should not be here but keep this a Secret from
them all. the Old Shaul [Shawl?] & peteCoat [petticoat?] was
for Rosey I know nothing of them Going - we have 5 boarders
besides Wm [William?] Lawson Who I Cant [Can't?] Get a lodging
for any Other place we had a freindly [friendly?] letter from
his Uncle lately but I wish he was out of this as when he
misbehaves Jas [James?] blames me you no [know?] his Old way
Wm [William?] McGee is left us which I am not Sor-y [Sorry?]
for it was with mutal [mutual?] Consent of both parties his
Mother is Dead in Child Bed he still calls to see us Arther
[Arthur?] C Alin is here this 2 Weeks waiting on the Wind.
Mr Gousten of Ballerowning [Balleroney?] is here this 2 days
he is Waiting on this Same we have got a [Jam?] for the Shop
on triall [trial?] Recommendit [Recommended?] by Mick Dunbar
he seem to do very well but will Settle Nothing About him
till John Returns our business is Encreasing [Increasing?]
very much partichuarly [particularly?] the butter trade.
John give James the Best lecture he Ever got which I think
has done him a deall [deal?] of Good... Jas [James?] Called
About the teaurn [tea urn?] She Said it was two [too?] long
kept to ask her to Change it but I think if She was flattered
she would still Exchange it, but John Said it never Should
Come over and would not let me Speak a Word about it your
Gown & petecoat [petticoat?] is Coulered [Coloured?] Miss
Richard has Got it you will not like it much when you See it
as the Rascall [Rascal?] has made a bad black and without me
going to Change Could Do nothing with him it has Vexed me
very much I Got 1 Yd [Yard?] & 1/2 at Mr Otens it was 5s/6d
per yd [yard?] that was 8s/3d the Coulering [Colouring?] was
you will mention in your next letter About Wm [William?] or
if you Spoke to Mary Ann Concerning his Cloaths [Clothes?]
and Diet as I no [know?] so well the great Expence [Expense?]
there at at (sic) Keeping him never Say the trouble there is
Another thing you no [know?] I Mentioned to you that is his
Schooling I think I have told you all the particulars of our
family so must have Done with my Kind Love to my poor Old
Grand that Im [I'm?] so Glad to hear is better and Hugh Mary
Ann. Willey. Sally & Jas [James?] with all the Rest of the
family I Conclude
My Dearest Mother your Ever Affectionate
Daughter Eleanor Robinson
[----?] will be oblidge [obliged?] to you if you let her
freands [friends?] now [know?] that Jack and family are
well but do not as yet [----?] Adeu [Adieu?]